ASUS Z97 & Plextor M.2 M6e SSD

Plextor M.2 M6e SSD & ASUS Z97 Motherboards Better Together

As some of you may be aware one of the biggest specification upgrades for the Z97 chipset compared to the  Z87 chipset was the inclusion of M.2 support. ASUS actually was the first motherboard manfacturer to integrate M.2 onto motherboards prior to Z97 with our Z87 series of motherboards, specifically the ROG Z87 MAXIMUS VI series….

ASUS Hyper Express

HYPER EXPRESS SATA Express SSD Enclosure Preview – Computex 2014

ASUS is excited to announce the upcoming availability of a ultra high performance SATA Express based SSD RAID solution. The HYPER EXPRESS is a flexible SSD enclosure that allows users to quickly and easily install their choice of M.2 or mSATA based SSDs and have them automatically be put in a RAID 0 mode of…

ASUS ROG Maximus VII Impact Gaming Motherboard

MAXIMUS VII IMPACT Preview – Computex 2014

ASUS has had a long history of innovation and performance oriented design in motherboards. This has has been very apparent in the boards designed and developed under the ROG line. Pushing design and innovation to its limits in motherboard design has been the design and development of our enthusiast grade mini ITX motherboard. With an…


ARES III The Fastest AMD Graphics Card Preview – Computex 2014

We are excited to provide a preview a preview of the upcoming fastest AMD graphics card ever produced, the ARES III. With a clear focus on performance the ARES III focuses on yielding PC gamers with an uncompromising design purpose built for UHD resolutions, maximum image quality and impressive FPS performance. The ARES III has been…

02. PB279Q_RIGHT

PB279Q 4K For The Masses Part Two – Computex 2014

2014 is quickly becoming the year of 4K. It is becoming a valid resolution that offers an improved experience whether it be in the benefit of sheer desktop work space dimensions and enhanced workflow or improved PPI. Equally beneficial is the eye opening enjoyment offered by the clearer, sharper and more detailed viewing of photos and videos. PC gamers…