PB287Q 4K For The Masses – CES 2014

One of the most exciting new components of 2013 was the introduction of 4K monitors. These ultra high resolution monitors ushered in an era of fidelity, detail, and sharpness never seen before outside of multi monitor setups. It really offers another level of immersion that draws you in and knocks you out. The main criticism offered from some enthusiasts and PC gamers was the size and cost of PQ321 our first 4K monitor. I am excited to announce and detail an upcoming new 4K monitor that will usher in new era of ultra high resolution, image fidelity as well as immersion but in a smaller 28 inch size and at significantly lower price.

Before we jump into the new PB287Q there are a few other important points to be aware of when evaluating the state of 4K. Currently 4K makes sense for prosumers interested in high resolution photography and videography as well PC gamers. PC gamers can be thankful that modern generation game engines offer scalability in their resolution engines supporting these ultra high resolutions so the need for content is not present it is in the same way it it is apparent in the world of 4K video. Whether it be Battlefiled 4, Call Of Duty Ghosts, Batman Arkham Origins or Assassins Creed Black Flag there are robust and diverse range of games put out over the last couple of years ready for 4K gaming. At the same time  we have had consistent improvements in GPU performance over the last two years that have put the high spend spectrum of GPUs in a great position to offer playable performance at high resolutions with high IQ settings. With games being covered and the performance needed to push those 4K worth of pixels availible PC gamers are primed and ready for next generation of PC gaming.

Prosumers into the digital photography as well as videography are also in a great place. With rapid advancements in sensor technology there are no more than ever a wide range of devices present allowing for ultra high resolution content to be captured or recorded.  Working on a 4K monitor from a content creation perspective opens a level of flexibility previously only available through the use of  multi monitor setups. The benefit though is not only in the increase desktop “work space” but in the improvement in sharpness and overall fidelity offered a ultra high definition monitor. Having the ability being able to see high resolution content  in that much more detail truly helps to propel the creative professional or prosumer. Last but not least are content professionals working in 3D content freation or cad where the sharpness and increased resolution can pay dividends in the usability improvements.

With this in mind ASUS has been working on designing and developing a monitor that would offer the image quality,  response time and size being communicated by PC enthusiasts and PC gamers.  Here at CES 2014 the new PB287Q is being unveiled offering up 28 inches of 4K resolution, 1ms response time and native 60Hz operation. Based on a newly developed panel that is lower in cost but not in quality it allows the new PB287Q to be aggressively priced with a projected $799 MSRP. After spending some hands on time with the monitor I have come away thoroughly impressed. Rich detail and good color saturation, that is a check. Good grey-scale and black reproduction, that is a check. Sharpness and a bright even picture, that is also a check.  To top it all it features a special blue light filter that helps to reduce flicker and reduce eyestrain. Lets take a look at some of the pictures of the PB287Q. Keep in mind that CES makes for poor back-lighting for photos. I cannot wait to put it through a few hours of gaming to get a sense of the increased FOV, sharpness and clarity and overall immersion of gaming on a 28 inch 4K monitor! Enough with the specs lets check out some pictures of the PB287Q.

WP_20140107_09_03_36_Pro__highres WP_20140107_08_52_41_Pro WP_20140107_08_53_31_Pro WP_20140107_08_53_21_Pro

Hopefully a few of these images give you a small sense of the sharpness and fidelity that the monitor produces. I can tell you playing games at 4K or watching high bit rate video looks stunning. Another important usage note is users coming from a 27inch monitor will free right at home not feeling that the monitor will overcrowd them or overshadow them. The monitor rounds out its technical specifications with a great deal of flexibility allowing for a extensive customization range for your desk environment. The range of adjustment options include swivel, tilt, pivot and height adjustment. VESA mounting is supported as well.

That wrap up our quick look at the new PB278Q I guess I better start making some space….Stay tuned for more information on the new PB287Q. With that I will leave you with a few other photos of this new 4K monitor.



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  1. infinix zero 3
    infinix zero 3 1 month ago .Reply

    Thanks for the useful topic happy to visit your site

  2. drgains
    drgains 2 months ago .Reply

    That's a nice gaming monitor! But pretty outdated now. The folks over at http://www.144hzmonitors.com/ have some better updated alternatives.

  3. asus pb278q
    asus pb278q 4 months ago .Reply

    asus pb278q is a nice monitor for gaming as well as other works.

  4. officereader
    officereader 2 years ago .Reply

    I am also interested in 39" but I have discovered an academy format of 4096x2160p by LG which makes it slightly more wide for film, though it's only 32". A 37 or 40". An Asus model with IPS or PLS would be fantastic for office and video.

  5. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    As long as the DP spec adheres to 1.1a or 1.2 you should have no issues running 2560×1440. I would check the specifications of the Macbook you are asking about.

  6. Ralf Henning-Venske
    Ralf Henning-Venske 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, one more question in regard to MacBooks from 2011, 2012 without Retina Display. Could you confirm the the PB287Q will run (connected with mDP to DP) under resolution of 2560×1440 with 60Hz?

    If this will be possible I would like to buy one PB287Q use it with my current MBP 2011 which I will replace in 2015.

    Thanks & regards in advance.

  7. Gary Brigman
    Gary Brigman 2 years ago .Reply

    what hardware should i buy for the Asus PB287Q? I have an I5 4670k, 8gb memory, asus 6 gene motherboard, gtx 770 2gb, corsair 350d, corsair TX650M psu.

  8. Ron
    Ron 2 years ago .Reply

    Well, if you are still listening, 39" is a much better size for a 4k monitor. Trying to read the tiny shrunken text on a 28" monitor is pointless. I want a readable .25mm dot pitch and a huge screen to make games more immersive as well. 4k with a .25mm dot pitch comes out to about 44", so when I buy a 4k monitor it will be big… no smaller than 36." I also want it to be a good quality IPS panel that looks as good color-wise as my old NEC and deliver 60fps. And something we can just plug into the display port of a high end video card and know it will work.

    Sorry, I won't be getting your 28" or 32" models… they are just too small for 4k resolution.

  9. Phantom
    Phantom 2 years ago .Reply

    Exactly where on the box? The part number?

  10. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    Today I got my replacement display and all problems are gone for good. I just tested resume from sleep mode 10 times in a row and the display always recovered fast and without issues. The ASUS logo, that was displayed by my old diplay, is gone, too btw. So it seems there is a new firmware on board, which feels snappier and more stable than the previous one.

  11. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    One big pro of the display btw is its responsiveness. As PCGH´s test revealed it has an input lag of just 1ms compared to 20ms of the samsung 4KSST 28" . And it really feels like that.

  12. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    Today I recognized a new monitor .inf file on the ASUS support page. There are two different versions of the files now, so I contacted support via telephone to ask which one is the correct one. There is no indication on the display itself to identify, which revision it is.

    When I told them the serial number they informed me, that there are two revisions of the monitor out there. In the first revision, which I own, there was a 3% rate of displays showing the resume issues. They RMA this displays, as there is no method of a FW update.

    So if you have resume issues or black-outs it´s RMA for you. As they bring you a new display when taking the old one, this is no hassle at all and I would recommend you to do so.

  13. rolfl
    rolfl 2 years ago .Reply

    Just to make it clear: Like ChrisK I love this monitor too.

    Extremely crisp and clear with great color.

    With a certified cable it is rock solid.

  14. rolfl
    rolfl 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ and Chris K

    I can second that cables are absolutely critical.

    I know there is technically no difference in spec for DP1.1 and DP1.2.

    However, cable quality is a big issue for successful 4k-60Hz.

    I would state that you should only use certified cables.

    I have a R9 270 card with mini-DP so I couldn't use the included DP cable.

    My saga:

    1) I tried a 3ft mini-DP/DP which I had already. Never worked at 60Hz worked ok at 30Hz. You would think at 3ft wet string would have worked, but no…

    2) Next I bought a mini-DP/DP 10ft cabel rated for DP1.2

    This cable would let me do 60Hz on a static desktop.

    Playing video or loading the GPU with FurMark would cause the audio to breakup and then the picture to drop

    3) Next Accell B143B-007J :-) :-)

    Based on Accell being one of the few certified cables I got the 6.6ft Accell B143B-007J. Works like a charm, full GPU load no problem. $15 well spent.

    JJ – You may want to throw one in the box in the future 😉

    I also had some problems where the monitor wouldn't connect on resume from sleep (even with stream set to DP1.1 set) . In my bios there was a setting to use UEFI video bios if available. I selected option do only use non-uefi video bios which seems to have helped the resume issue. May just be a fluke but who knows.

  15. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ,

    I have had this monitor for about 2 weeks now and I am absolutely loving it! There are two things that I would like to point out though, similiar to Tadas' issues. After turning off my pc for an extended period of time and when the monitor turns back on within 30 seconds I hear a distinct pop noise then maybe 5-10 sec later I get a black screen. Afterwards I either get my signal back within maybe 10-20 seconds, or just stays like that and I have to restart the monitor to get picture again. Afterwards I experience no problems whatsoever. Second for whatever reason I can only run this monitor at 4K 60hz only with the short 3ft dp 1.2 cable that comes in the box. If I use my longer 10ft cable I can't get signal at all. I am seeing tons of reviews on Newegg reporting the black screen popping issue, so do you guys have any kind of fw update in the works. ? I have all the latest drivers, reset my overclock and tested this with multiple pc's in my home and the issue still remains the same. Thanks!

  16. DKG
    DKG 2 years ago .Reply

    Any news/hints on if larger 4k monitors are in the works. I wont be buying the current small 4k screens period, so I am seriosly only interested in larger screens 37"-42". Also any 5120×2160 Ultra Wide UHD screens coming ?

    What about GSync with 4k??

  17. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We have tested "s" states without issues internally can you. You may want to update your drivers including your chipset and graphics driver. Additionally if you have your system overclock it can affect "s" states.

  18. rolfl
    rolfl 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Got my PB287Q :-) My setup is PC on DP and Mac on HDMI.

    Works great with AMD R9 270 DP: 3840×2160-60Hz, HDMI 3840×2160-30Hz.

    MacBookPro Retina late 2012: HDMI default only to 1080p.

    SwitchResX can create custom 2560×1440-30Hz.

    Requirement seems to be Mac HDMI clk 30Hz.

    Two requests for firmware update:

    1) Can you allow vertical frequencies down to 15Hz in EDID data so I can define 3840×2160-16Hz?

    2) Can you add 2560×1440-30Hz to defined resolutions modes in EDID?

    Monitor does great upscaling 2560×1440-30Hz to 4k.

    Any news on supporting PBP mode with 1920×2160?

    For MBPr HDMI < 165MHz this would work at 1920x2160x20Hz.

  19. David Godward
    David Godward 2 years ago .Reply

    How is the color fidelity and accuracy? (for photography)

  20. Matt M.
    Matt M. 2 years ago .Reply

    Can't wait for this 39" display. This could replace the multi-display setups on so many engineer/designer/gamer desks. Perhaps eventually something a bit wider will go mainstream.

  21. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    OK, here´s what I got from AMD (in german):

    Sehr geehrter Kunde,

    Ihre Serviceanfrage SR-Nr. {ticketno:[***************]} wurde geprüft und aktualisiert.

    Serviceanfrage- und Antwortsverlauf:

    Herr Kusche dieses Verhalten ist normal. Es gibt noch keine Unterstützung der Radeonserie für 60Hz @ 4K

    Der Timingkontroller ist dafür noch nicht ausgelegt. Somit werden sie bei 60 Hz mit Störungen zu rechnen haben.

    DVD Player sind heut zu tage schon in der Lage. Die Grafikkarten werden es zukünftig unterstützen. Es ist kein Treiberproblem, sondern hardwarebedingt.

    Um diese Serviceanfrage zu aktualisieren, antworten Sie bitte auf diese E-Mail. Achten Sie darauf, dass der Verweis auf die Serviceanfrage intakt bleibt.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

    Tobias Soluch

    AMD, Weltweiter Kundendienst

    Which means no official 4K 60Hz support on Radeon – and he says for the whole series explictly.

  22. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    Eureka! The 750 does it! Where Haswel and AMD failed miserably NVIDIA really did it. New 337.88 WHQL and erverythings fine… BIOS and POST work for me, too now.

    AMD officially said their cards can´t support 4K SST displays as their timing controllers can´t do it. I phoned them several times about the issue and it´s really official. There will be no driver update for this, as they can´t do it hardware-wise.

    I´m relieved now…

  23. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    LOL!!! Just had a call with AMD Support:

    I own a R7 250 and they definitely stated, that the timing controllers in all their GPUs are NOT capable of suppoting 4K SST displays at 60Hz.

    So haswel does´nt work, AMD does´nt work, Titan works – ok gotta test a Gf750 then. What a mess!!

  24. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    As it turns out, haswel is not 4k-ready at all, at least not with single tile displays like this.

    Got the new haswel board and can´t go above 1080p with the integrated graphics, which should be perfect for 4K according to intel.

    Derek, could you test your samsung monitor with haswell cpu-graphics somehow? It seems haswel only supports MST displays.

  25. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    My post to the other user I talked about:


    as I found out our problems are not specific to this monitor. It seems to be a problem with displayport in general and especially 4K using it.

    Diplayport is widely reported to be tricky with sleep-mode or cold-monitor-restarts. It´s said to happen around 50% of the time, that when you resume your PC the DP-stream gets lost. So with any displayport monitor/GPU combination it´s a gamble regardless of the resolution, while 4K tends to push the issue.

    So, by all means, buy it if you want it. Be aware to be an early adopter in the whole 4K ecospace though. There are some minor issues left between the GPU guys and monitor guys as it seems.

    I would never change back to sub-4K definitely. The picture with this baby is just so sweeeet! -)


    So far no more probs, since not using sleep-mode. Maybe it´s GPU related (TITAN) or something. As a workaround I use a splendid profile with 0 brightness… not perfect, but it has to do. Can´t go back from 4K -)

  26. PCM2
    PCM2 2 years ago .Reply

    An AU Optronics panel apparently used on the PG278Q but not the M270DTN01.1. Is JJ able to confirm this is the case?

  27. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    THX a lot JJ. You are right about the advertised functionality of the HDMI inputs – it would have been a nice bonus though.

    Anyways meanwhile the monitor is showing more bugs. As I tested more features I ran into severe complications:

    – When there is no input the OSD is unaccessible. That causes a lot of problems, when testing PbyP, PinP and DP 1.2 features and should get any beginner stuck within the first few hours. Did anyone read the cryptic chapter about PbyP and PinP in the manual and actually get what "resolution A" is. 😉

    – After resuming from Energy-Saving-Mode or switching sources the following things happen (most often) and sometimes even when just using it normally :

    Using DP the monitor looses any connection to the GPU and refuses to reestablish it even after a complete shut-down and restart of the PC and the monitor. The only way to get DP to work again whatsoever is to set it up as source in PinP mode an then switching the main sources and then disabling PinP again. This only works with a HDMI source connected.

    Using HDMI the unit restarts so slow, that windows switches the display off completely and then on again, resulting in a window and icon mismatch.

    Honestly, it seems that the firmware is buggy and tends to loose connection to the GPU, at least with DP. Nearly everytime it has to handle changes it says "DP – no connection" and vanishes from the intel or nvidia control panels to never return (except for the PinP/HDMI trick).

    Will be contacting support tomorrow, but it seems I´m not the only one with problems. Another user reported no 60Hz functionality at all.

  28. lowlevelio
    lowlevelio 2 years ago .Reply

    Which graphics cards should I buy to be able to use 3x 60 Hz 4k? Is two titans enough?

  29. Receptor
    Receptor 2 years ago .Reply

    I was lucky and got one today from ALTERNATE…

    I´m impressed of the beauty with my old WQHD IPS panel standing right beside it. IQ is more or less the same (yes – even colours), with some advantages on the IPS side, but the res. makes more than up for it. 4K is so very impressive! An incredible amount of pixels.

    OK, so it´s a keeper definetly, but some things are terrible too: the PbP Function. In theory it should be possible to run 2 x 1920×2160 side-by-side at 50-60Hz each, so you can get 50-60Hz 4K over the two HDMI 1.4 ports. However PbP is so badly implemented, that I almoust thought I ruined my unit. OSD gets unaccessible, when PbP fails and you are stuck with a black screen and nothing happens. After some trial and error I managed to recover the OSD, but let it be said:

    Don´t tangle with PbP Mode at all! It´s mighty broken for anything other than HD by HD or less. For beginners it´s a nightmare for sure!

    So we don´t get the chance to run 4K 50-60Hz via the two HDMI 1.4 ports, which was my intended use for them, but so it´s plug and unplug for me with my 2 PCs. That´s sad, especially because WQHD at 50Hz is running fine over HDMI, so there is enough bandwidth.

    Otherwise there is nothing to complain about. For the price I got a great 4K monitor which exceeded my expectations IQ wise.

    JJ: Any clues about the PbP thing?

  30. Derek Bales
    Derek Bales 2 years ago .Reply

    What happened to the early/mid May launch? Are we ever going to get real information on the release of this display? No preorder options anywhere either, very discouraging. Personally i got sick of waiting for months and the lack of definitive information about the release. Picked up the Samsung U28D590D because it is now mid May when the Asus was supposed to be released and there's still no real information about the release of the unit. For anyone interested the UD590 looks great and works fine if you dont mind the lack of a vesa mount. Would highly suggest it if you are like me and tired of waiting for so much as a solid release date for the Asus. Sorry Asus, love your products and wanted your version but the lack of information and the long wait ruined it for me. Maybe next time.

  31. chaterbox
    chaterbox 2 years ago .Reply

    So JJ if you can. will there be a display port cable come with the monitor? Oh and been enjoying the coverage with tek syndicate so far.

  32. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply


    The paint is peeling of this monitor?

    In which part? That would be horrible..

    If I buy this monitor and this happens to me, I return immediately.


  33. Cryogaijin
    Cryogaijin 2 years ago .Reply

    I currently run 3x 27" 2560×1440 screens, two vertical, one horizontal for movies and games. Ultimately I'm looking for a single 8k screen in the 42" range, possibly mildly curved. Until then I use a curved arm for my current screens, and thus want VESA mounts for anything I'll consider. Setting my center screen up to 4k will be nice in the meantime.

    A decent 39"er would also be a good intermediate step, assuming it doesn't have major latency issues, and runs at at least 60hz.

  34. Tadas
    Tadas 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi all, my monitor arrived today what I can say image quality is good, compared with old Dell U2312HM IPS, but overall display looked cheap plastic even paint come off. Disappointing

  35. saddy
    saddy 2 years ago .Reply

    where can we buy this once available?

  36. Tadas
    Tadas 2 years ago .Reply

    finally will get it Monday. will see how monitor is good :)

  37. PCM2
    PCM2 2 years ago .Reply

    The panel used is the CMO M280DGJ-L30. And the panel used in the PG278Q is made by AU Optronics – the M270DTN01.1.

  38. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, Are you allowed to say who the OEM is for the panel, or did you guys source it yourselves like with the SWIFT?

  39. Tadas
    Tadas 2 years ago .Reply

    Still expensive in uk £600, samsung sells for £500

  40. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    The specs looks good! can't wait!

    I was searching on google and i found this: http://www.asus.com/Monitors_Projectors/PB287Q/

  41. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ Recently an article came out stating that the Retail price for this monitor will be 649$. Can you confirm this? http://www.legitreviews.com/asus-pb287q-4k-uhd-di

  42. Jon Lavergne
    Jon Lavergne 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ if there is any new information regarding the new 28 inch 4k monitor please share. Thanks!

  43. Jon Lavergne
    Jon Lavergne 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ is there any new news about the 28 inch 4k monitor. If there is then please share. Thanks!!

  44. alex
    alex 2 years ago .Reply

    yeah. The LG 34UM95 is pretty cool.

  45. DKG
    DKG 2 years ago .Reply

    Is Asus considering 21:9 aspect ratio's for 2160p screens ?

    I.E 5120x2160p. Sizing in around 39" (roughly 36" wide 15" tall) would be godlike for all types of use, be it gaming or work related screen real estate.

    We have seen some new Monitors coming out at 21:9 at 3440×1440 which aspect wise look wicked, but they are both to small at roughly 25" wide by only 11" high, and are still 1440p not 2160p.

  46. alex
    alex 2 years ago .Reply

    bored speculation: asus is likely waiting for enough of the chips needed for single stream transport.

  47. alex
    alex 2 years ago .Reply

    please send one over to linustechtips for a review when they are available. He has a huge following.

  48. nkill
    nkill 2 years ago .Reply

    I have been building a new rig just for this monitor! I only have the 780 ti's left!

  49. nixonpc
    nixonpc 2 years ago .Reply

    LOL @ rager. Surround users are not a big market. The PC market gaming market as a whole is not that big of a market.

  50. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The Panels are entirely different and as such cannot be readily compared. It comes more down to the features and experience you are looking for. What would be your primary usage?

  51. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The programmed refresh rate is 60Hz reagrdless of the resolution.

  52. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We understand the high degree of interest for this monitor and as soon as more specific information is available we will release it. Stay tuned.

  53. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    At this we do not have a specific date but as soon as we do we will release it along with more information. Stay tuned.

  54. alex
    alex 2 years ago .Reply

    unsure if this is a reliable source or outdated information but

    Interface, PB287Q provides Displayport × 1, HDMI 1.4 × 1 and HDMI 1.4/MHL × 1. Meanwhile, the product built-in 2W × 2 stereo sound, as part of the user to purchase a separate exemption speaker trouble.

    As a true 4K monitors for mainstream consumers, ASUS PB287Q Overall very competitive, no accident, then in mid-April to meet with domestic consumers, let us wait and see

  55. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    It really depends on the game engine and the I settings. Overall a TITAN will definitely be able to play almost any title at this resolution but depending on the IQ settings this will vary from very fluid and responsive to being inconsistent in frame timing/latency and overall FPS. Your proposed configuration of two TITANS though is perfect for 4K even if you are targeting very demanding titles with high IQ settings enabled.

  56. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. We are still collecting feedback on aspects to consider in the specifications and designs of our next 4K monitors.

  57. Saddy
    Saddy 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    First time here, btw love your videos on youtube.

    I know the release date is still a mystery, however can you at least give us a ball park estimate so that I can make a more sensible decision as i need a new monitor. Thanks much!

  58. nixonpc
    nixonpc 2 years ago .Reply

    Just FYI to others reading, the samsung is not MSRP $799.99, it is MSRP $699.99. I said $200 more as an around-about statement, sorry i could have said that newegg is selling the samsung for $169.99 more to be more exact.

  59. Tom
    Tom 2 years ago .Reply

    Will this monitor have a faster refresh rate in any other resolution, or is 60HZ the max speed, no matter the resolution?

  60. Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, would a single titan black be able to withstand 4k res I'm looking to get them in sli in the close future but want to know if it would be playable with just a single for now.

  61. disappointed
    disappointed 2 years ago .Reply

    Seriously where is the 39" 4K monitor? I have never even considered 28"…

  62. payluder
    payluder 2 years ago .Reply

    The Samsung 4k is out for pre order now. Do you know when we can pre order this? I cant wait too long before I place an order.

  63. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback as always it is appreciated. Stay tuned for more information on upcoming monitor products.

  64. Tadas
    Tadas 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, how it comperes with rog swift monitor same image quality? thanks

  65. Alex
    Alex 2 years ago .Reply

    Damn guys. Hello from trading community. i'm waiting for 39" 4k !!!!!!!!!!! i want change my 3 monitors DELL 30" 2560×1600 omg guys please do it.

  66. Josh M
    Josh M 2 years ago .Reply

    Sad to hear that you guys won't be releasing a 39" screen anytime soon. I can't ever see myself moving on from 1440p at the 27"-30" form factor, and I was extremely excited when you teased the 39" 4K screen last year.

    Please reconsider releasing a larger (36"-46") 4K screen aimed at gamers/general users (e.g. not graphics professionals with perfect colors… but no TN panel please).

    A single screen at that size would be a really excellent solution for those of us who would like the screen real estate that multi-monitor affords, but who do not want to deal with bezels or extreme FOV in games.

  67. fuck you asus
    fuck you asus 2 years ago .Reply

    what a joke.

    why showcase a 39inch 4k monitor and then not release it?
    this thread alone proves tons of people want it. all surround users want it which is a huge market and no you don't want to make money. what a joke.

  68. Brian
    Brian 2 years ago .Reply

    I bought one of those U28D590s from a Korean seller. It got here on Wednesday and I was so unhappy with it that I re-sold it to a local buyer on Friday! TN + AG is a no go for me, its AG coating made that 4k panel look like it needed 4xAA at all times!

    I hope to God Asus uses full glossy on this 4k and Rog Swift offering, because TN+AG is a terrible combination no matter how many bit the TN is!

  69. Derek Bales
    Derek Bales 2 years ago .Reply

    Wish we could get a real date on this monitor. Would prefer the Asus over the Samsung. Been trying hard to wait for this one but between the lack of a date and the fact the Samsung is a bit cheaper i might have to get the Samsung if we dont have some more definitive information about the release of the Asus soon. Also are there any plans for a nice monitor with a non-TN type panel that will be good for both gaming and graphical artists? It's really quite annoying that currently it seems like you can only have one of the two, a low latency high refresh rate gaming monitor with a TN panel and crap color (VG248QE) or you get a nice panel with great color Precalibrated (PA249Q) but end up with a slow display. Are we ever going to have a display with a high quality, precalibrated color space, low latency and that doesnt use a TN panel so the few of us who dont want a multi monitor setup can actually enjoy both games and media on one display? Im sick of games looking like crap because of either poor color reproduction or latency issues. Would be really nice to see a true high end display that can cover both groups.

  70. nixonpc
    nixonpc 2 years ago .Reply

    Dcasewoods – the samsung isnt really all the way out. Sure, it's out in Korea, and newegg is charging about $200 more to get it a few weeks sooner and have it shipped from Korea. I can wait a few weeks. There is no Dell out there for $1000. There is a crappy Dell 28" UHD 30HZ out there for $800…but i hope you didnt buy that for your 2x Titan blacks….that would be one bad gaming experience! There is also a Dell 32" 4k that will do 60hz, but it's over $2k, just like the Asus 32" 4K. Everyone is waiting for either this Asus PB287Q or the Samsung U28D590D, and i truely see no advantage to wait for the asus model if the samsung is ready to roll.

  71. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    Samsung IS out. It's available on Newegg. You can also get the Dell for 1000- I bought it. Figured a 99% AdobeRGB IPS is worth the 200 dollar difference. Sorry JJ, still building an Asus LGA2011! Just got ahold of 2 titan blacks! SO stoked! I need a rig now or I'd wait for the Haswell-E, guess there's always something better out there… Oh well.

  72. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Depends on the game and IQ settings. For the most demanding titles yes I would state you ideally want to have 2 GPUs. Overall my minimum recommendation for 4GB is GTX 770 or R9 280X ( although the 280 ) could also be a choice.

  73. FireLord
    FireLord 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ ! What prevents me from buying the Samsung 4k equivalent is the pivoting feature, the speakers and the input sources.

    In particular I'd like to know how the Picture by Picture function combines with the pivoting and how many sources are allowed at a time.

    Plus any updates on potential release date?


  74. nixonpc
    nixonpc 2 years ago .Reply

    Samsung's is coming out pretty soon, im assuming most of us are going to jump ship to theirs if we dont get any release dates solidified.

  75. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ! I was just looking at the DigitalTrends review and it says that this monitor will include Thunderbolt 2 inputs! Is this true?! It would make sense, cuz Asus is a big proponent of Thunderbolt. If it is, I am truly excited!

  76. Fat Jerry the unslim
    Fat Jerry the unslim 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ please tell me this baby is coming out before April 14! Otherwise I fear that I will not be able to wait :,-(

  77. Stan
    Stan 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there any chance we can get the PQ321Q updated with the G-Sync module? That monitor's been out for almost a year probably a refresh is in store for this monitor. A 32 inch 4K IZGO monitor would be ideal for low latency and we could do away with MST by going with the G-Sync module. Even at $3000, the addition of the G-Sycn module and getting rid of MST would be worth it.

  78. Anarchist
    Anarchist 2 years ago .Reply

    Its a thing of beauty

  79. George
    George 2 years ago .Reply


    If you were looking for a monitor strictly for gaming would you pick 4k or the Swift ROG monitor? I will be using a GTX 780ti.


  80. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thank you for your feedback as always it is appreciated. We will continue to collect feedback from our users and the community as a whole in considering larger size monitors.

  81. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    impatience is kicking in!

  82. DKG
    DKG 2 years ago .Reply

    When I 1st heard about the 39" 4k prototype I was hyped. I'm looking for a replacement for my 42" Plasma 1080p Screen which I currently use in my room for my PC. I cant stand small screens, so I'm only looking at 37" to 42" screens. When G-Sync was announced the idea of it as well as 4k at 39" is just godlike, and the fact the VA panel is much cheaper than the IGZO panel in the 31.5 Inch screen meant the price was/is likely to be much more sensible (~£1,000).

    I urge Asus to produce a 39" 4k Monitor with G-Sync, and don't just make it professional grade with low Response times and blurring, ill be using it for Gaming myself and I know other people would as well.

  83. Alex
    Alex 2 years ago .Reply

    When will this be available for purchase?

  84. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ! I know this is kind of unrelated, BUT when is the THunderboltEX II Dual going to be available for purchase! I've been waiting forever for this! Asus.com says it's been "available for purchase" for over a month now! I know you can find out for me!

    Keep us posted on this 4K jammer, for sure I'll be buying it.

  85. tom
    tom 2 years ago .Reply

    Do you have any idea when Asus will implement HDMI 2.0?

    How would that technology benefit this monitor?

  86. Stanley
    Stanley 2 years ago .Reply

    Just throwing it out there but the 39 inch 4K would be pretty much the same pixel density as a 2560x1440p monitor, which is perfect because scaling on windows (even 8.1) is hit or miss, especially 3rd party apps. A 39 inch monitor would be great for those of us who want a larger monitor but aren't too fond of surround/multiple monitors.

    That said, I'd almost pick up any monitor < 31.5 inch that has G-Sync from Asus. In fact, is it possible for Asus to prep ALL of their 4K monitors to receive a G-Sync module? I can't imagine you guys having to go out of your way that much to make it compatible from the get go allowing those of us who want to spend the extra money for a module to DIY.

  87. edward
    edward 2 years ago .Reply

    I would also want to buy a 39" monitor. The PPI of the apple display provides about 109 Pixels/inch. The closest size in a monitor that matches that is about 40". A 39" monitor from you, even at $3K, would result in purchase

  88. payluder
    payluder 2 years ago .Reply

    I was planning to buy the Asus PA279Q for my photo editing and I have the late 2012 MacBook pro with discrete graphic card. Should I hold off on buying it and get this instead? Its about the same price I believe. Im also worried if my MacBook can even support this 4k monitor.

  89. Thomas Corsini
    Thomas Corsini 2 years ago .Reply

    Any updates on potential release dates?

  90. Tommy Woerner
    Tommy Woerner 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I would really love the 39" 4k monitor. I believe most gamers with huge desks could support it. And the DPI is much better support 4k at 39" than at a smaller size screen. This is also really great for ppl that don't want multi monitor but want a bigger experience. Please urge Asus to do it!

  91. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    I believe based on the output capability your macbook would NOT be able to support native 4K and 60Hz operation.

  92. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The panel does not need to operate in MST, it is a native 60Hz panel which is supported by DP 1.2.

  93. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Appreciate your feedback. We are still collecting more feedback on where our design and development will be targeted for larger displays including those that may feature G-SYNC or 4K. Additionally as there are a multitude of new and different panel types we will continue to evaluate the experience of the panel more importantly over the default of selecting a specific panel type. This allows us to look at all the options available as opposed to limiting our design goals.

  94. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Appreciate your feedback. We are still collecting more feedback on where our design and development will be targeted for larger displays including those that may feature G-SYNC or 4K.

  95. 007rolf
    007rolf 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ how is the color consistency for of vertical/horizontal axis viewing?

  96. stanley
    stanley 2 years ago .Reply

    That's very disappointing that we wont see that 39 inch VA monitor released in the near future. I guess you guys were really just teasing us at computex.

    A 4K 60hz monitor that features G-Sync eliminates the need for MST and is exactly what a lot of gamers are looking for even if the response time only 5ms.

  97. Waro
    Waro 2 years ago .Reply

    PLEASE give us the 4K VA monitor with 39 inches or at least > 30 inches.

  98. Fat Jerry the unslim
    Fat Jerry the unslim 2 years ago .Reply

    Is this going to operate on MST with dual-scalers to achieve native 4k 60hz like the PQ321Q? Or is it gonna have a beefy new TCON that handles perfect 60hz 4k without the need for MST mode? I gotsta know!

  99. fc
    fc 2 years ago .Reply

    A simple question: I have a macbook air 2011 – will it be able to manage such a screen at 60 Ghz or is it only for the mac pro and the latest macbook pro (13 too ?) ?

  100. Michael Bivins
    Michael Bivins 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry Dude. I already pre-ordered and bought them all.

  101. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ you said before Q1 ends right? Wouldn't that be before March 31st? Is Asus planning on doing a pre-order? I'm just getting antsy, as I need a 4K Display and I'm really trying to hold out for this one! Any updates are appreciated!

  102. JR
    JR 2 years ago .Reply

    Does this monitor use PWM to adjust brightness? PWM causes flicker at brightness levels less than 100%.

  103. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the great feedback. It is apppreciated. We are continuing to expand display focus at content professionals and professional environments. This could be an option depending on how much feedback and interest we see. Again thank you for the providing the feedback and the perspective from another set of users!

  104. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    It really depends on the game and the IQ settings you are looking at overall my recommendation would be a GTX 770 class gpu or higher in SLI for a good to great gameplay experience. A single GPU could be possible as well but really varies as it is heavily game engine and IQ settings dependent. GRID 2 is different than BF4 which is different than TOTAL WAR which is different than BIOSHOCK.

  105. Tom
    Tom 2 years ago .Reply

    What gpu would give good results in gaming with this monitor?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  106. John Connor....Its o

    Dear Senator JJ,

    Well you have already secured my campaign donations for a 120hz ROG Swift 1440p & PB287Q, so you may as well go for the wallet trifecta and unleash the 39!

    I solved the black crush issue of the Seiki VA panel by dialing the brightness up, while dialing the backlight down, that gives the best compromise for white / black / grey level and eye fatigue….and it looks really, really good except for the bane of 30hz.

    I know you guys have a million profitibility things to consider before putting capital into new products, but you could market the 39" towards engineers, architects, programmers and real estate appraisers….well maybe not appaisers because they are scum!

    Anyway, the large Ultra def screen is invaluable because it allows those professionals to display full sets of blueprints, schematics, multiple full size web pages and code without having to squint. Gamers and graphic artists are not the only ones who need & appreciate quality displays and 39" really lets 4k shine!

  107. John Connor, no rela

    Ahhhh such news hurts my chest, but I really appreciate the feedback JJ your the best!

    The one thing I have noticed with my 39" Seiki 4K VA panel is the insane crushing of black levels…its downright crippling in games at times. But 39" 4K is perfect for my work productivity….I just want a 60hz version! Is there anyway I can get my hands on that floor model you guys showed back in Computex 2013 :-)

  108. John Connor, no rela

    Too much want, take my money please! I am throwing cash at my 30hz 4k Seiki screen but nothing is happening….why isn't anything happening….WHHHHYYYYYY

    JJ are you guys still going to produce the 39" 60hz 4k VA panel? I NEED the 39" for the office! Please tell me you making those too!

  109. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ – AKA Dr. Asus! I'm gonna build a rig for this jammer. Asus all day.

  110. JDG1980
    JDG1980 2 years ago .Reply

    Just curious, but last year you announced a 4K monitor with a 39" VA panel. What happened to that? Is it still scheduled to be released?

  111. JimmyL
    JimmyL 2 years ago .Reply


    Thank you for all the info. I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (with the docking station if it matters) & both have a mini DP output (confirmed with MS it supports 4K resolution & DP v1.2). I use it for productivity, web browsing & YouTube at home (no gaming). My question is, I know DP v1.2 supports the MST tech for 60Hz. Does that (being able to utilize 60Hz instead of 30Hz) still apply even though I'll be using a mini DP-to-DP cable or does the original source have to have a DP output? Thanks & looking forward to it!

  112. Andrew
    Andrew 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ – top guy, keep the MST / OSX info coming and release date, I am already in the virtual queue for this bad boy and am also building a new 4k gaming rig decked out with Asus Extreme board, and 290x, to sit next to the macpro to share this screen

  113. danny
    danny 2 years ago .Reply

    Please keep us posted if it goes on pre-sale or a release date!

  114. Danny Woods
    Danny Woods 2 years ago .Reply

    That is amazing news about the release date! JJ, one last question. I know MST support through DP1.2 isn't standardized yet and that's the reason people were having problems with connecting a Dell 4K to the new MacPro while achieving a 60Hz frame rate.. However, Apple has incorporated the larger Asus 4K monitor into its Mac OS X support. So my question is this – will this display use the same firmware for MST through the DisplayPort 1.2 connection to achieve60Hz

  115. Gradius
    Gradius 2 years ago .Reply


  116. dcasewoods
    dcasewoods 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I have a question for you… As a 60Hz 4K Monitor, will this panel use the same MST tech as the larger (much more expensive) 4K Asus Monitor? I am considering a new Mac Pro, and currently Apple only supports Sharp and Asus' versions of MST, NOT Dell's. So is this the same MST as used in previous Asus 4K Monitors – Hence compatible with the newest Mac Pros?

  117. danny
    danny 2 years ago .Reply

    When?! So stoked!

  118. coolbrys
    coolbrys 2 years ago .Reply

    I gotta say this will be purchased immediately upon release so….. hurry up! Haha, thanks for the work on an awesome 60Hz monitor, I cannot wait for this.

  119. ubaldasX
    ubaldasX 2 years ago .Reply

    I am getting one aswell hope asus provide beast

  120. daverrr
    daverrr 2 years ago .Reply

    Dammmm that is one nice monitor. I want one.

  121. Michael Bivins
    Michael Bivins 2 years ago .Reply

    I should have went to CES this year. I could have met JJ and my next monitor all at the same time.

  122. Michael Bivins
    Michael Bivins 2 years ago .Reply

    ASUS does it again! How awesome will this be… Now I will finally buy one.

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