PG278Q ROG SWIFT Gaming Monitor – The Best Gaming Monitor – CES / COMPUTEX 2014

One of the most consistent questions I get asked is whether someone should pick a high refresh rate, low response monitor or a higher WQHD resolution monitor. This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the individual and the experience they are looking to have. Unquestionably the increased image fidelity and overall detail in WQHD monitor is a game changing experience. It brings an even more immersive and rich experience to PC gaming and really helps to show why PC gaming leads all others when it comes to visual fidelity. Add on to that the increased desktop real estate and it is easy to see the benefits of a WQHD monitor. On the other hand the swift response and reduced lag you have from a high refresh, low response, low input lag monitor is something you have to experience to truly appreciate. Once you do, it is easy to understand how addictive the response and overall fluidity can be. Not to mention for die-hard gamers it can truly be a competitive edge during game-play. So which is a PC gamer to chose, which is the better PC monitor for gaming?

ASUS and its display division have been hard at work for last year and half designing and developing the most advanced gaming monitor we have ever designed and developed. The fruits of this time and effort are being unveiled at CES 2104.  The name of this new uber  end all be all monitor? The ASUS ROG SWIFT or PG278Q for those that like model numbers. To top it all off it carries the distinction of being the first ROG branded monitor. For those of you not aware ROG is ASUS’ gaming division focused on bringing the most innovative and performance oriented PC gaming products to the market. The new ROG SWIFT monitor lives up to ROG branding and heritage by offering a slew of cutting edge specs that are expertly implemented. This ensures superior levels of performance, fidelity and styling. Let’s look at some of the unique aspects of the ROG SWIFT Monitor and see why the ROG SWIFT monitor meets the criteria of being the best PC gaming monitor.

 It is the world first WQHD monitor ( 1440P – 2560×1440 ) with a 1ms response time. In addition it offers a 120+Hz refresh rate.

That is a whole lot to process but once processed you begin to realize these are some really impressive specifications. To achieve this ASUS had to specially develop the panel used in the design and development of the SWIFT monitor. Why? Because there was no panel on the market that met this criteria. This commitment to offering something unique and innovative shows the commitment ASUS and ROG bring to the passionate community of PC gamers who have been asking for such a display. As always though with this being an ASUS product and ROG branded the envelope had to be pushed further.

So how could this monitor get any better? NVIDIA G-SYNC that’s how!

For those of you who are not aware G-SYNC is a brand new cutting edge graphics and display link technology developed by NVIDIA. G-SYNC offers the most advanced and optimal method of communicating information from the GPU and its frame buffer to the monitor to ensure the best level of fluidity, response and overall synchronization.You can find more information on NVIDIA’s G-SYNC page. It is a game changer in how you will play and experience PC games.  For PC gamers utilizing NVIDIA’s GTX series graphics card they will truly have a next gen experience not only improving the fluidity of the game but ensuring a smoother and tear free game experience. There are even improvements to the clarity of imagery in game due to elimination of stutter and superior fluid drawing/rendering of the image. Combine this with the previously noted specifications and you can easily see how the SWIFT will be the PC gaming monitor to rule them all. As icing on the specification cake, the ROG SWIFT also fully supports 3D VISION for gamers looking to take advantage of NVIDIA’s impressive 3D implementation offering gamers another way to experience PC games as well as multimedia content whether it be Blu-Ray, photographs or online video.

In addition to offering NVIDIA 3D VISION support, the monitor will feature a new ULMB feature offering the same benefits of LIGHTBOOST only better!

Rounding out the SWIFT monitor are ROG aesthetics which are equally important. A clean and aggressive styling which takes ques from a wide range of stealth inspired ROG products like ROG G series laptops. The SWIFT features a super narrow 6mm bezel and a features a specially styled base the features trademark ROG red in the form of a red ring. The SWIFT also features design touches that further the experience  beyond that of pure specifications such as smart cable management, a 5 way easy adjust joystick to navigate the OSD and make monitor adjustments. Last but not least the SWIFT features an integrated USB 3.0 hub offering easy to access high speed connectivity.

Check out some of the pictures below and stay tuned to PCDIY for more information on the soon to come ROG SWIFT monitor.

WP_20140106_10_33_40_Pro WP_20140106_10_29_32_Pro WP_20140106_10_35_19_Pro WP_20140106_10_31_19_Pro WP_20140106_10_35_52_Pro WP_20140106_10_31_54_Pro WP_20140106_10_32_02_Pro WP_20140106_10_30_27_Pro WP_20140106_10_30_35_Pro WP_20140106_10_30_43_Pro


How much will it cost?

MSRP is not finalized stay tuned. Currently projected $799.

Release date or time frame?

Estimated release date will be mid to late Q2/Q3 2014. Stay tuned for more information.

*Update as of 8/1/2014

ASUS North America is projecting availability in US channels  at the end of the month of August ( the week of the 25th )

Does it support VESA wall mounting?

Yes the PG278Q ROG SWIFT  fully supports VESA wall mount capability.

Does it offer any type of physical adjustment functionality?

The SWIFT is truly flexible offering full tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment.

How thin is the bezel?

The SWIFT features a 6mm ultra narrow size bezels.  This makes it an excellent choice for users considering multi monitor setups.

I have an AMD graphics card can I still benefit from upgrading to the SWIFT?

While AMD graphics do not currently support G-SYNC technology and as such can not leverage this exciting cutting edge feature AMD RADEON graphics cards readily support high refresh rates and high resolutions. AMD PC gamers can still experience an outstanding high fidelity, low latency and swift response from the PG278Q.

I am concerned about PWM flicker, does the SWIFT use PWM to control the backlight?

The SWIFT has a specialized implementation offering great flicker free performance under normal operation mode. It utilizes DC – Direct Control for backlight control to achieve this. Under ULMB operation it utilizes a  a form PWM operation to offer backlight strobing for gamers wanting this type of functionality

What type of panel does the ROG SWIFT use?

The SWIFT features a newly developed high quality and ultra high performance native 8bit TN panel. This considerably improves on the overall quality of the panel especially when compared to majority of TN monitors based on 6 bit or 8 bit panles featuring frc & dithering.

Does the SWIFT support NVIDIA 3D VISION?

Yes 3D VISION is fully supported and can operate up to its native 2560×1440 resolution at 120Hz. A separate emitter and glasses are required as they do not come with the montior.

Detailed Specifications and Gallery


•       Display: 27-inch WQHD 2560 × 1440 (16:9)
•       Narrow 6mm bezel designed for multi-monitor setups
•       Pixel Pitch: 0.233mm
•       Brightness: 350cd/m²
•       Display Colors: 16.7M
•       Refresh Rate: Over 120 Hz
•       Response Time: 1ms (GTG)
•       Connectivity: 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x USB 3.0 ports
•       Stand Adjustments: tilt (+20° ~ -5°), swivel (+60° ~ -60°), pivot (90° clockwise), height adjustment (0 ~ 120mm)
•       VESA-wall mountable (100 × 100mm)
•       Special ASUS Features: GamePlus and 5-way joystick OSD navigation




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  2. KH7
    KH7 2 months ago .Reply

    I've been using these monitors for years now and they still work perfect! No dead pixels, no issues at all. Very durable and survived two moves as well.

  3. drgains
    drgains 2 months ago .Reply

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  4. asus pg279q
    asus pg279q 4 months ago .Reply

    asus pg279q review from a fan is avalible on the website below. It is not completly finished yet, but it will be soon.
    Asus ROG Swift PG279Q 27 screen led-lit Monitor with G-sync is an incridible gaming monitor.

  5. asus pg279q
    asus pg279q 4 months ago .Reply

    Asus pg279q is the best gaming monitor and 144hz monitor so far.

  6. Gaming 700
    Gaming 700 9 months ago .Reply

    "The SWIFT is truly flexible offering full tilt, swivel, pivot and height adjustment." Hope this will help a lot.
    And also "The SWIFT has a specialized implementation offering great flicker free performance under normal operation mode. It utilizes DC – Direct Control for backlight control to achieve this."

  7. Surya
    Surya 2 years ago .Reply

    I want to ask, why In my monitor Asus Swift ROG PG 278Q why can not select button refresh rate as promised on this monitor, because I use an ATI Radeon 7970 VGA Matrix Platinum, what it can not support an increase in the refresh rate .. ??

    Does increased refresh rate of 60 Hz-100 Hz-120 Hz to 144 Hz, along UMLB can only be done with VGA supporting the G-SYNC .. ??

    Please answer it

    Thank's Regards

  8. Wolf
    Wolf 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for your comment, JJ. I don't think that Accell makes HDMI to DP adapters though. Or atleast, I cannot find one in their catalogue:

    Only DP to HDMI adapters and those won't work.

  9. Wolf
    Wolf 2 years ago .Reply

    I always only use one monitor for gaming (because of my surround sound setup and space considerations). Im considering on using this with consoles as well as with pc. Can you tell if an active hdmi (or dvi) to display port adapter would work with this monitor?

    Im currently considering one of the following adapters:

    I understand if you cannot say anything official about 3rd party products, but something along the lines of "we used product X, it worked in our situation, it may not work in yours" would be greatly appreciated.

  10. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi Dany It looks like Nvidia will have to get their skates on. I think we will see more software updates and hardware ones with the new cards.

    I was hoping you would have got the second swift for nothing LOL it does happen. My son bought a laptop for about 400 yo yo's some years ago and they never took the money from his bank account consequently he does not go into that shop any more in case they ask him for the money LOL

    And thanks for the heads up on your last post very interesting.

    Sorry you have got to work hard for the next two weeks but it means you can do repairs and install new equipment much easier when every thing is shut down.

    Alien Isolation is very much like the first Alien film back in 1978, the sounds, music, and the space ship. I was a fan boy of that film and still am with all the Alien movies. Colonial Marines the game is shite.

    This one Isolation, I played for three hours yesterday and like you never got a glimpse of the creature but I did see his tail go through some poor guys chest but that was in the video part way through a chapter if you turn the sound up like I did and when some guy ran across the corridor early on in the game I nearly wet myself it's a game that really makes you jump out of your pants I would recommend it just for that.

    The UPS man has just called and delivered my Corsair Dominator Ram it looks the bees knees I will be installing it next week because I will not be working as hard as you……….because I have a week off happy days LOL


  11. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    conclusion of hardocp in their 4k testing of 980 sli vs 290x crossfire :

    Frame Rate Consistency and Scaling

    We experienced something with SLI we aren't use to at 4K gaming. We experienced some inconsistent frames, some low efficiency and poor SLI scaling. We were used to seeing this on AMD GPUs until AMD fixed their issues. AMD implemented a technology called Frame Pacing, and ultimately went the hardware route with XDMA on the AMD Radeon R9 290/X.

    At the end of the day, what we find is that GeForce GTX 980 SLI performance is left wanting at 4K, not because Maxwell isn't fast, but because the current implementation of SLI is more inconsistent and less efficient compared to AMD's XDMA technology on the AMD Radeon R9 290X. This is a case of aging SLI actually hindering very capable GPUs. SLI needs an upgrade, it needs to evolve.

    We do not think the true potential of the GeForce GTX 980 GPUs are being exploited with current 4K SLI gaming. It is being held back from its full potential. If GTX 980 could be fully and efficiently tapped, two GTX 980 GPUs have the potential to offer a better gameplay experience.

    AMD hit NVIDIA hard with this new XDMA technology. Everyone was expecting NVIDIA would strike back with Maxwell by offering its own evolved SLI technology. However, it did not for this generation. That may end up biting NVIDIA in the butt as far as 4K gaming goes in the future.

  12. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, i really hope you are right and Nvidia will upgrade their sli. AMD did it in the hardware, so only latest graphic cards can use their latest frame pacing thing. They don't required a bridge or anything. I still prefer nvidia card, but their sli need upgrade. A 980 is faster than a 290, but a sli of 980 is slower than a crossfire of 290. Couple times ago, crossfire was realy bad, frame pacing was horrible etc… but now they fixed it. (i had crossfire and i told myself never again), but i have to change my mind now.

    Im very sensitive to frame pacing/micro-stutter, so i would prefer 50% scaling instead of 80% for better frame pacing. And with gsync, i care less about high fps, i just want smooth gaming. 50-60 fps is enought in most of the games if their frame pacing is smooth. 1st person shooter, and racing sim like Iracing benefit of higher fps though.

    I don't plan for 3 swift, for my taste even a sli of 980 is not fast enought for 7680×1440 for most games, and seeing how sli works and how many new games lack sli profile, i will pass…

    Got my 2nd from canadacomputers online, they told me end of november but they shipped me one before i could cancel my pre-order lol. Their site is lacking some option like the ability to cancel without having to call or chat online.

    The 980 8G should not be faster, the Vram will not be usefull for 1440 gaming for most of the games. Maybe for future games, or 4k gaming, but i will wait for next gen nvidia cars instead.

    Alien isolation is the kind of game that you love or hate i think. I did not played very long yet, but i like it so far. I did not even seen the xenomorph yet, but i can hear it moving close to me. Feels a bit like the 1st alien movie, that you don't see it right at the start. Its a game with gameplay that feels a bit like Outlast.

    I now trying to sell my backup swift. Im kind of tempted to keep it but at 900$ can. it is too expensibe just to be a backup lol. I wont be able to use my swift much for the next 2 weeks as my company will be in shut-down, and i will have a lot of works to do. Im an industrial electronical technician, and shut-down = lots of works lol.

  13. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, yes it is still there on asus site for win 7. I used it like you suggested me. I don't know if i needed it, but it should not hurt to install it. You know what? i received another rog swift! I did not cancelled my online order so now i have a brad new one in his box… lol.

    I will try to sell it since the swift i got now is working pretty good for now. I still fear it might become defective sooner or later, but right now its great. Still the best monitor for gaming yet.

    A thing Nvidia realy need to upgrade is their SLI. Lately AMD took the leed for multi-gpu system. They fixed their frame pacing problem, and now crossfire scale better and is generally smoother. I read a great acticle on the subject, but if i try to post link to it, might take long for you to see… lol This is why i was disapointed by sli+gsync. Not gsync fault, it is sli fault. Gsync expose the sli problem even more sometimes. But when you have a game engine that is working great with sli, gsync + sli is awesome. Been many years without any upgrade on sli, i think its time for nvidia to re-think/upgrade sli.

    Dsr is a cool feature i think, but rog swift being at 1440p, this might not be as useful as for 1080p user. I have only 1 game now that i would like to use DRS with sli, it is Alien Isolation. This game is easy to run for my sli of 980, and playing at 4k downsampled to 1440 would be great. They will make dsr available for g-sync + sli user in a future driver… maybe next one.

  14. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Belay my last post about the driver, it is still there under win 7 but not win8 strange that one ?


    It's been a long day LOL

  15. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Oh Dany sorry but that driver or what ever it is under others on the Asus site for the Swift was for win 8 users only, sorry about that I forgot you are on win 7

    They do not have that file any more but they do have a new one for extended desktop which I tried and it works great. You may want to take a peek at it.


  16. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi Dany I did the bench marks at your settings with one card and it was identical to your second graph. So what your saying is true I also tried numerous settings with the Swift with all the settings on max at 1440 refresh and 144 Hz with SLi enabled but that SSAA enabled makes a right mess of things on my system it's smoother with it disabled must be the Swift doing it's job. No probs with it on my old 60 Hz monitor.

    And yes your right again I disabled SLi and low and behold there was the two tabs for DSR above the double precision tabs.

    Don't know how I missed that one because in hind sight I remember reading about it, a lapse of memory me thinks.

    Hope that Nvidia bring an updated Driver out to have it enabled in SLi

    Time will tell.

    Still awaiting Moderation, for my post to Ken.


  17. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    David, about DSR, it is now available for 700 seris card too. But gsync monitor is not supported yet with sli. Turn sli off, go to manage 3d setting, go toglobal setting, and you should see a dsr option. But turning sli on, and the dsr option vanish.

  18. Ken
    Ken 2 years ago .Reply

    David, so you purchased it in the U.S.? If so what online retailer did you find it at, as there is none that have it on sale that I could find. I guess I do not understand how it has been on sale for 3-4 weeks if Newegg, NCIX, and Fry's hasn't had it available for sale during the last 3-4 weeks.

    Thanks for your help.

  19. Ken
    Ken 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, is this monitor still going to be for sale? I have been wanting to purchase this since it was shown at CES the first week of JAN14. I have not been able to find it on any online store for purchase at the $800 price point in the U.S. since then. JJ, can you please give any information that you have about this? thanks

  20. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Lol David, at least you finally saw the pics. I really can see micro-stutter when sli + gsync in that game. I put a fps limitter to 60 fps and it is now great. Also, playing with sli but without physx also get rid of the micro stutter. Its a sli + physx thing. Single card + physx and micro-stutter are gone also. This is the joy os SLI i guess.

    It's possible that win 8 don't park the core, im not sure about that but i remember reading that in nvidia forum. Its a lot of works theses days to have smooth gaming.

    Is DRS option in the nvcp when you enable sli?

  21. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey David, me again.

    If you want to see the pics i wanted to show you, go to nvidia forum.

    go to GeForce > Community > Forums > Support > GeForce Technologies > SLI and look for the post made by Matthew named : "Here It Is… An Actual Fix For SLI Microstutter"

    He was doing a bit like it did and i posted my exemple with metro ll redux..

    Look for my reply (danybonin) in that forum post.

  22. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, yes i saw the new drivers. I don't know if i will download them since the sli + dsr is not fixed yet. The dsr in not available with sli for me, and i read that the new driver are the same. Only when i desactivate sli i see the dsr option. Strange cause with my older dvi monitor, i had the option. Will have to wait for a driver fix, cause i need it for alien isolation. I can run this game smooth on 4k resolution with dsr, so im waiting for a fix.

    Anyway the new games profile would not be so useful for me exept for shadow of mordor, but it is not a definitive sli prolie, they are working on it. There is now a sli profile for ryse, but i heard it is not very good and with gsync single card, i don't really need it for that game.

    Another is vanishing of ethan carter, but the sli bits im using seams to to the job, and i also read a lot of complain on the sli profile, and they did a sli profile for FIFA 15 witch is to force single card, so i think i might pass and wait for a driver that fix DSR.

    Is the MOD JJ ? He might be busy, that guy is everywhere, i can understand why he don't have much time for this forum. He is a nice guy and he is helpful, but he must be very busy.

  23. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    test : repost

    Hey David, me again. I have something to show you with metro. You will understand what i see. This is the benchmark with 1/2 refresh rate vsync (so vsync at 30 instead of 60). I did at 30 to show better since i can keep over 30 fps all the way. I run it all maxed out, with advance physx etc. You will see micro-stuttering and why you need a fps limitter. The same problem happen with gsync by the way

    Ok, 1st is with sli + vsync without fps limitter. :

    2nd, is with sli + vsync + fps limitter :

    It is night and day difference. See how much micro-stuttering on 1st exemple and how fps limitter fix it on 2nd. Some other games have the same behaviour with sli, but metro is one of the most extreme.

    The mega micro stuttering is still there with gsync. Fraps will report mostly 30 fps all the way, but in fact it goes up and down very fast, many times in a second, so fraps report an average i thing. I hope you can see better what i mean.

  24. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, it is still saying that my post is awaiting MOD approval, so i guess it is just not approve. I really can't see why it would not be, there is nothing wrong with the post.

    If i try to repost, it say it can't cause duplicate post.

    For the 3d, i really like it. I just played Thief in 3d and it is awesome. But the frame rate is taking a beaty, of course. I had to lower the resolution to 1080p and not use ssaa. The rest could remain maxed out, but i still sometime drop below 60, but is is so amazing, that even with lower graphic setting, it is soo beautiful in 3d. I also fine tuned the swift light boost and contrast for that game that play in dark and it is amazing.

    I also tryed gsync + sli in that game and it run very good, no micro-stutter that i can see so no need for fps limitter. The more i test, the more i can say it really depend on the game. Another game that i found gsync + sli was not smooth is watch dog. I have to use a fps limitter in that game, but it still stutter while driving, but at least the rest is smooth. That game look amazing at 1440p with all maxed, texture at ultra, 16x anisotropic filtering set in nvidia control panel (that game AF have to be set in nvcp cause if not it is low and no setting in game) and i use 2xtxaa. I know txaa blur the texture, but i still love how it looks.

    Did you tryed watching 3d blu ray? Im thinking about it. I would need a player like powerdvd that i don't have now. Should look great on the swift.

    message to the MOD : can you approve my message i posted like 5 or 6 days ago please?

  25. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Lol David! Yes im glad to have the monitor again, i really hope this one will last a couple years, and not a couple days. No i swear i did not posted anything pornographic, at least in this forum… lol. But if the MOD j.o. on it i can't do anything… lol

    Seriously he must be busy or he forgotten to approve, or he is tired of my post lol. Maybe i should send it to you by e-mail. About GFE, i never install that cause i don't need it and i read so much problems related to it. I was just installing drivers + physx, now with the swift i also install 3d drivers. I don't need hdmi audio outpout so i don't install it too. So just driver physx and 3d vision driver. By the way, im new to 3d vision and i must say that i like it a lot in some games.

    I played walking dead 2 in 3d ans it was amazing, with a AA bits that can force 4xms + 4x sgaa and it is just amazing. Only problem is the shadows that don't render correctly. FiFA 15 in 3d is kind of fun too.

  26. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    By the way Dany does Metro Redux Optimise for you in GFE

    It says cannot find current settings all the other games it finds them ok

    Strange this one.

    It's just this one game.


  27. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, i finally have another rog swift. I drove 4h to get one. Canadacomputers did not have online, but there was 1 instore at 2h from me, so i called them and went there next day. This one is working fine for now, i hope i wont have any trouble.

    Derick : It is true that there seams to be a lot of defective swift, but when it works it still the best monitor for gaming. After retesting again, i still say the gsync + sli is not as good as gsync single card, but it is mostly due to the SLI nature, not the monitor itself. Also it depend on game engine.

    I retested both Metro redux, and really in that game, gsync + sli is not smooth. But my fps never go below 60, so i use a fps limitter (dxtory) at 60 and the micro-stuttering are gone and it is now butter smooth. Without the fps limitter, i can see a lot of micro-stuttering. Im sensitive to it.

    But a game the was micro-stuttering with v-sync and SLI, that i had to put a fps limitter and fine tune pixel clock with my 1200p 60hz monitor is working very good with the swift with gsync + sli. No micro-stutter or anything… butter smooth. That game is Alien Isolation. I was very surprised with that, i did expected to behave like metro, but no, it working great. No need for a fps limitter for that game.

    So it really depends on the game itself, game engine, how it run with SLI etc. After more testing, im still not impress with gsync + sli, but it is not the fault of the monitor or even gsync itself, it is game engine and SLI AFR fault.

    Also, at 144hz, playing with vsync off (thing i was NEVER doing with a 60hz monitor) is very good. Tearing is far far less noticable than with a 60hz monitor. Night and day difference.

    Oh and David, my exemple i posted couple days ago still not posted yet :(

  28. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Derick My original Swift had a power problem and was RMA

    With my new Swift I have no issues with it at all.

    It is one amazing monitor it is that good you have to disable some setting in game because it does not need it and you get higher fps which makes the game run smoother and G- Sync makes it smoother when the frame rate run low.

    My Benq 2720XL was not a good display they do not even make it any more and it only came out last year it got terrible write ups.

    The Problems Dany and I have been talking about, is really with his old Monitor and game settings. The likes of game stutter in an SLi set-up which has dogged every one since SLi was invented.

    Dany and I were just comparing settings and how games looked with two different monitors.

    Don't let our banter put you off the Swift is one amazing Monitor for games. If you ever get to try the Swift @ 1440 X 144Hz You would sell your Wife/Girlfriend to get your hands on one.


  29. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    The Swift has pretty good viewing angles compared to the Benq 27 XL i used to own, that was a terrible monitor it was poor when looking at it from the front.This has to be the best gaming monitor around.

    I hope you get the monitor soon Dany, don't they have any on NCIX that's a Canadian retailer, sorry just checked their site they are out of stock too. Going back on Metro Redux now.


  30. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Chris : i agree. It only matter if you play with someone on the same screen, ex playing a sport game like FIFA 15, then you can't be 2 person at the very center of the screen. It also matter when it is so poor that even when centered, you can see color shift from bottom to the top, ex when looking at this page that is mostly white.

    Rog swift is very good for a TN in this domain.

    Like you i don't care much about vision angle, but a full black image viewed in a dark room, on any 1000:1 LCD sceen, don't produce very deep black (even with brightness on lower setting). A full black image on a OLED screen and you can't even tell is the screen is on or off.

    A gaming monitor like the swift but with OLED would be so awesome. Also very expensive and i not sure problem with OLED have been solved enough to make a monitor, althrough there is some OLED tv, or derivated tech from OLED, AMOLED etc.

    I was just dreaming. lol

  31. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    On a side note, i can't find any swift in Canada, and a seller told me next batch should be end of november. I found some on ebay but with 150% of the price, I wonder if the delay is because they try to fix and make the swift more reliable? I might buy another screen cause i already waited so long for that screen and been waiting for gsync since it was first annonced in Montreal, where i live.

    But the swift spec is perfect for me, the resolution, the refresh rate, gsync, 3d etc… Exept of acer and a 4k gsync monitor, the few other gsync monitor are 1080p screen, witch is not enought for me. The swift is still alone in his world now,

    What i would really like to see is a OLED screen with same spec as the swift (or maybe better refresh rate cause of OLED). That would be awesome, but very expencive. I don't care so much about TN pannel and restricted vision angle , but i hate the 1000:1 poor contrast ratio of LCD screen. OLED screen would be soooo hot!

  32. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    LOL sorry David it is not posted yet, i thought it was.

  33. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry Dany but I can't find your message with your pic's ?

  34. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, 2 days ago my message is posted now. Look at both pics it speaks for itself.

  35. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, glad it is working good for you. My post still awaiting moderation…

    You will see how bad it micro-stutter vs with a fps limitter. Come on MOD, aprrove my message please! lol

  36. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, i have another message awaiting approval, you will see how this game micro-stutter.

    Im 100% sure it is not cause of the 980 being new, I had the same problem with an x58, i7 975 @ 4.0Ghz, 12 GB of 1600mhz ram, and a sli of Titan. If you play this game with sli, it is sure you are micro-stuttering, but you might just not notice it, probably cause your fps is high. It have nothing to do with SSAA, it is just that SSAA lower fps so much. If you were playing with slower card with sli, and that you would be in the 40 fps range without ssaa, would be same result.

    When you will get my message, you will see how bad it is with v-sync if you don't use a fps limitter. The wayu this forum works, might be 1 or 2 days ago. Will not be lasted message on the list. Also, on the video i posted, both were using ssaa. Single card is smooth and sli is not. There is also another way to remove micro-stutter with sli in metro, it is to play without advance physx.

  37. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey David, me again. I have something to show you with metro. You will understand what i see. This is the benchmark with 1/2 refresh rate vsync (so vsync at 30 instead of 60). I did at 30 to show better since i can keep over 30 fps all the way. I run it all maxed out, with advance physx etc. You will see micro-stuttering and why you need a fps limitter. The same problem happen with gsync by the way

    Ok, 1st is with sli + vsync without fps limitter. :

    2nd, is with sli + vsync + fps limitter :

    It is night and day difference. See how much micro-stuttering on 1st exemple and how fps limitter fix it on 2nd. Some other games have the same behaviour with sli, but metro is one of the most extreme.

    The mega micro stuttering is still there with gsync. Fraps will report mostly 30 fps all the way, but in fact it goes up and down very fast, many times in a second, so fraps report an average i thing. I hope you can see better what i mean.

  38. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, part 2 is there, it is before our lastest comments. (2 days ago)

    You should be able to see the videos. The cross hair was working fine on my swift, you just click the cancel button to remove it.2nd button from top, if i remember well. Anyway, nothing is perfect in this world, so is gsync + sli. Most of the time, with my 60hz monitor, i could mask the bad side of sli, but with gsync, it shows all the bad thing and the engine problems.

    Did you tryed a fps limitter with gsync + sli in metro? Try it at 60 fps or 55….

    x99 is not a big improvement for gaming, but i wanted it futur proof. Rarely games use more than 4 core, but we are seeing more and more games that will. I change video cards often, but cpu can generally last me 4 years or so. Games are gpu bound for most of them.

    If i can ever get another rog swift, i will do more testing. 2560×1440 @ 144hz is already awesome. Loved g-sync with single card, was playing almost all my games with single card, since it was smoother than gsync + sli. Now that im back at 60hz and vsync, I play almost all my games with sli, since i don't see the negative thing i saw with gsync + sli, exept for a few games (metro, alien isolation) but at least i can fix the problem with fps limitter + vsync + pixel clock fine tuning.

    Games are butter smooth, feel much smoother than it was on rog swift with gsync + sli, but its limitted to 60hz and i feel some input lag cause of vsync.

    I am on this planet for only 1 reason, it's to play all my games butter smooth, and i thought gsync would be the solution and i could achieve the reason im living for, but no. So i can not leave this world yet… lol Ok maybe that was too much! lol

  39. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello David, the 2nd part of my reply is still awaiting moderation approval, maybe cause i posted links.

    You should not play with vsync and gsync. If you play with gsync, you should put vsync off in the game setting. When i was talking about vsync, it is with my 1920×1200 60hz (59.9hz) screen. No need to cap frame rate if you play with gsync + single card. But with sli it helped a lot. Now try metro again with gsync + sli and put a fps limitter close to the minimum frame rate you are getting. This will help a lot, But you talked about tearing, you should not get any tearing, if you got some, then gsync was not working for sure. Beside having a not smooth experience with sli + gsync, i never saw any tearing and any input lag (at least).

    When you will get my 2nd part, you will see 2 videos i did in metro, running aproximatively the same fps, with g-sync + sli vs gsync + single card. The result was that 32 fps with single card was smooth, and a 37 fps with sli was very suttering. I can see the difference in many games, but generally not as extreme as with metro game. But still, gsync + sli is far from being smooth as gsync + single card (at the same fps)

    I have high quality standard, guess this is why i run with a 5930k @ 4.4ghz, and 16Gb of 3000mhz dd4 ram and 2 ssd and a sli of 980.

    Gsync + sli did not meet my expectation. Not the fault of the screen or gsync itself, i really think it's because of sli frame time variance, that my sensitive eyes are seeing.

    Sorry for my poor english, i speak french.

  40. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry for the late reply Dany I read your post and tried Metro Redux again with SLi disabled all settings where at maximum except SSAA which I turned off and turned V-Sync on, and I left G-Sync on.

    The red light was on so I take it it was working.

    By doing this it seemed to cap my frame rates it never went below 40 fps and max out at 60 fps there seemed no in between it was either

    40 or 60 depending what was happening on screen.

    I must say there was no stutter, it was in your words, butter smooth.

    I then played the same level The Lost Tunnels in SLi with the same settings but with V-Sync turned off.

    Well it was crap m8 stutter lag and a bit of tearing frame rates where all over the show especially the video sequence, where they try to open the gate, close to the end.

    This is definitely a Nvidia Driver problem with this type of game in SLi

    I am going to report this problem to Nvidia and see if any one else has had the same issue.

    With SLi the game does not run smooth.

    With one card it does.

    Which to me does not make sense.


    PS The refresh rate was at – 144 Hz

    resolution – 1440

  41. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    2nd part

    For the rog swift, i did not had the problem you are describing. My OS (win 7 64bit) did not detected the monitor as PnP monitor. It detected it a PG278Q. SO i doubt i would have changed anything. But of course if i ever get another one, i will still try it. Like i said earlyer, some games were working good with gsync+sli. An exemple was The Golf Club. No sli profile, so i found a good working sli bits. That game could run as low as 35 fps with gsync + sli and still be smooth. So gsync was working, and i don,t think it was a monitor driver thing. Maybe more a nvidia driver problem, and mostly engine games problem.

    In metro, like i said, you confirm that a 35 fps with sli + gsync is not smooth. You tell me that putting ssaa to off is smooth, but you also tell me that your minimum frame rate is 93, so yes it feel smooth. Like i said, high fps with gsync + sli is smooth. If you are in the 35 fps, gsync + sli is not smooth. I did the test, and 35 fps with single card was very smooth vs with sli.

    This is what i posted on nvidia forum couple times ago. Sli vs single card :

    ok guys, i made 2 little video (sorry for quality etc) to demonstrate the problem.

    I did that in metro last light redux, with lastest drivers. I tryed to put graphic options to have the same fps in sli and single gpu. In fact i was higher fps on sli (35-37) than single (32). Of course it is pretty low fps, i don't game with that setting, but you can see how different it is with sli vs single card with gsync. It is not easy to see on a compressed youtube video, but you still can see.

    video 1 is 32 fps gsync single card :

    video 2 is 37 fps gsync + sli :

    Note how choppy it is on gsync+sli. It is even higher fps than single card, but in front of the screen, it is very very choppy… unplayable. With 32 fps on single card, it feel much more smooth (beside having very low, 32 fps)

    Again, it might not seams so bad on the video, but if you would see it live, gsync + sli at 37 fps is very ugly stuttering.

  42. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    My message was too long i guess, it did not worked :(

    i'll try to post in in 2 part.

    Hello David.

    It will be a long respoce too, i hope you can read it all.

    SSAA is a bit like downscaling, because it render the game at higher resolution but display on native resolution. At 2560×1440 with a game that have so much detail that metro, it is not really needed, i agree. But this was to show you how different a 35 fps in that game feel with gsync+ sli vs gsync + single card. On 2 different system i tested, was night and day difference for both system. 35 fps with sli was very stuttery vs single card super smooth.

    When i turned off ssaa, the g-sync + sli was smooth, but for my very sensitive eye, i could still notice some micro-stuttering that i did not have with single card. It was minor compared to the result with 3x or 4x ssaa and im sure some people used to play with v-sync off, or people playing with v-sync on with drop below 60 will find it smooth. I was playing with v-sync on and with a solid 60fps and it feel smoother than many games with g-sync + sli. But the v-sync input lag was not present with g-sync + sli at least.

    Metro since many drivers version, even with v-sync on is not smooth. To be able to get it smooth with v-sync, i have to use a fps limitter at 60 and i need to adjust the pixel clock. Can't use the fps limitter in nvidia inspector since it don't completely fix it (and is bugged in latest driver, 58=60 and 60=62). I need to use dxtory to limit correctly. My screen pixel clock (154.0mhz) is in fact 59,9hz. So even with fps limitter + v-sync, the is still a little stutter that occur on a identical time frame, caused by the fact the the limitter is a bit higher than the monitor native hz. So i need to adjust pixel clock from 154.0hz to 154.4hz. Doing that, both metro redux games are BUTTER SMOOTH.

    Most of the games don't need that kind of fix to be smooth, but i have another game that need the exact same fix to be smooth with v-sync + sli. Alien Isolation. Running at a 60 fps with v-sync + sli cause a lot of micro stuttering. Can see it easily by strafing left or right and looking at a wall doing it. Dxtory to limit at 60 fps + pixed clock at 154.4hz, and BUTTER SMOOTH.

    Thoses games that are not smooth even locked at 60fps with v-sync on, are still not very smooth with gsync+sli. Putting a fps limitter to 60 in metro with gsync + sli was making it smooth as it was with v-sync on + fix. But fps needed to stay above, or if you prefer, locked at 60. If i was dropping to 55, i was seeing the micro stuttering. A good thing was that i could, with gsync + sli, lock the fps to any number i wanted, and if i could stay above (or locked at) this number, it would stay smooth. So i could limit to 50 instead of 60, and if i don't drop below 50 it was very smooth.

  43. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Dany sorry m8 just reread your message a day or two ago about the driver install.

    Download the driver and unzip it, place it on your desktop to make it easier to find.

    Go into device Manager and go to Monitor/right click choose update driver software then choose browse my computer for driver software

    Click browse and click desktop were you placed the file, highlite the folder ASUS-PG278- WINDOWS -8- WHQL or what ever your o/p is, click ok then click next and it will automaticly install it's self and you now should now have under monitors ASUS PG278Q

    instead of PnP monitor.

    Hope this helps.

  44. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi Dany,

    This is going to be a long post m8

    I played all the Metro games at the settings you ask me to do with SLI enabled and disabled also with Gsync enabled and disabled.

    And my findings are it did not make any difference with the settings above. The games were in some parts stuttery and laggy.

    But if you turn the SSAA down to 2X or even off, the game was smooth as silk without any loss off detail this has taken me a couple of hours to do and it is not the monitor, the monitor is that good it does not need SSAA in the video options.

    The best settings I found which did not impact on the game are

    Resolution 2560 X 1440

    Quality Very High

    SSAA X2 or even off

    Texture Filtering AF16x

    Motion Blur Normal

    Tessellation Very High

    V Sync Off

    Which is exactly what you asked me to do Dany

    but with SSAA off or 2X the games run like a dream.

    When playing at 1080P with SSAA set to max the game was more or less unplayable the same as at 1440

    But as soon as you turn down SSAA to 2X or even off, the games ran perfectly.I even tried it with one graphic card and it was the same result. turning down or off SSAA, is the problem.

    Frame rates at 1080P were min 39 max 52

    Frame rates were more or less the same at 1440.

    Turning down or off SSAA the frame rates were on average min 93 max 130 now there tells a tale lol.

    I also removed the Monitor Driver ( OTHERS? ) and rebooted and tried the games again they were all unplayable at any settings also my browser Fire fox kept coming up all white just blank, mouse pointer was erratic and weird artefacts appearing in games and on the desk top.

    So I reinstalled the Swift Driver ( OTHERS?) and every thing was normal again.

    If any of you guys have bought this Monitor I advise you to install this Driver that comes under the name OTHERS? on the Asus web site.

    Dany my computer specs are.

    Rampage IV Black Edition A/C

    i7 4930k CPU

    16 Gb of G Skill 1700 Ram

    Titans X 2 in SLi

    Windows 8.1

    Remember that SSAA is there to remove jagged pixilated edges.

    With this monitor it is really not needed with it's high Resolution and small pixel size. you sure will not need it on a 4k screen.

    Any way I am rambling now hope this helps you out Dany and any one else taking time to read this post.

    Dany reorder your Swift m8 you will not be disappointed it is one hell of a monitor for gaming and install that Driver.


  45. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Asus PG278Q Sorry

  46. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    David, no i did not instaslled that, but the screen was recongnised and g-sync was working. Gsync + sli was generally smooth in higher fps (60 +). Gsync with single card was very smooth in almost all games.

    Can you please test someting in metro? Run at native resolution, put all graphic to the max and put insane amount of ssaa 3x or 4x to be in the 35-40 fps range. Then tell me if it is smooth or not. This game engine is micro-stuttering a lot with sli.

    Also where did you buy? How did you managed to get a replacement? I wanted a replacement, but only had a refund and i can't find it anywhere (sold out). Maybe you are in the USA? Im in Canada and every canadian sellers are out of stock since a long time. If i ever get another one, i will try the file you are talking about for sure. How do you install the driver? I don't see a setup. You did it manually? If i recall, on the cd that came with the screen, there was only nvidia drivers? So i downloaded latest nvidia drivers and did not used the cd.

  47. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    My Monitor arrived on time yesterday things started acting funny on screen SLI not working properly in Metro, stuttering and lag.


    I went on the Asus web site and downloaded a file that says OTHERS?

    And after installing this software which in fact is the driver for the Monitor every thing was working brilliantly Windows recognizes the monitor now and SLi works in Metro all games.

    No stutter no lag absolutely amazing best buy for a long time.

    JJ could Asus rename this file on the web site to DRIVER instead of OTHERS most people would not install it not knowing what it really is

    I never did the first time because I did not need OTHERS D'oh

    Is a bit confusing.

    Dany had you installed the file OTHERS from the Asus web site?

    Because I had similar probs as you till I installed OTHERS.


  48. doggg
    doggg 2 years ago .Reply

    It's too bad it didn't work out for you, this monitor and the G-Sync technology have so much promise… though the PG278Q seems to fall short with its inversion issues, along with some other quality issues that have cropped up like blurry text after a few weeks of use. Maybe ASUS will straighten out these problems in later productions?

    FYI, AU Optronics is starting production of a 144Hz IPS panel! So maybe in 2015 we will finally get an Adaptive Sync IPS monitor that runs at up to 144Hz. That would be the perfect monitor!

  49. supyoscn
    supyoscn 2 years ago .Reply

    Great thanks…been looking around reading reviews on the BEQ XL2720Z and they are amazing…and it's half the price of the Rog at 400 bucks on amazon. Going with that one. Thanks! Heck 2 of them!

  50. unknownsolo
    unknownsolo 2 years ago .Reply

    I only buy things from Asus because they make good products. However, I don't consider myself a loyal customer. The minute someone else comes out with a better product – SEE YEA ASUS. It was nice knowing you…And here is exactly why:

    Honestly, forget this monitor. This whole release/stock/shipment/e-tailers cra$ is all nothing but excuses from Asus. How many of this monitor did you make? 5 only? and the 5 you made are all seem to be having issues.

    At first, it was announced in Jan for March release date. Then got pushed back to April. Then it became Q1/Q2. Then it was all "We never said Q1" Then comes May, nothing. Comes June, "We said Q2/3" comes July, Asus said we will release in Aug. Comes Aug. Releasing in September. Comes OCTOBER AND ITS STILL IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ONLINE. Is it made out of gold?

    Funny thing is Fry's had it listed on their site and now its removed. Not out of stock, BUT THEY REMOVED IT FROM INVENTORY. Probably because they know this is all child play.

    Im done with this. I will just wait for the curved Dell monitors coming out soon and call it a day.

  51. Heather's Flopp
    Heather's Flopp 2 years ago .Reply

    I FINALLY was able to get a second hand open Box Swift. Apparently, the original owner did not have balls big enough to own this display, because this thing is friggin perfect!

    I tried I-nsync for five minutes but was not impressed. I am more into blur free UMLB mode @50% then whiney kiddy boy pop music!

    My only complaint is the matte covering. It sucks. It doesn't suck hard, but it still sucks. This should have been glossy. Matte is for sissys, unless your name is Matt then I am sorry, but your name sucks.

    All in all I am very happy and want two more for my zero gravity Japenese inverted 3D surround Pron viewing.

  52. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Have you received your new monitor yet? Or confirmation on shipment.

  53. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Mine was defective after few days, i got a refund. Now i pre-ordered it from another seller, but im seriously thinking of cancelling it and get another monitor instead. It seams that many people are having problem with the monitor. A guy on the asus rog forum had 3 defective monitor… 3!!! Can you beleive that?

    In all respect for asus, i think this monitor is not reliable. I really fear to get another one. While a 2560×1440 at 144hz with gsync is great, it worth nothing if defective.

    Read that and judge for yourself :

    Seriously thinking about getting another monitor instead. There is a 4k acer with gsync just coming out for the same price range… might be great with my sli of gtx 980.

  54. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    For so few monitors.. (we are talking what hundreds?).. there sure do seem to be a lot of problems for so few yet such expensive monitors..

  55. Roberto
    Roberto 2 years ago .Reply

    You guys may wanna check out my problem with Swift:

  56. doggg
    doggg 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, I have seen some people complain about the ROG SWIFT having bad inversion artifacts, particularly for transitions from dark to bright colors (ex. bright green names moving across screen on WoW). What happens is briefly displayed bright colors have dark vertical lines across them, but the lines disappear if the color stays in place for more than a frame. In other words, it's only apparent on moving images on the screen, or images that are only briefly shown such as a muzzle flash.

    From what I understand, inversion artifacts appear on many displays, but depending on the pattern used, it's more subtle in some cases. For the SWIFT, it appears to be vertical lines instead of a checkerboard pattern, so it's more apparent.

    My question to you is, would ASUS be able to improve the inversion artifacts through something like a firmware update? Or is it built into the hardware at a level that the firmware couldn't help?

    For reference, here's a picture from TFT Central's review where you can see the lines:

    There was also a video posted to YouTube showing it in action on World of Warcraft, but I can't find that at the moment.


  57. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Stock will be coming in again shortly across a wide range of etailers. You should begin to see stock around the 15th or so of this month.

  58. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This may be specific to your configuration not the monitor. In internal testing across a wide range of configurations I have not see this issue. If you want to provide more details please send them to PCDIY@ASUS.COM

  59. Derick
    Derick 2 years ago .Reply

    Well I for one am very pleased that I got fed up waiting for this monitor to appear and bought a Benq 27inch, definitely no regrets what so ever

  60. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Currently basically Vaporware level supply resulting in price gouging..

  61. supyoscn
    supyoscn 2 years ago .Reply

    How many of these monitors have they made? 100-200? This thing has been sold out for over a month. I am on multiple lists (newegg, tigerdirect) to be informed when they are available and they have yet to have another shipment. Amazon has never had one, and one of the others sites says Sept 24th, then Sept 30th, and now Oct 14th?

    Is it even worth getting? Seems like dead monitors and SLI issues. Maybe wait a bit on this one. To those who have bought one…would you buy it again?

  62. Sleepy
    Sleepy 2 years ago .Reply

    I am so upset with Tigerdirec. They've cancel my order of the rog swift after making me wait for a whole month. I'm about to write a bad review but that'll just hurt ASUS and not Tigerdirect

  63. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    I received an email from Asus a few moments ago this is what they sent.

    Dear David,

    Thank you for your contacting Asus Customer Support.

    I appreciate that the product does not meet your standards and I do understand and sympathize the disruption this may cause.

    I have read and understood the comments you have made in your mail. I fully sympathise with the failure of your device. To date there are no known issues with the device in question. However we appreciate that technology can fail, and this is why, as a manufacturer, we offer a warranty service for our products.

    The reseller should be able to assist you with this reported fault. If the unit was supplied with wrong cables they can return it to the distributor who can return the unit to us.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us again for any further questions.

    Kind regards,

    Kiona A.

    ASUS UK Support team

    Hotline: 01442-265548


    My Swift is being picked up by UPS tomorrow between 9am – 2 pm

    My retailer told me I should have my new one early next week.

    Happy days.


  64. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    I have spoken to the retailers a couple of hours ago they are in the process of sending me the RMA lables and they are looking into the issue of the wrong power cable to the power adapter.

    They do not have any Swifts in at the moment but delivery is in three days and when they arrive they will send me one straight away.

    At the moment I have not heard any thing from Asus after sending an email to them.

    JJ can you hurry them up for me please.

    Dany I had once a Benq 27XL and it played Metro 2033 just fine at 120 Htz even 3D was brill that was with the same Titans in SLi that I have now. But like I said I never got time to experiment with the Swift because of the fault it required.

    When my replacement arrives I will do some settings that you have tried in Metro Redux see if they come out the same.


  65. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi Dany

    I looked at your video I did not have the same problem as you mine was perfect it started with the power on button it would work then it wouldn't then it didn't and now it won't power on at all.

    I think it is a power brick problem but I should have got more than 4 hours out of it before it died.

    Oh and the retailer shipped it with a 3 pin flat pin cable but the power brick has a 3 pin round connector good job I had a spare one other wise I would not have got it working at all.

    I was having the same issues as you for the time I had it in Metro Redux I too have a Titan SLi set up impossible to play at 144 hertz

    Never got the chance to try with SLi disabled.

    My first words when I powered up the Swift and the desk top came up was WOW.

    I will let you know how I get on and thanks for the heads up on the RMA side I have emailed the retailer and Asus


  66. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Oh David, also, what you see on screen? Is it like mine? Look at the video i did couple days ago.

  67. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    My god David im so sad for you, i also have a dead screen. Worked for few days. Did they shipped you my screen or what? lol sorry bad joke.

    The sad thing is you might be without the swift for a long time… like me. I suggest you RMA with Asus if the seller is out of stock. I did RMA with newegg and i think i should have done it with asus, cause now i wont be able to have another one for a long time. I will have to order it again, elsewhere… but its out of stock untill late october, from what seller told me.

  68. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Im now an happy owner of a sli of gtx 980. Can't test it with the rog swift monitor since mine is dead, but with my older 1920×1200 monitor it is awesome. Im on 344.16, no problems so far, exept the fps limitter in nvidia inspector have to be set to 58 to actually limit to 60 fps.

    Metro 2033 and last light redux still need a fps limitter at 60 fps to be smooth with sli and v-sync at 60hz. I now have 2 gtx titan to sell.

    I miss my rog swift, 144hz and 1440p resolution and gsync with single card were awesome. Sad i can't test how thoses 980 and new drivers works with sli + gsync.

  69. Roberto
    Roberto 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey to all. Got 2 of these monitors, everything works excellent. One thing is happening that I don't know how to fix. When I shut down the computer the monitor goes into stand by mode but the screen keeps displaying red, green, blue, white. The only way to turn it off is by pressing power button. Is there anything in any settings that I could change to make that go away? Anybody run into this problem?

  70. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi guys got my swift on Friday set it up yesterday turned it on today and it's DEAD there is no life in it at all, completely dead.

    I will have to RMA it tomorrow what a pain.


  71. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Sli + gsync is probably dependant on frame time variance. With some games engine it could be better, but a thing is sure, in Metro Last Light redux, gsync with single card is very good, and g-sync with sli is not very good. I can't use higher setting with sli, cause the fps have to be higher than with single card to be smooth.

    But i found that some games, like "the golf club" with dx11 sli bits "0x080000F5" (no official sli profile yet) is working pretty well, smooth with single card and smooth with sli + gsync. I can then put higher graphic and still be smooth with sli.

    Will probably improve with drivers too. But right now, sli+gsync is far from perfect. But gsync with single card is generally awesome. I would still recommend that monitor as it is the best for gaming, but i had higher expectation for sli + gsync. Now that my monitor is dead, i really miss it… lol Hope i will not be too long without it.

  72. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    There we go again… My screen is DEAD again! This time i think it is for ever. Tryed all i can, it wont come back working again.

    This is what it does :

    I have to RMA the screen?

  73. Hadoken
    Hadoken 2 years ago .Reply

    Can't comment for all games, just the ones that I run but the new 344.11 drivers fixed all the SLI stuttering below 60FPS for me

  74. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    ok guys, i made 2 little video (sorry for quality etc) to demonstrate the problem.

    I did that in metro last light redux, with lastest drivers. I tryed to put graphic options to have the same fps in sli and single gpu. In fact i was higher fps on sli (35-37) than single (32). Of course it is pretty low fps, i don't game with that setting, but you can see how different it is with sli vs single card with gsync. It is not easy to see on a compressed youtube video, but you still can see.

    video 1 is 32 fps gsync single card :

    video 2 is 37 fps gsync + sli :

    Note how choppy it is on gsync+sli. It is even higher fps than single card, but in front of the screen, it is very very choppy… unplayable. With 32 fps on single card, it feel much more smooth (beside having very low, 32 fps)

    Again, it might not seams so bad on the video, but if you would see it live, gsync + sli at 37 fps is very ugly stuttering.

    I can play the game with gsync + sli, with lower grapgic setting. The fps vary from 143 to maybe 55-60 fps, but i see tons of micro stuttering, and even when in the 55 fps range, some stuttering that looks like when v-sync is on and you have 40 fps.

    I hope now you guys can see what i mean.

  75. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Any update on the Gsynch+SLI= Stuttering? I haven't seen any mentioned of it in the new driver

  76. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    The screen is working again… Strange…

  77. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, my rog swift monitor is DEAD!

    It is not working anymore. 1st thing that happenned is that right half of the screen was kind of white, left half was black. (was kind of white vertical lines.) Power on/off was not fixing the problem, unplugging the power/replugging finally worked again.

    It worked a while, then today the samer trouble went back. This time, i had really hard time getting the white vertical line on the right half of the screen go be gone. I did unplug the power, replug, but the white line was still there. After many try out, it finally went back to all black, with the asus message on the screen. But since that, no image what ever i try. I plugged my old monitor (dvi) and it is working fine.

    The rog swift is dead. It is not working anymore. I will have to RMA the screen. WTF is going on…

  78. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The resolution and FPS variance is actually a benefit in G-SYNC I found I could actually run more games at higher quality because of G-SYNC and being able to maintain fluidity , response and no tearing. This was especially apparent in titles where my frame rate was between 40 to 50 FPS as opposed to being over 60. While SLI can be a great option at this resolution for many titles it is not required and should the user not know which IQ settings to apply they can use the GeForce Experience software which now has selectable IQ ranges allowing you to customize for higher image quality or superior frame rate. This can allow both single GPU and dual GPU configurations to have a great experience. It is correct some titles with high levels of AA or specifics features like advanced lighting, AA or AO can impact gampelay exceeding the performance offered by a single GPU.

  79. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    I also have the sli gsync issues. metro ll and far cry 3 stutter.

  80. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We have not had issues in our testing for SLI. Of course there are a wide range of varible ranging from OS to services to overclocks to much more that could all be impacting this. As I have expressed though to users who are interested in workign with us they can email me at PCDIY@ASUS.COM and we can begin to collect more information and if needed with work with NVIDIA to debug the situation. With that noted I have not experience an issues when playing G-SYNC on our test SWIFT in SLI ( two GTX 760 and two GTX 780 ).

  81. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    If you can send more information to me at PCDIY@ASUS.COM it would be appreciate outside of needing to ensure fullscreen for G-SYNC and some titles like Skyrim we have had no issues with SLI functionality and G-SYNC. If you can provide complete information and also work with us on ensuring you adhere to troubleshooting steps we can look into this as well as co work with NVIDIA if needed.

  82. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Awesome! Enjoy it, it is really a great monitor.

  83. BarbacoaUSA
    BarbacoaUSA 2 years ago .Reply

    A bunch of Fry's Electronics stores (including southern California) have some in stock today. FYI. Check their web site for availability. I'm picking mine up later today! :-) I can't believe I waited 8 months for this and I'll finally have one. Wow.

  84. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    mscsniperx : Yes that is also what i am hoping. Cause gsync with single card is generally pretty smooth. But at 2560×1440, if you want to max out latest games and have decent fps, you need sli.

    I love the screen itself, it is just the gsync that sucks. It is not Asus fault, it's Nvidia fault. But that is frustrating when they said it works with sli and it's not.

    I tested something with both metro redux games. If i play with gsync + sli and i put a fps limitter, it is generally smooth if the fps don't go below that limitter. Then if my lowest fps i see is 50 fps, i put the fps limitter to 50 and it is generally smooth. But still not perfect, and 50 was not low enought, i saw drop to 40 fps in heavy battle, so limitting to 40 all the times is not an option.

    When gsync works as expected, on single card, it is impressive. You wont notice a fps drop in the 40-45.. Below that you will but so much better than without gsync.

    I tryed so many things, from replacing my sli bridge by another (i have 2) to playing with fps limitter. I guess i have to wait for next nvidia drivers, who knows…

    If only they could tell me yes, we know the problem, we are workling on this… on the nvidia forum, that would be nice. But their lips are sealed.

  85. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Dany, I can't thank you enough.. You are not the only one reporting problems with Gsynch and SLI.. I hope they (can) fix this with a driver update.. but untill/If that happens, no way I could justify 800$ for something for something that is not working with SLI.

    JJ, anything you care to add besides PR fluff?

  86. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Playing borderlands 2 with sli desactivate, and using 2nd card for physx, with gsync at 144hz is smooth.

  87. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Hadoken : no i run win 7 ultimate 64 bit. My mouse is 1000hz polling ratre.

    mscsniperx : I found that heaven 4 benchmark is smooth with sli + gsync even in the 40fps range. But it introduce a flickering. Sli without g-sync and the flickering is gone. At least this one is smooth with sli + g-sync.

    Another game, The golf club, is smooth with gsync + sli (dx 11 sli bit 0x080000F5) but the same problem than with heaven benchmark, it flicker. If i don't use g-sync, the flicker is gone.

    Fifa 14 : easy to run on my setup. So i enhance AA with 4xms + 4x sparce grid. Gsync at 144hz, 120hz or 60hz is showing a lot of micro-stutter, mostly in the intro cutscene of a game. V-sync at 60hz, and also micro stutter a lot, but fps is locked at 60 and never go down.

    V-sync smooth option, and now it is butter smooth at 60hz.

    Watch dog : Gsync + sli at 144hz, 120hz or 60hz is not smooth at all.

    Gsync without sli is smooth, exept some sutter when driving, but this is a game engine problem.

    Metro 2033 and last light redux : Gsync + sli at 144hz, 120hz, 60hz, is not smooth. Gsync without sli, the fps is low (35-50 fps) and is not very smooth.

    So right not i have 0 game i can play with gsync + sli.

  88. Hadoken
    Hadoken 2 years ago .Reply

    Ah I found enabling mouse smoothing in Crysis 3 fixes the stutter while using a mouse when the FPS is between 30-60FPS but it does introduce lag :(

  89. Hadoken
    Hadoken 2 years ago .Reply

    Guys I don't think there's any problem with GSync and SLI, even at low 30-60FPS.

    Dany do you run windows 8 by any chance?

    I think it's the way Windows 8 handles mouse input that's the problem. most the of the time running the Microsoft FixIT tool and having polling rate set to a 1000hz for the mouse does the trick and SLI+GSync is butter smooth at lower than 60FPS.

    Some games though still have an issue but there is a good test you can do.

    For instance Crysys 3 is a good example, even with the mouse fixes it still stutters below 60FPS but try using just the keyboard to move around or playing with a 360 controller. The whole game is butter smooth no matter what FPS it is! Go back to using the mouse and it stutters again

    This proves SLI+GSync do work together and it's actually windows causing the issue

  90. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Dany, thank you for posting this.. This is EXACTLY my worst fear.. SLI and Gsynch doesn't work well.. I was going to buy this monitor.. thank god I dodged that bullet.

  91. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    It is me again. I just build a new computer, with haswell e 5930k, 3000mhz dd4 ram, samsung 850 ssd, with my 2 gtx titan sli, and the result is the same as with my older computer.

    Gsync + sli at lower fps (40-50 fps) is not smooth at all.
    Gsync + 1 card (sli off) at lower fps (40-50) is generally pretty smooth.

  92. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    I forget to say, im using a sli of gtx titan, with a core i7 at 4ghz 1600mhz ram, 2 ssd. Core parking is disable.

  93. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    I finally received my rog swift and so far in really frustrated/disappointed. The monitor is great for a TN. Gsync is working like a charm with single gpu. BUT… when using gsync with sli, it is total garbage. Very high fps are kind of smooth, but with some micro-stuttering, but a 40 fps is totally not smooth with sli and g-sync.

    Don't buy if you plan to use with sli, and you are sensitive to stuttering like me. Playing metro 2033 and last light redux on my old panel at 60hz v-sync on was much more smooth then playing now with gsync, even if the fps never go below 45 fps. This is unacceptable. Im thinking about returning the monitor and having my money back.

    And before someone ask, yes gsync is working, the red led is on, the monitor is at 144hz, and gsync is activated in nvidia control panel and v-sync is set to off in the games setting. Like i said, it is wroking very good with only 1 card. 40 fps is butter smooth when not using sli.

    I tryed lasted nvidia drivers, and a few older drivers with the same result. If it's this is how it will work with sli, gsync is totally useless. I managed to get less micro-stuttering by using a fps limitter + gsync + sli, but still not smooth as it should.

    sorry for my english, i speak french

  94. ChrisxIxCross
    ChrisxIxCross 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ earlier I said this monitors price was too much for me but I ended up taking the plunge because I just had see G-Sync. I must say after a week of playing with this beast I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY! This is truly the greatest gaming monitor to have ever existed and totally worth every penny. I actually owned the 4K PB287Q prior to this and don't mind the resolution downgrade at all due to amazing benefits of the ultra high responsiveness and smoothness in gaming and even during regular web browsing desktop use as well. All in all I absolutely love this thing and I'm looking forward to the 4K swift when that rolls around! Also here's some pictures I took of it with my setup. –

  95. chris688
    chris688 2 years ago .Reply

    I ordered mine on newegg on day 2 and received it a few days later. For a brief period they were taking "back orders" and then the next day they said it was in stock and shipping. So far it's a really smooth and no problems. The viewing angles are obviously worse than my (now secondary) IPS panel, but as far as speed and gsync goes this is impressive

  96. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    true, but hey.. at least JJ was kind enough to pop in and tell us how awesome it is..

  97. supyoscn
    supyoscn 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah 1000 monitors for the entire USA…good luck getting one. It's already being sold by a 3rd party on Amazon for almost 900 bucks because Amazon is probably like…we aren't going to make shit on the 5 monitors you will supply us.

    I had to find a thread on Reddit that tracks this thing because there wasn't a mention on here that they were available. And anyone that has followed this thread since January knows the "Week of August 25th" was about a 5% chance. I guess they finally gave in and sent out a tiny shipment. It's great the monitor is getting good reviews and is awesome…but the promotion and customer service on this thing has been a disaster for the company and any new customers.

  98. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Only a thousand or so all sold out the first day.. and next small batch not in until October.. sounds effectively like vaporware to me.

  99. Hadoken
    Hadoken 2 years ago .Reply

    Well finally got the monitor and I've been using it all night and not a single problem.

    GSync and 144Hz is just amazing.

    This monitor is fricking brilliant! Well worth the money 😀

  100. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Just make sure you fully remove all previous drivers and if you OS is in solid shape you should be solid. Best of luck.

  101. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    AWESOME! It is a fantastic monitor.

  102. Hadoken
    Hadoken 2 years ago .Reply

    Mine arrives tomorrow, can't wait! 😀

    I'm a little nervous about the issues people have been reporting but also super excited about all the really good stuff i've been hearing too!

  103. sinned
    sinned 2 years ago .Reply

    I ordered it backordered at tigerdirect hopefully SOON!!!

  104. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Just been looking on the Rog forums on the Swift.

    It seems alot of buyers are having a lot of issues with the Swift.

    I might delay my purchace for a while till Asus sorts things out.

  105. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Meh… this is looking more and more like vaporware to me.. they will build a few at a time which get sold out.. hype downs down, something else better comes out..

  106. doggg
    doggg 2 years ago .Reply

    Newegg has a preliminary listing on their website for the PG278Q:

    But it's currently not in stock. If you search from Google, the ad that pops up has it listed for $799 USD. Also, I found that newegg Canada has it listed for $899 CAD, but it's also out of stock.

  107. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Your question is answered here mscniperx and in numerous reviews I have read.

  108. Kronvict
    Kronvict 2 years ago .Reply

    I got mine at frys in Las Vegas yesterday so they are pretty much out now. My guess is for online retailers to have em ready starting tomorrow into the week.

    ROBERT PARLOV 2 years ago .Reply

    hey jj any word on the exact release date on this monitor yet

  110. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Right, but as the end consumer.. I could care less about cross fingerpointing- I only care if SLI works with the games I want to play.

    There were some reports that SLI + single G-synch was unstable with BF4.. Regardless of it's BF4's fault or Nvidia.. I only care if it is stable..

    I'll have to hold out and see more reports on this before I buy…

  111. schulmaster
    schulmaster 2 years ago .Reply

    I forgot this is the TLDR era: Peterson says single monitor SLI is supported, and has been a consideration in GSYNC implementation from the beginning of its design.

    There will be crashes. There will be stutter. However, they wont be caused by a blunderous design flaw, but rather by case-to-case phenomena, destined to be constantly and regularly improved through drivers, like has always been the case with SLI.

    Acer has that 4k monitor in the works. Nvidia would not ratify that display if only one GPU could be used to feed it, because not even GSYNC could accommodate the performance deficit.

  112. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    No, that is 3 GPUS to run 3 separate monitors…. The problem people are having is 2cards to run on monitor. so no, it's not safe to assume SLI is going to be work and be stable..

    But while on the subject of multiple monitors..

    3 1,000$ GPU's and 3 $800 monitors.. yea.. 6 grand for 3 monitors is NOT for everyone…

  113. schulmaster
    schulmaster 2 years ago .Reply

    Here is 3way SLI powering SWIFT surround. I think it's safe to say SLI is supported.

  114. supyoscn
    supyoscn 2 years ago .Reply

    Week of the 25th huh? So in a few days but complete silence….looks like another delay. Or 10-15 monitors go on sale haha

  115. Ben
    Ben 2 years ago .Reply

    Well from reading that post the guy is running two monitors. Just being devils advocate here but didn't NV say g sync doesn't work with multi monitor set up? That's probably what's causing his crashes but then again… It may be something else.

  116. johnotter7
    johnotter7 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah, that looks like a real bummer. The OP in that link states that he came from another monitor, most likely using max resolution of 1080p, and jumped straight into 1440p with who knows what kind of build. I know that shouldn't crash a game alone, but his setup could be the issue. They could also be using a NVidia GPU that doesn't support GSync. Until we hear that, it's not safe to assume much from that post. Hopefully more driver updates come along regarding that issue if it is one. NVidia claims that SLI and GSync work seamlessly, with only one GPU handling the GSync… I'll let the first couple batches of these monitors sell and for word to get around before I decide to purchase, as SLI is something I'm running as well.

  117. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Look at the Link I posted above.. the guys having trouble with SLI is very recent.. and with the PG278Q ROG

    it's hard enough to get good game support for SLI. But if getting SLI And G synch AND the game to all place nice together is a proprietary mixture that isn't panning out.. This is a definite deal breaker for me..

  118. johnotter7
    johnotter7 2 years ago .Reply

    I saw a few forum posts and reports about SLI and G-Sync not being compatible, but those were roughly around when G-Sync was introduced. Last heard, they fixed a majority of the problems. At this point, I'm waiting for more of these to be released to get consumer reviews on it, maybe there will be an answer regarding SLI..

  119. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Multiple reports that SLI and Gsynch not working.. SLI is crashing some games like BF4. This would definitely be a deal breaker for me as I run 2 cards..
    But this is exactly my worst fears.. because Gsynch is not just a proprietary hardware but is also a proprietary Software Driver add-on.

    Having an extra layer of compatibility issues has always scared me- and now seeing it is indeed causing some issues would be a dealbreaker for me. Any word on this?

  120. balbosha
    balbosha 2 years ago .Reply

    I would also pay for the glossy finish, sad that manufacturers assume most people want matte when its just that manufacturers are shoving it down our throats and not giving the option for glossy.

  121. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ… You said, q2 to late q3 worst case.. we are now past late q3..

    Your price said 650, but was in error.. (an honest mistake)

    Your recent quote "As a general update availability will occur in North America at the end of this month ( the week of the 25th )"

    It's now August and no availability much less even a preorder..

    In all due respect JJ,

    Is there ANYTHING you DO know about lead time/price that is accurate? It would be refreshing for once if you could have some accurate forthright information on the matter for those of us that have been holding off on building a new system.

    I sure hope this is not indicative of how you would handle any warranty issues on this monitor.

  122. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply


    It is now end of august…. for pre-order only i think… don't expect it before mid september. Haswell-e is suppose to lunch in september too. Im starting to think i might build my new computer before having the monitor.

  123. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply

    Well… the "beginning of August" is here and almost gone.. still no word on even a PRE order for the monitor.. Has there been another delay?

  124. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    The price in uk has already been dropped as there was hardly any pre orders, it was advertised at £720 now its advertised at £695 on

  125. ChrisxIxCross
    ChrisxIxCross 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ recently your facebook page miscommunicated that this monitor will retail for 649$ USD and today they retracted said statement saying it was an error. This is extremely unfortunate as this monitor was on the table for me with the 649$, and now it sadly is not. Many other people other than myself were also extremely excited to see the newly revised price point, only now theyre going to be really dissapointed. Here's the statement –

    And here's just one of several examples showing how people are now really interested in getting this amazing monitor –

    I know most of the time prices for products are set in stone and nothing can be done to change them, but if there is any possible way you could talk to someone about actually having the price be 649$ at launch that would be amazing. There were many new potentially interested customers, and if the price remains at 800$ thats going to cut out a pretty big chunk of people. Again I understand if not being able to do anything is completely out of your hands.



  126. Louis
    Louis 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, can you tell us when it will be available for pre order in the US?

  127. Stephen
    Stephen 2 years ago .Reply

    ASUS North America told me that the ROG Swift would be priced at $650. Can you confirm this JJ?

  128. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    As a general update availability will occur in North America at the end of this month ( the week of the 25th ). If there are any additional questions let me know and I will do my best to clarify. Also please continue to reference the FAQ which will be updated with additional information.

  129. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    NVIDIA 3D VISION on the SWIFT support 2560×1440 at 120Hz. As always 3D VISION is a combination of the panel, glasses and driver all supporting the specifications of operation. At this time due to a number of factors I would not expect 3D VISION to offer higher refresh rate support than 120Hz.

  130. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    NVIDIA 3D VISION on the SWIFT support 2560×1440 at 120Hz. As always 3D VISION is a combination of the panel, glasses and driver all supporting the specifications of operation.

  131. unas
    unas 2 years ago .Reply

    Some stores in Finland got the Swift yesterday.

  132. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    Buddy ddr4 isnt worth it either, Its goin to be very expesnsive, Best to get yourself 4790k an z97 mobo with a decent memory, Trust me ur wasting ur money on ddr4. It isnt goin to benefit gamers at all.

  133. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    You can forget about my comment about the review from, although I can’t find it anymore so apparently it’s been taking care of, The TFT Central review and the one from Les Numériques that has been published today are excellent. I don't know how the f**k they do testing at but they're doing it wrong.

    Gamma = 2.2 (target 2.2)

    Contrast ratio = 920:1 (target 1000:1)

    Color temperature = 6528 K (target 6500 k)

    Delta E = 1

    Response time = 4,5 ms

    Input lag = 10 ms

  134. shepardm
    shepardm 2 years ago .Reply

    I look forward to buying this monitor.. but have to admit I am very apprehensive because of the outright bating and deception of lead times done here. "we Promise"… Well, if you take it upon yourself to make a public promise as a company and then blatantly break your own promise.. Doesn't exactly give me a warm fuzzy on the support of this monitor.

    So I am a bit nervous.. should i be?

  135. Louis
    Louis 2 years ago .Reply

    The wait is bad enough, but it is even worse reading about other people enjoying their monitors while knowing I am another month away at best!

  136. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    This is a good review :

  137. Rhialto
    Rhialto 2 years ago .Reply

    I see final specs says:

    2D mode: 2560 x 1440 (up to 144 Hz)

    3D mode: 2560 x 1440 (up to 120 Hz)

    Any chance that a future firmware bring 3D mode: 2560 x 1440 to 144Hz? I think I even read somewhere that it is working but could it be that it's just not officially supported?

  138. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Just found this does not look promising.

    The date I mean.

  139. Tobi
    Tobi 2 years ago .Reply

    Jesus Christ, can you all give Asus a break and stop whining?

    "Oh no, the monitor is two month late" Yes, most products are. Welcome to the real world.

    "I'm so disappointed by the color accuracy" Why? Have you seen it yet? And what do you want? Do you want a professional IPS Designer Panel? They're out there. Or do you want a gamer monitor? There is no IPS that is fast enough for gaming, especially with 144Hz. Maybe you should measure the color accuracy of your current screen.

    "Asus is so stupid for shipping the monitors by ship. It takes forever that way" What? I don't even… Do you want to pay $200 more for the monitor just that it is a week earlier in stores? I wouldn't. Literally everything that is produced in Asia or oversee is transported by ship.

    "The Acer is much better, it has 4K" Yeah, it has 4K, but only a 60Hz Panel. G-sync is kinda pointless if you still can only go up to 60fps. And same as above: have you seen it yet? I don't think that they have a panel that is as good as the Asus but has 4k. To me it doesn't make sense to buy a monitor that is overkill in one aspect, and is average in every other. I want a screen that is great in every aspect.

    So, please just wait until it is out, try it out for yourself (Usually the sales staff is pretty cooperative if you want to buy an $800 Monitor :D) and then and only then judge the screen. We should also have a ton of reviews when it is finally out. :)

    ROBERT PARLOV 2 years ago .Reply

    hey JJ is there an exact date for the PG278Q monitor

  141. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    General announcement is coming soon expect first week August for all the specific details for US. You will also seem more information on US based reviews and exposure.

  142. chris688
    chris688 2 years ago .Reply

    That review you posted still liked the monitor a lot. They even said " It is a bonus that the screen does very nice in terms of color reproduction, especially when compared with many other TN panels."

    So yeah, when you are comparing the colors to IPS standards, of course a TN panel isn't going to stack up.. but it looks to be one of the best TN panels. Color accuracy doesn't mean as much if you are buying this as a gaming monitor. If you want color reproduction accuracy, why are you looking at a TN gaming panel?

  143. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply

    Well take a look at this review if you want a gaming monitor then this is it.

  144. Gerano
    Gerano 2 years ago .Reply

    The follwing review, TFT Central is quite a trustworthy source, does really not agree with yours:….

  145. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    Ok where are we at on this monitor?

  146. david
    david 2 years ago .Reply

    Here is one of the first reviews of the Rog Swift

  147. david
    david 2 years ago .Reply

    Overclockers in the UK have pre orders for this monitor the ETA is 28th july 2014

  148. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    Any ETA on a date and price of release? We are quickly moving into July. Which, for those of us keeping track is later than Q1 or late Q2.

  149. Sidharth Sankar Das

    Hi JJ…. Another question…. What is the input voltage for the monitor… Meaning can it work on Indian 230v 50Hz supply…. Or just US specs(120V 60Hz)

  150. Sam B
    Sam B 2 years ago .Reply

    It's still a TN panel, no magical 8 bit panel is going to change that. Nearly everyone who's tried this monitor said the colors were very good, and viewing angles weren't bad at all for a TN. It's a compromise, not a solution.

  151. chizow
    chizow 2 years ago .Reply

    Awesome, will support Asus and this fantastic panel once it launches now that it is confirmed 3D Vision capable at 1440p. I've been very happy with my Asus VG278H so this should be a nice upgrade.

  152. Allah
    Allah 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, this monitor is fantastic and all, but please answer this question like you cared about it:

    When will asus stick gsync into a 21:9 ips panel?

    A year? two? ever? Your thoughs?

  153. Derick
    Derick 2 years ago .Reply

    According to ASUS, we should see the ROG Swift PG278Q sometime in late July for about $799.

  154. TSeng
    TSeng 2 years ago .Reply

    It's early June bruh!

  155. Edmonds
    Edmonds 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, this monitor is fantastic and all, but please answer this question like you cared about it:

    When will asus stick gsync into a 21:9 ips panel?

    A year? two? ever? Your thoughs?

  156. Michael
    Michael 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ Is it going to be available in june in europe as well ?

  157. Tobi
    Tobi 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey there, thank you JJ for sticking with us here.

    I just want to note that this screen offers everything I care about in a monitor for gaming: G-Sync (very important. As of right now I get about 62 frames in Guild Wars 2, which results in horrible tearing), 27" (I currently have a 27" Monitor and I won't go back to 24", even if that screen features G Sync), WQHD (I feel like full HD isn't quite enough for 27"), fast response time and 120Hz (G sync would be kinda pointless with a 60Hz Monitor) and last the matte display. I don't like to have to draw the curtains everytime I want to use the computer.

    I don't need the height adjustmend and the swivel, but I guess given the other specs this won't do much to the overall price.

    I just have one question: Will the screen launch at the same time in Germany as it does in the US? Given the targeted price of 800$ it will probably be around 800€ in Europe, will it?

  158. Jaime
    Jaime 2 years ago .Reply

    Will 144hz or 120hz be feasible on a muiltimonitor setup at 1440p?

  159. Blade Runner Offworl

    JJ, will this monitor be able to display the color black as actually black??? (as opposed to black which has what looks like a grey veil over it making it look washed out like every other TN panel)

  160. Myst3Ri0n
    Myst3Ri0n 2 years ago .Reply

    Early June? Can you take my money now?

  161. JH
    JH 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    I'm curious about the overclock button that will be on the Swift, used to change refresh rate. What are the potential uses for it, and why did the designers decide to include it? Is the panel actually 60hz native, with hardware overclocking up to 144hz? Does the VG248qe work the same way to achieve 144hz, just without the overclock button? I guess I'm just wondering what to expect coming from my VG248QE with Gsync Kit.

    Thanks. :)

  162. […] ASUS PCDIY site has a diagram that shows the ASUS ROG PG278Q GSYNC monitor is capable of overclocking to 144Hz […]

  163. Sam B.
    Sam B. 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, is it possible to run ULMB alongside G-Sync?

  164. boniek
    boniek 2 years ago .Reply

    Will this monitor support perfectly mapped 720p@144Hz resolution? In theory it should because 720p is exactly 4 times lower than 1440p.

  165. Jesse
    Jesse 2 years ago .Reply

    I consider myself to be a computer enthusiast and i am aware of the glossy finish drawbacks. I own a PB278Q 1440p monitor and the matte finish does not bother me at all. And i am coming from a gloss finish display…

    The ROG Swift is likely going to perform so well, users are not even going to consider the alternative. Great replies, JJ, your concern and consideration of users opinions is definitely most appreciated..

  166. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    So JJ, this is starting to smell like pooh. No where in the CES was the implication that this product was to be released well down the road. All of the videos and hype were that Asus was the front runner and this monitor was just about done. "Look at this pre production model. This is pretty much the final design".

    The way it was communicated was "shortly". Shortly is not 6 months later.

  167. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The cost is reduced in that we do not have include the emitter or glasses. There is also the psychical consideration of implementing the emitter into the physical housing which we want to keep very thin.

  168. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    I am providing a response to the individuals who are not reading the commentary / response I have previously provided. Additionally as previously noted we have adhered to our timeline of communication as originally outlined of Q2/Q3 time frame. The anticipation of some wanting more definite information is understandable but at the same time needs to meet the reality of design and development and production time frames. I also have only provided commentary in the the comment response field as opposed to posting an actual news posting as I am reserving this for when there is more formal information to release.

  169. Kronvict
    Kronvict 2 years ago .Reply

    I feel that asus is really dropping the ball lately on its new ROG products. The ROG front base hasn't been in stock since newegg first got it in and sold out, The ROG Swift PG278Q has been constantly pushed back ever since its first speculated release timeframe with promises of "Soon" for the past 4 to 5 months since it was announced, The ROG Armor Mechanical keyboard is nowhere to be seen or heard from since it was teased at Computex last year and now i have yet to see the ASUS ROG MATRIX GTX 780Ti Platinum in the US market while currently available in other regions. I am losing my faith in Asus >:(

  170. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thank you for your feedback. As always it is appreciated.

  171. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback as always it is appreciated.

  172. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The SWIFT is still on track to be released a mass production product. We working on ensuring the final product meets the expectations of us internal as ROG product as well as hits the needs and wants of the community.

  173. Obama
    Obama 2 years ago .Reply

    Stop complaining kids.

    This monitor is the best thing to happen to monitor tech so far and by far.

    While not perfect. This is as close to the best gaming monitor we are going to get for the next few years for sure.

    I for one am incredibly happy that something like this will FINALLY be available and with gsync. Zomg, yo.

  174. josefb13
    josefb13 2 years ago .Reply

    New Questions,.1.Will it offer new *Aimpoint* cross-hairs types( a bit more discrete ones). and can white cross hairs be implemented?..2..will it offer…87% 99% or 100% coverage of the sRGB space being that its a premium 8 bit panel?…..Thanks

  175. BarbacoaUSA
    BarbacoaUSA 2 years ago .Reply

    I couldn't stand playing Battlefield 4 anymore on my old Westinghouse TV at 1080i (not "p") and at 30 Hz, so instead of waiting even longer for the ROG Swift to come out (I've been waiting since Feb), I went ahead and bought the Asus VX279Q. I will use this monitor as my primary for now, until the ROG Swift comes out, then I will use this monitor as a second monitor. It's a "bargain" AH-IPS panel at under $300 and has typical IPS stats: 5ms response time, great viewing angles, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 60 Hz. It's not a "gamers" monitor, but it should do nicely as a secondary monitor for non gaming needs.

    I checked it thoroughly and can't find any dead pixels and it just looks really nice. It's so nice to get back to an IPS panel for everyday stuff – it really pops compared to my other TN panels. It will be interesting to see how this monitor compares to the ROG Swift when they are side by side. I hope the Swift comes out soon. Sigh. At least now I can wait a little after it is released to see the reviews and make sure there are no major issues with the initial batch.

  176. Santa
    Santa 2 years ago .Reply

    SO, if you isolate your eyes… each to look at a different 60hz monitor you fill feel like you are watching 120hz?

  177. Elle McPherson'
    Elle McPherson' 2 years ago .Reply

    Yessssss WORLDS FIRST 1440P 3D!!!!!!!

  178. Steven
    Steven 2 years ago .Reply

    Will I be able to buy 3 of these and have gsync work in surround ?

  179. zelpex
    zelpex 2 years ago .Reply

    I really hope it will be non-glossy because I kinda HATE glossy…

  180. Allah
    Allah 2 years ago .Reply

    You guys cannot possibly comprehend how much i want a 30+" 21:9 version of this.

    You all do too, you just haven't realized it.

    Just like 120hz is so much better than 60, but almost noone realized before it was widely available.

    Gsync+21:9+120hz = gaming perfection.

    This monitor has 2 out of 3, so guess ill get it to hold me off.

  181. zelpex
    zelpex 2 years ago .Reply


    This monitor will be comming out right?

    Cause I still think G-Sync is superior to Freesync because it has better hardware and nvidia has promised to give it to us.

    I really hope this monitor will come out ASAP because then I will be buying it instantly,

    I also hope that The Netherlands will get the same release date as the US, ect.

  182. Jaime
    Jaime 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ. Even though the monitor will support 1440p resolution in 3D does that mean Nvidia has or will support providing that feature through their hardware/software?

  183. Alex
    Alex 2 years ago .Reply

    Will these monitors allow me to run gsync in surround ?

  184. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We have been working to ramp up production on the new heatsink which was a new process ( doing an all black heatsink ). This is a reality of trying new and different design implementations. Availability is expecting to be in early June.

  185. doggg
    doggg 2 years ago .Reply

    How do your comments make it through moderation? Must be your mate over at Asus…

  186. lim
    lim 2 years ago .Reply

    Still no release date?

  187. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    I've had matte and glossy asus moniters, I prefer glossy the picture looks better

  188. doggg
    doggg 2 years ago .Reply

    Since JJ mentioned that Asus is accepting feedback on matte vs. glossy, I figured I would put my vote in as well.

    Matte, please.

    Obviously, they need to make sure it isn't horribly done, like Dell's U2711 that made the screen look smeared. There are more recent examples where matte was done right, and based on JJ's comments, Asus is going to go with a lighter coating.

    There are pros and cons to both types of panels, but I would say that matte is a safer bet because it works in practically any environment.

  189. Link J.
    Link J. 2 years ago .Reply


  190. bizzare
    bizzare 2 years ago .Reply

    Omg Mike, go get some psycholigical help :(

  191. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    So is it possible to run these in 3D nvidia surround in 1440p with 2 gpu's ???

  192. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    Why is there no built in 3D emitor ???

  193. Tycho
    Tycho 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, how a small update for us. Even a tiny tidbit of info as to where ASUS is with this display would be wonderful to hear right now.

    Thank you!

  194. AfroBob
    AfroBob 2 years ago .Reply


    I just want this monitor, been waiting for months (my current screen is dieing and needs to be replaced ASAP =( ).

    Glossy or math are both fine to me, although I would prefer matte since my home is designed as a home, and not a gaming cave. Meaning I would have to game/use the PC in complete darkness or life with the reflections of the lamps on my walls.

    Personally, from my experience as a retailer, I think a matte or mixed AP screen is more wanted then the glossy, but the glossy people are just louder. Which is usually the case when its a discussion about features where 1 of the 2 is considered as the "standard" by most people. (Matte in this case, most people haven't worked with glossy yet.)

    What you as a single person think, or what you and (the majority of) your friends think, doesn't have to be the same what the majority overall thinks. (They are your friends for a reason.)

    PLUS, if glossy really was that much more requested, Asus wouldn't hesitate to make 1 glossy (because in the end, after all marketing talk, its a company that wants to make money.)

  195. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    Hell yeah ASUS have allready stated that it will INDEED be GLOSSY!

    So how about that DIPSHIT 😉

  196. Santa
    Santa 2 years ago .Reply

    a ~30" 21:9 120hz gsync monitor please….thats the ultimate FPS monitor

  197. Sean Torres (@SeanPa

    i am open minded freesync is intriguing and i have seen some demos without module on laptops? can't remember where but for me i reviewed both along with mantle and i came to conclude nvidia and gsync way to go the nvidia youtube demos won me over personally

  198. Epicwarding
    Epicwarding 2 years ago .Reply

    First of all , Adaptive Refresh Tech requires a Module INSIDE the monitor . Gsync is a MODULE inside a monitor , to make adaptive refresh rates work on a monitor – Just by Useing a Displayport 1.2a is not enough . The Monitors what will in Future (6-months to 12 months from now) What will have Display Port 1.2a Dont even nessesary support Adaptive Refresh rates . They will need 1.2a Displayport + A Module inside the monitor to make adaptive refresh rates work , besides . if you did not know , Freesync Try's to Adapt to the refresh rate by "predicting" your frame rate. While Gsync . dosent . what Gsync does is , Yo bro, heres a frame, render it, chill . and wait for the next one, okay , frame is done, here take it bro, now render that, and chill again . In my opinion Gsync is better. i Think Nvidia know's what they are doing, the Gsync module has like what, a 400mhz processor in it and some ram aswell? dude , i dont think that stuff is there for nothing . and i am Pretty Sure Nvidia knew about the alternative method how to do adaptive refresh rates before they even starting makeing Gsync . They choose to make Gsync by useing more expensive hardware . cose they belive , it will make the CONSUMERS, that means , US , Happier . by giving us a high quality product what works and does it well

    And to be honest, the whole "freesync" is still similar to Gsync, they will need a module inside monitors to support adaptive refresh rates , search the 300+ Page topic with over 3000 Replys . in overclock dot net forums , the topic name is [ASUS] Update: 27" 1440P GSYNC 120Hz RoG Monitor at CES . if your fan of this monitor allready. go check that topic about, its far as im Considered, best place to read about this monitor

  199. Mandela
    Mandela 2 years ago .Reply

    Freesync is crap. it will "reduce" stuttering, wont "remove" it. And they keep saying its "similar" to gsync, not "equal" or "better" … it means its worse.

    So dont worry. Gsync is the best real solution to all our problems… and hey you dont have to wait 2 years for it…

    Now, if only asus did a 2560×1080 120hz gsync monitor with their new 8bit tn panel… i cant stress this enough how perfect that would be, but the world seems to need more time to realize this.

  200. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    I am really concerned about this whole G-Sync/Free-Sync thing. Either AMD or NVidia is screwing us. If Free-Sync (Adaptive-Sync now) works as well as G-Sync without any additional hardware then NVidia is in a very awkward position. And if Adaptive-Sync is in the end not working properly, it will be just another bad attempt to compete with NVidia.

    Either way, it seemed unlikely that companies like Asus accepted to implement an expensive proprietary piece of hardware in their monitors if the adaptive refresh rate can be achieved by a simple update of the DisplayPort standard.

    And it seems odd too that a company like VESA made the trouble to implement that in the DisplayPort 1.2a standard and make noise about it if it doesn’t' work properly.

    Either way, someone's gotta get f*cked.

  201. ken
    ken 2 years ago .Reply

    Based on this article:
    How does this impact our monitor?

    Thanks in advance.

  202. Jagd Seelen
    Jagd Seelen 2 years ago .Reply

    Mike your a idiot thinking that ASUS will do as you want just because you swear at them roflmfao. GET A LIFE!

  203. jason
    jason 2 years ago .Reply

    I have 2 780 GTX TI's and all I need is THIS eye candy!…… lets goooooooooooooooo!

  204. Chelsea
    Chelsea 2 years ago .Reply

    This and the 780 TI are the only two things I'm waiting on to finish My build! ^_^ been waiting since Jan :(

  205. garen
    garen 2 years ago .Reply

    lets go motherfkers!!! LETS DO IT

  206. Elle McPherson'
    Elle McPherson' 2 years ago .Reply

    I would auction my panties to charity and give the proceeds to Aunt Jamima if they did a 21:9 3440×1440 120hz version of the Rog Swift!

    I am using a 34UM95 3440×1440 right now and it is EPIC….but it needs 120hz and UMLB mode desperately.

  207. Obongo
    Obongo 2 years ago .Reply

    Definitely getting this. And i rather they take their time instead of doing a recall later.

    But i have to say, i cannot describe how much i want a 21:9 version of this.

  208. DLNICO
    DLNICO 2 years ago .Reply

    Bonjour, j'ai posé la question à Asus pour savoir la disponibilité de l'écran sur Facebook > réponse en Juin !!! Yes plus que 3 semaines d'attente.

    I asked Asus on Facebook for the PG278Q disponibiliy. They answered : First screens will be avaible on June !! Good news, only 3 weeks to wait!

    See you

    DlNico France

  209. Pahani
    Pahani 2 years ago .Reply

    John and Rohaus: I am, and HAVE been, waiting for this monitor just as long as you, with cash in hand and waiting to buy. This IS my first choice. However, I have to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and at the time my system is finally ready to assemble, that's it. Simple as that. If I miss getting this one, I can sure live with the alternative… would be a sacrilege to use my current very old monitor as anything but a second screen on my brand-new PC! See? Logic ;p

  210. Jagd Seelen
    Jagd Seelen 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ can you comfirm or deny a E3 Expo release(June 10-12)?

  211. Sean Torres (@SeanPa

    i ended up going QNIX QX2710 Evolution II to hold me over

  212. Dre
    Dre 2 years ago .Reply

    Are we there yet?

  213. Coach
    Coach 2 years ago .Reply

    My name's Coach. I don't like idling here anymore than you do, but if we have to wait, we might as well wait togetha!


  214. Elle McPherson'
    Elle McPherson' 2 years ago .Reply

    Lol at the tards threatening to buy another display because they are tired of waiting. I have purchased FOUR displays since waiting for the Rog Swift lmao.

    Seiki 39" 4k, bought and returned because I could not stand the 30hz limitation.

    Samsung U28D590, bought and returned because the TN panel sucked balls & its AG coating was way to extreme.

    Dell UP2414Q, bought and returned because 24" is too small to properly enjoy 4K.

    LG 34UM95, bought and keeping because its EPIC. Beautiful, beautiful display, but its 60hz holds it back for gaming, so I am still waiting on the Rog Swift for my gaming rig.

  215. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Sean Torres : Maybe this is what they want. You will buy their non-gsync monitor, then when you will she this one at my home, you will be so amazed that you will still buy it… lol

  216. Sean Torres (@SeanPa

    me non retard but still i am feeling bizarro waiting this long…but as you say it is a wonderful new piece of tech…any lurkers have feedback on 24inch screens running gsync to share? i am thiiiis close to buying the non gsync version of this monitor

  217. BarbacoaUSA
    BarbacoaUSA 2 years ago .Reply

    Not 100% true. Many enthusiasts use headphones to play games. In that case, speakers are not that important – especially when using Word, Quicken, etc. Many of us will use this monitor for non-gaming stuff too.

  218. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for your feedback. Ultimately the while they are not exclusive Cinematic aspect ratio does have a number of considerations regarding usability and support in titles. As such it makes more sense to focus on a resolution that has more immediate usability / functionality and ultimately support in current games. With that noted we will continue to collect feedback from the community on our ultra wide screens series of monitors like the MX.

  219. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We will release more information soon. Stay tuned.

  220. Elle MacPherson&#039

    JJ can you guys lean on Nvidia & AMD to start releasing GPUS with multiple display port outs again?

    I don't know why they stopped making gpus with more than one displayport but its really annoying as I would love to run three ROG Swifts and do not want to have to buy THREE Nvidia GPUS to do it.

    Ideally, I would like an Nvidia GPU with at least two display port outs so I can do Crossfire with just two cards. Two card setups are my limit, so I will only be buying one Swift unless something changes on the GPU side of things.

    You guys have the clout, can you please lobby them to bring back multi DP GPUS?!?!?!?!?!

  221. chris688
    chris688 2 years ago .Reply

    Many products announced at CES don't have a release date (or even a release window) as it is a place for companies to show off new tech that they are working on. True, sometimes they show off something that is about to be released, but not always.

    I'd rather they take some extra time and get it right, than rush it out the door with problems. There is currently no consumer display tech that has this kind of refresh/response time at a resolution over 1080p, so it's not like you can run out and buy a competitor's product instead.

    A few months using an older monitor is not going to ruin your life.

  222. Tim
    Tim 2 years ago .Reply

    I won't be upgrading to this monitor at least anytime soon. Not saying anything bad about this monitor. I would have bought this but they waited to long to release. I have been waiting for months to purchase this and just couldn't wait anymore. I purchased 3 BenQ XL2720Z. absolutely love them. have them mounted on Obutto r3volution gaming cockpit. Sorry I was waiting to purchase these ASUS I love your products but I had a new rig just completed it 2 months ago including the cockpit. I was wanting the 3 27in monitors but just couldn't wait anymore. Just so you know most of my stuff in the computer is ASUS. I purchased 3 ASUS GTX780 for these monitors. so I could use the GSYNC. It doesn't matter I have a great setup with everything I purchased and this system should last a very long time

  223. Sean Torres (@SeanPa

    wait it has been officially delayed when did i miss that…ugh i have my heart set on this…

    asus whatsup with like a 25 dollar discount for those who have been waaaaaaaiiiiting like seriously…i am a feb guy as well spent all this coin on a rig but lack the proper monitor cause of this…

  224. Rohaus
    Rohaus 2 years ago .Reply

    To the guys that state if this ROG monitor does not come out soon, you will be purchasing a different monitor instead… I see a lot of those posts mention a Non gaming monitor as a monitor they might purchase. Look, if you aren't waiting for the greatest monitor of all time, the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q, STFU and GTFO! I am sure that neither I nor anyone else here, that is patiently waiting for the ROG Swift beauty, could care less about some NON gaming IPS POS. Again, just to reiterate, if you are eye balling a NON gaming monitor for your gaming needs you are a F'ing noob and need to STFU! Don't post sh!t about craptastic monitors that no serious gamer gives a sh!t about. And oh yeah, if you are on the fence about this Swift ROG monitor, you too should be branded a F'ing noob and you also need to STFU and GTFO.

  225. Pahani
    Pahani 2 years ago .Reply

    There's actually a confluence of technologies coming in May and June….Swiftech H220X, Devil's Canyon CPUs, high-end ROG Z97 boards, and the 6GB GTX 780! I'll have all in my system that I've been slowly collecting parts for the last 6 months for…would be the perfect time to finally roll out this monitor!

    If it doesn't come out by the end of June, my eye has been drawn to the new 34um95 LG monitor…'s just plain sexy! Despite the addt'l cost over even the SWIFT, I might have to grab that one at that time….

  226. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    I was hopeful to have this monitor before Watchdogs releases later this month.

  227. Obongo
    Obongo 2 years ago .Reply

    G-sync will "really" help in the range 30-144, not 30-60… thats the point of it bro.

    As long as ur fps is above 30 – tearing, stutters and most of the lag is removed permanently.

    And if u want to use that ulmb… u cant use g-sync. There is no way to combine these two. We will have to live with blurring till OLED is mainstream.

  228. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply

    Yo what's up everybody, firstime poster here……coming from a 4k display I can say with all honesty im waiting for this display. Now dont get me wrong 4k is awesome but im a gamer first and I learned that the hard way by spending over 2k on a 4k display lol but its cool you live and learn right. Also it wasnt that I was oblivious about this monitor ive read about it but I was fixated on getting 4k and then once getting my dirty mittens on it my gaming experience, as pretty as it was, was not what I expected too much tearing on all my FPS games, it performed better on strategy games like Rome 2 & CoH 2 but it wasnt perfect it still had it slight issues in terms of performance but it all looked splendid and thats with me running 780s in SLI on a X79 3930k system…….so due to my experience its more logical to get this display and so ends my long ass 2 cents.


  229. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply


    The speakers would be necessary only at certain times but as you well said, is a bulky monitor. If we need more space external speakers, and more wires… The cost of including some small speakers would be minimal and would be of great benefit in some cases


  230. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, BarbacoaUSA

    What do you opininon the PB287Q 4K?

    Looks very interesting for games, is more complete than Swift…The only drawback I see is that it is 60Hz and the need for a great graphic potential, otherwise it is perfect.


  231. Tycho
    Tycho 2 years ago .Reply

    I agree that the waiting is getting old, but I want them to get this right. There really is no other monitor out there to take it's place at the moment so all we can do is wait.

    There are really three main crowds waiting for this:

    -those with decent computers to run games at 1440p in the range where g-sync will really help 30-60fps.

    -those with beastly computers looking to take advantage of the ulmb mode at 120fps+ for basically zero motion blur at 1440p

    -those just looking for a good 1440p gaming monitor

    None of the above are available anywhere else unless you want to spend 5 figures on a crazy military/medical display. Maybe another company has one in the works, if they come out first surely they will steal a lot of our business from ASUS, in the mean time we have no choice but to wait because ASUS is the only one vocal about it's plans. It sucks it's delayed but I'm glad they announced it rather than keeping it under wraps.

    …and speakers? REALLY? Why in the world would you want speakers on a high end display? 99% of us wouldn't use them and it would just make the monitor bulkier, and more expensive. Enough of that crazy talk.

  232. Geforcepat
    Geforcepat 2 years ago .Reply

    Will everybody stop whining about the release'll be here sometime this summer.and im glad they showed it to us in January it gives us something to look forward to.and jj please by all means keep updating us whether its big news or not.

  233. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply


    I think we all thought the same way…

    The guys at asus should accelerate the process, or possibly many of these monitors will collect dust in a warehouse

    I still think that without speakers and a DisplayPort only connection loses much attraction.

    I wish to have Swift to accompany my Maximus VI Formula, Matrix R9 280X, GX1000 Mouse,and R.O.G Front Base, but unfortunately I'll have to find another option.

    Lucky for all

  234. Sean Torres (@SeanPa

    Please Asus won't you just give us a date. Well another way of looking at it is if I spend this much coin the dang thing better work.

    I detest the lack of inputs but this I believe is a dilemma of GSYNC and nothing can be done. (Though sheesh not even one alternative input??) Time will tell if the wait is worth it. For now I game in 1080p at 60hz I have waited this long…what's another month…

  235. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply


    This type of monitor is for the few, I think we've waited a long time… Personally I will not wait any longer, this week buy any other model.

    I have waited since Christmas, it's over.

    They have made ​​a big mistake by not incorporating speakers, also a unique connection dp is not enough.

    Can not be promoting a product six months…

    A greeting to all

  236. jason
    jason 2 years ago .Reply

    so how much longer are we looking at for this monitor?? In need of a monitor and i've waited waaaaaay too long….. pulling the trigger here soon.

  237. CntryClub
    CntryClub 2 years ago .Reply

    There are two videos on YouTube claiming a March & April release. When will we be able to understand a true release date for this product? I was told early Q3 is the latest. It would be nice to have something realistic so we can plan for the future, instead of being "strung along".

  238. bizzare
    bizzare 2 years ago .Reply

    oh my god… please ban this guy…

  239. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    You are all F*CKED DIPSHIT!

    They will go GLOSSY!

    So how about that you stupid F*CKS!!

  240. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Understand but as of now there is no monitor avaible with the specifications of what the SWIFT will offer. Additionally our goal with it being the first ROG monitor is to ensure it meets the expectations set by our enthusiast community.

    As for the CMOS battery yes it was considered but overall it is a minor concern as the battery lifespan is quite long. Unless an out of the norm failure were to occur the battery should last in the range of 3 to 5 years.

  241. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    I fully understand where you are coming from personally running PA Series monitors for my gaming systems at home as I do not directly need ( but can appreciate ) high refresh and ultra low response times. In this respect panel performance will be below that of the best IPS but we have done our best to produce the best TN panel possible. 1st and foremost by being a native 8 bit panel with some calibration. They are challenges through such as the new controller ( in the form of the G-SYNC FPA ) which can make color calibration a more complex process. As to the specifics we are not ready to release this information yet but stay tuned. As we get closer to the formal launch we will release this information and more.

  242. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. In relation to your question you should check out the FAQ on the write up for the SWIFT. To quickly answer it though the SWIFT will support 3D VISION it will actually support 2560 3D VISION which will be a first! It will require you to have the 3D VISION kit though including the emitter.

  243. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks appreciate the kudos and appreciate the feedback.

  244. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey great to hear back from you I will ping you.

  245. BarbacoaUSA
    BarbacoaUSA 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks JJ for keeping us up to date and answering our questions here. I'm really looking forward to this monitor and love all the features, but I have a simple question.

    Any chance there will be speakers in the monitor? I use headphones for my gaming, but when I'm just doing non-gaming stuff, I like to avoid having speakers sitting on my desk. It would be great if a couple of simple speakers were built into this baby. Any chance?

  246. Samhain
    Samhain 2 years ago .Reply

    Can we please get a release date and/or pre-order date? I have been waiting for GSync since Nov 2013. Now the new LG 34" 21:9 is out on Newegg and that is going to be mighty tempting for many folks…including me, but I am going to try and hold off for the Swift. :)

  247. Chris F
    Chris F 2 years ago .Reply

    Just looking for an update on the weight. Need to buy a Desk Mount ARM mount, and want it to be compatible with this monitor.

  248. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah go GLOSSY or GTFO!!

  249. Michael
    Michael 2 years ago .Reply

    "Stay tuned for more information" same sentence for 3 months…. JJ 3 weeks ago You told as that You are working on some up to date post for us. Where is it ? Don't get me wrong. You're answering to a lot of repetitive, stupid questions because there is no solid info of what is happening right now. Cheers.

  250. Arnold
    Arnold 2 years ago .Reply

    Wow, this monitor still isn't for sale? Haha That's rediculous! Asus released it about 4 months ago now. Same as for the Matrix cards. Its bizar how long you guys let your customers wait.

    Well done Asus, well done…

  251. Wyatt
    Wyatt 2 years ago .Reply

    I'm want a glossy panel with glass!

    I Look forward to pre-ordering this monitor!

  252. Jon
    Jon 2 years ago .Reply


    Can you explain how you would connect 3 of these to the 780. Will I need 3gpus to run the monitors?

  253. Derick
    Derick 2 years ago .Reply

    I'm not happy about the display port only. At the moment I have a Benq XL2720Z, on DP it is hopeless, at 'puter start up there is no image until Windows starts, if if Windows doesn't start correctly you don't know, as its a blank screen. If the PG278Q is the same, it will be a massive no,no, you would need 2 monitors, the other on DVI

  254. boniek
    boniek 2 years ago .Reply

    Actually ulmb works at from 85Hz which should make flicker not visible (I have not tested it personally). Flicker is needed as long as we have "low" refresh rates to eliminate persistence blur and amoleds don't change that – amoleds will still have to flicker to give low persistence mode unless they will have hundreds of Hz which considering GPU power required to run that kind of framerates is kind of pointless. If you don't like features of this monitor then simply don't buy it. There is no one monitor that can satisfy everyone. Considering my requirements it is pretty awesome piece of technology and unique one on the market at this time.

  255. Alamar
    Alamar 2 years ago .Reply

    I'm currently using very good old flatron crt monitor, I saw Eizo foris ips (pls actually) monitor and its black was unacceptable for me, black always looked (in complete dark room as I'm used to use especially for dark games) like there was big light reflecting on screen, so I guess with this tn it will be the same (but good that it finally don't have dithering). Eizo va on other hand still doesn't have enough good response and input lag so I can only count my old monitor will be working good as there is still (so many years has passed) no option for me. CRT monitor productuon shouldn't been withdrawed I think.

    One question, how good resolution scaling will be on this monitor and what other monitor sizes/resolutions will be offered?

  256. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    So you are waiting for DP 1.3 to release the monitor ?

  257. Jon
    Jon 2 years ago .Reply

    For an application like Iracing, or any other simulator, would I need 3 graphic cards to link 3 of these Asus monitors? I understand that to get the full resolution of these you would use the display port connection, but if these monitors only have one input and the 780ti only has one output I'm assuming you will need 3 780s?

  258. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply


    I was hoping to buy this monitor in March, but not worth waiting more, in the market there are other interesting options.

    J J, you did not think about the problem of the cmos battery on asus maximus vi formula?


  259. boniek
    boniek 2 years ago .Reply

    This Asus monitor is simply unique in its features: gsync+1440p@120Hz+low persistence mode. This LG is nice but the only unique thing about it is resolution. Not good enough for games.

  260. Tycho
    Tycho 2 years ago .Reply

    Further to schulmaster's point, this does 120Hz+ with a strobing (ulmb) mode that will give great motion clarity to those who have the computers to push high frame rates at 1440p. The monitor you suggest really isn't going after the same market, nor will it likely interest anybody waiting for this one.

  261. mscsniperx
    mscsniperx 2 years ago .Reply


    I currently own several Wide Gamut monitors I use for gaming.. the HPzr30, and the NEC PA271W. I look forward to getting ROG Swift, but it will be hard for me to give up the vibrant wide gamut colors! Is there any info of what % of AdobeRGB color space ROG will have?'

    The SRGB gamut just looks bland compared to my Wide gamut in games like BF4

  262. Rhialto
    Rhialto 2 years ago .Reply

    This looks to be an excellent monitor!

    I'm a true fan of 3D, I play all my games in 3D and love to watch 3D movies. In fact I no longer go watch 2D movies at theatre, when I have the chance to go, I choose a movie in 3D. BTW, I would much prefer a matte finish. Just think of movie theatres ceilings, they are always paint matte black. You would hate if it was gloss.

    I apologize for not reading all the questions/comments, there are too many but I wanted to know, will this monitor have a built in IR emitter for the 3D Vision? I would hate having to use my external IR emitter again with an ugly USB cable.

    Finally a USB3 hub! Nice! G-Sync too? I heard it really makes a difference, can't wait to test!

  263. sten
    sten 2 years ago .Reply

    Useless Comment… No G-Sync no 144hz slow IPS Panel not a Gaming Monitor!

  264. Pahani
    Pahani 2 years ago .Reply

    I just wanted to thank you for all the time you've devoted to responses here, JJ. It's much more than some companies give, in terms of community outreach!

    And the AG polarizer will actually be a benefit to me, personally. I am NOT an average user, though…..I have to game with lights on, as I'm simply not a touch typist LOL. I know, strange in this age, but touch typing is just not in my skillset. And no, the keyboard backlighting isn't enough for me.

  265. Steven
    Steven 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, Steven here from Intel Lanfest sacramento. I've tried emailing you a couple of times but haven't heard back 😀

  266. Wyatt
    Wyatt 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, will the ROG Swift PG278Q give the user the ability to change the monitor to an sRGB mode?

    Also, with the PG278Q only using a DP 1.2 connector for video input, will this help with reduction of input lag because the monitor omits circuitry for other display connectors?

    Last question. I know many others have called the panel used for the PG278Q a TN panel but given that it had to be specifically designed and sourced for this monitor would there be a more specific name given to the type of panel used rather than just "TN"?

  267. dzajroo
    dzajroo 2 years ago .Reply

    I've been looking into this monitor ever since it was first shown (with Q2 possible release date) and cannot wait to be released.

    But let's be realistic here, Q2 was announced in early development stage, additionally it looks like this thing is still in "development" stage there is no way they will be able to ship this monitor earlier than Q4.

    To be honest there is nothing out there in this segment (27" 1440p 120hz gaming monitor) and considering I have been waiting for a couple of years now ,with G-sync or without G-sync I don't care it's about damn time for someone to release one of these.

    At this stage there is really only Asus or BenQ, not counting cheap Korean panels as they pretty bad gaming wise and Samsung stopped doing theirs 120hz panels so let see who will be first and gets my money as I'm sick and tired of waiting…..

  268. Jaime
    Jaime 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ. What will the refresh rate be while using 3D vision at 1440? Do you have any other details regarding this feature?

  269. Noxide
    Noxide 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, JJ I am very eagerly awaiting this monitor, I just wondered the price is estimated to be around $799 but do you know how much it will cost in the UK? $799 is £476, knowing prices over here I am guessing its going to be £600 / $1000, do you have any info on this? as im sure the retailer will get this monitor first. cheers

  270. schulmaster
    schulmaster 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the support, Ben.

    @JJ: As for my statements, they were not proposed as having been made, but hypothetical statements edifying my introduction. Often, bad news given is more copacetic than good news hidden.

    It would be less grueling to the community to be given a release date outside of the original window than to be given nothing; that was my point/opinion.

  271. schulmaster
    schulmaster 2 years ago .Reply

    I may be alone here, but I feel that more frequent updates and less expediency would be a less frustrating PR approach;ie "We are currently focus grouping this element of the monitor's design", or "This is what is currently causing a delay"

    I would be much more comfortable with an announced August 15th ship date, than a 'no comment' string along, followed by a "We're shipping tomorrow" on May 31st.

  272. LB
    LB 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, you may be aware of the great interest in recent BenQ monitors which allowed third party utilities to customise the strobing backlight (see for details).

    In particular, this allows users to unlock strobing down to low refresh rates (60Hz) which is great for supporting classic games that are locked to those framerates. I personally would currently choose a BenQ monitor just for this facility (though the Swift looks better in all other ways!)

    Can you comment on whether the ROG Swift will similarly allow experts to use the full potential of the strobing backlight?

  273. Kronvict
    Kronvict 2 years ago .Reply

    I think it's past your bedtime.

  274. chris688
    chris688 2 years ago .Reply

    Really looking forward to this monitor. Add me to the people who don't mind a subtle matte screen as I find glossy monitors to be really annoying for reflections (especially in my home office). I plan on keeping my IPS monitor for good colors and running a dual monitor setup once I get my hands on the Swift anyway.

  275. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    NO NO NOOO for matte, you must go GLOSSY!

    On every forum I hang around everyone says the same and who sits and play in a sunny F*CKN room annyway!

    So to you all matte freaks over here, GO F*CK YOURSELF!

    I can safely garantee that Asus will sell a hell of a lot less monitors if they are crazy enough going matte!

    I have the VG278H and that monitor sucks in every way as picture quality are concerned. The crappy quoting destroys the picture, it looks like sh*t!

    I will never buy a matte screen again no matter how good it will be otherwise, simple as that!

  276. Anon
    Anon 2 years ago .Reply

    Just wanted to give a big thanks to JJ (or the people behind?)! Super great job of answering all the annoying questions! :) Can't wait for this monitor to be out!

    Also big supporter of 21:9 monitors. Got a 2.35:1 screen for my projector and it is awesome!

  277. Ben
    Ben 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, I've been waiting to buy this monitor over all other monitors. I saw that the release date is either May or June. My question to you is, can we get a solid release date now that its only a month or so away? I want to financially plan for buying these. You have mentioned an update very soon, but can you give us a solid date for when you will update us at least? It would be much appreciated by all of us.

  278. Obama
    Obama 2 years ago .Reply

    I really would like a cinematic 64:27 monitor with these specs, but i know that isnt happening this century. Gsync is a must so cant wait for this monitor anyway.

    Also – so much needy, borderline literate children screaming what they want from this monitor… wow, ur parents wont give you 800$ anyway; calm down.

  279. Tycho
    Tycho 2 years ago .Reply

    Clearly both glossy and matte have their advantages, and I for one would like something in the middle to glossy range as I have fairly good light control in my room. Everyone's situation is different though and insulting others over theirs is pointless, and a little childish.

    This is obviously a product many of us are excited about and want to be perfect (this could be the first real advance for displays gaming since CRTs)Let's tell ASUS what we want sure, but keep it civil. yeah?

  280. Tiago Bettencourt
    Tiago Bettencourt 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ You have made my day! These are awesome news!! When will you have more information about this??

  281. kyra
    kyra 2 years ago .Reply

    Is it possible to use this monitor with hdmi/displayport adapter? Any downsides?

  282. 4k
    4k 2 years ago .Reply

    alot of my friends prefer 4k so we hope asus make one like this monitor but in 4k res. withn the 120 hz .

  283. boniek
    boniek 2 years ago .Reply

    My money is ready, just release it already :) Will it be released in Europe at the same time as in US?

  284. paulweisjr
    paulweisjr 2 years ago .Reply

    I have a feeling that people like you cannot afford this monitor anyways so please stay off of this site. Thanks.

  285. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Dude, i have both.I have a glossy screen and a matte screen. In total darkness, glossy is great, but in day time, i prefer matte. You should be banned for calling idiots people that prefer matte and yes, i know what im talking about. Im sure i know more about tech/puter than you know.

  286. Epicwarding
    Epicwarding 2 years ago .Reply

    Personally – i Want a Gaming Monitor, this is Branded Gaming monitor – when i game – last thing i want – is to see my own face in Glossy Reflection – People who Want Glossy for Good colours – should buy a monitor with good colours + nice glossy

    This is supposed to be Gaming monitor, meant for gaming , for people who play games . Do i want to see My Face from every black shadow while playing? no thanks –

  287. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply


    Go glossy as for those idiots crying matte dont know WTF they are talking about.

    Once you have seen a glossy panel notjing else will do, so please litening Asus as we are way more that want glossy!

  288. Lou (@louradical_lou

    The word soon is getting me excited, Soon can't come soon enough!

  289. BT
    BT 2 years ago .Reply

    This screen is going to sell out day one. A 60Hz 4K IPS is great but it doesn't really do gaming justice. Speed, ULMB, and G-SYNC matter a lot! This will look great next to my PB278Q as a gaming only screen.

  290. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    i prefer matte. All you see with a glossy, especially during day time, is your own reflection on the screen.

  291. Samhain
    Samhain 2 years ago .Reply

    Matte would be fine if they allowed it to be removable (no harsh glue).

  292. Sten
    Sten 2 years ago .Reply

    Agree when you ever see glossy vs matte in real you never go back to matte!

    And check glossy vs matte on Sunny day gloss mirroring its true but on matte you dont see anything good

  293. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    F*ck yeah we ELETISTS wont have any crappy blurry SH*TTY matte sandpaper monitor. It's GLOSSY or GTFO!!

    Thats the somple truth and many of my so called ELETISTS friends says the same, if they go matte then we wont pay a F*CK dime. GLOSSY all the way or GTFO!!

  294. Jose
    Jose 2 years ago .Reply

    I've read all the post, thanks for the info JJ. but I have two totally different Questions.

    1. Will there be a more affordable Non Gsync version of this monitor with the same refresh rate capabilities in the future?

    2. Will there be a 8 Bit 1080p premium panel successor to the vg248qe with Gsync?


  295. L
    L 2 years ago .Reply

    +1 for the matte/ag polarizer all the way. I can't stand a single glare on my screen and this matte I have at the moment have gave me none glares. I also play at days not just at nights.

    Im tired for reading these whiners comments that JJ has to go through. Everyone wants the same answer. You could just read through the other comments before posting your own. JJ might have something else to do also than try to make you happy.

    People that whine about the price you don't obviously understand where the price comes from. It's completely justified.

    Also if you really try to compare this monitor to some 4k monitor or the benq one you really should go with one of them if you can't appreciate the technology this monitor has. Yet there is no other to compete with this one. And I for one are waiting this beauty to release.

    Thank you JJ for these updates. Ofc I was little dissapointed that you had to put the release date later but as you have stated many times already from the beggining that none of the release dates are yet set in stone. Just make it as good as possible and take your time. Keep up the good work!

  296. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    I am simply ready for the monitor to release. JJ use the force and make it happen :)

  297. dahui0401
    dahui0401 2 years ago .Reply

    Absolutely. JJ is just a representative of Asus as a whole. As with any corporation, things change, and there's nothing that anyone can do about that. He can only deliver the information he has at any given time.

    To those complaining about the AG Polarizer/Glossy nonsense and stamping their feet, saying they won't buy the monitor, I say this: Fine, don't buy it. Asus is still going to ship lots of these monitors to those of us who don't care, and are not elitists. One or two lost sales is not going to hurt the success of any given product.

  298. Nate
    Nate 2 years ago .Reply


    Can you confirm 100% this won't do 1440p 3d?

    I would buy it if it does.

  299. dill
    dill 2 years ago .Reply

    Even though a glossy one would be my first choice, I'm still going to buy it :) Thx JJ for all the nice information. But now it's about time you take my money!

  300. George
    George 2 years ago .Reply

    I am shocked at the sense of entitlement here and all the complaining. If you do not like it/want it do not buy it.. simple as that. If you want a "glossy" screen make a suggesstion or a request. do not bash them for doing what they believe will be an amazing product. I am shocked they actually let those posts go through… For me I am still waiting for the release to buy this amazing looking monitor.

  301. Anthony (@jinroh10)

    Will ROG Swife monitor be able to run at 144hz?

  302. gib
    gib 2 years ago .Reply

    No glossy pls

  303. Andrew Henschen (@Da

    Please lower the price to around $700 or $650. Samsung just released a very tempting 4K monitor for $600. $800 is a little to high. I realize that it is a lot of new technology incorporated into one display, but please.

  304. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply

    Good Afternoon JJ, i have a question about the ROG Swift monitor….is it capable of doing 144hz and if not why?

  305. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply


  306. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    "Yeah, this will be my choice, Matt is fine with me (it will not reflect any light in the room) which is what a pro gamer is looking for."

    "Pro-gamers" as you say, i.e. people who are paid real money to play competitively with sponsorships etc. are the sort of people that will certainly have taken the time and effort to secure their playrooms from any unwanted ambient light, the exact same is to be said of the enthusiasts (which you have, quite typically, misconstrued with the contextually asinine label of "pro-gamer").

    "Pro-gamers", like enthusiasts believe in "NO COMPROMISE", they will bend they're surroundings, wallets and even lifestyles to suit their gaming needs. To be more clear: wanting a matte screen and not wanting to control the light in your room IS COMPROMISE.

    How can you proclaim "Yeah, this will be MY choice" and that "Matt (matte) is fine with ME" and then equate that flippantly with the wants and needs of "pro-gamers" as if your opinion is some kind of umbrella. Please do not speak for "pro-gamers" and enthusiasts because you are not one.

  307. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    But your wife appreciates a gaming computer in the dining room?

  308. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    Nah, matte lovers can wait. This thing needs to shine (no pun intended) at launch, you can't wow people with 8-bit color depth at 2560×1440 when it's gimped by a hazy, murky sheet laid over it, no way in hell (not "heck"). Go buy a black out curtain before wanting the powers that be to subject the quality discerning enthusiast crowd (for which this monitor exists for) to the needs of the compromising lowest common denominators such as yourself. Asus will simply hinder this displays true potential if it takes any credence from opinions like yours. Go paint over some masterpiece art with sand incrusted lacquer to satisfy your desire for an AG matte coat, but for the love of the gods stay away from this monitor.

    Good day.

  309. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    I replied to "JJ" with my post written below some weeks ago which has been conveniently ignored, so I felt it appropriate to take advantage of your like-wise post and further re-iterate with the compelling urge to rub their corporate faces into it.

    I observed:-


    "You say this:

    “It will be in line with what we have implemented on previous VG series monitors.”

    And yet you have said this:

    “Overall we have taken into consideration some users who are bothered by the AG polarizer and feel we have a balance that does not reduce clarity or add hatching but overall provides the benefits of AG while maintaining clarity.”

    And this:

    “In the end we are tyring to find a good balance for the current implementation of the AG Polarizer ”

    Your contradicting yourself here.

    So which one is it?

    How can your engineers be hard at work tweaking the AG to “satisfactory” levels only to come to the conclusion that they “will be in line with what we have implemented on previous VG series monitors”? That doesn’t making any sense, and is, quite frankly, unacceptable."

    This product is becoming less interesting with every piece of reality that unfolds.

  310. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    So are you going to reply or remain called-out? Because right now somethings rotten in the state of Denmark.

  311. xxapachekingman
    xxapachekingman 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey, JJ I know you're not allowed to comment about products that are in development/havent been announced yet, however with display port 1.3 coming do you think it would be possible to announce a 4K version of this monitor by CES 2015, or is scaler technology not advanced enough to be able to achieve something like that?

  312. Chris F
    Chris F 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello, I am going to ask this question again since for some reason it failed to pass moderation. Does this monitor use standard VESA 100mm x 100mm(or the 75mm/75mm) Mounting?

    Looking at a picture of the rear of the monitor on the stand (from the pics included in this post) it looks to have a 30 Degree angle or so which I don't think would match your average VESA standard. Or is there some sort of piece that comes off to allow a flush mount? It looks like it may be removeable.

    I ask since I will be mounting on a desk mount arm. Please don't dismiss this question in moderation again.

  313. Goos
    Goos 2 years ago .Reply

    I have a GTX 680M, so I have a gaming laptop. When they say G-Sync works with GTX GPUs, does that include GTX M GPUs?

  314. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    I said it befor and say it again, I will NOT buy if it will have the same shitty AG polarizer.

    No way I cant stand the grainy look so then I will wait for BenQ insteed!

  315. Chris F
    Chris F 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ, Can you tell me of the weight of this monitor without the stand, and also if it is standard VESA 100mmx100mm. Estimates are fine for the weight. Thanks.

  316. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ so you guys decided that you guys aren't going to go with the less aggressive polarizer and incorporate the same kind we have on the VG248QE ? Because a few weeks ago on here you said – "As of now our focus will be most likely trying to tune the current AG Polarizer to slightly less aggressive to have a closer to gloss appearance but while trying to maintain benefits of the matte / more aggressive AG Polarizer.”

  317. Sean Torres (@SeanPa

    thanks for heads up on the mid to late q2 range sir

  318. david
    david 2 years ago .Reply

    I like the gloss for it's colour, vibrancy, and sharpness but my computer is in a very brightly lit room with large windows which would make gloss a no no due to reflections.

    So a half way house would be a semi gloss But it would still not work in my environment I would still get reflections.

    So my choice would have to be Matte. Got to keep my wife happy don't think she would appreciate her dinning room in total darkness 24/7

    So a matte it has to be, but not out of personal choice the environment is making that choice for me. Just wish we had another room but we don't.

    Keep up the good work JJ and keep us all informed on the progression of the Rog Swift.


  319. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thank you for your feedback. We are actively collecting feedback from the display community as a whole and our current users. At this time though the monitor will maintain a AG Polarizer implementation not a "glossy" implementation.

  320. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Our current release projection is mid to late Q2. Stay tuned for more information.

  321. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Appreciate the feedback. As always it is appreciated. At this time the SWIFT is utilizing an AG Polarizer like our current VG monitors. As such you can overall disregard any concerns you may have reflections.

  322. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for your feedback! As always it is appreciated.

  323. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    At this time we do not have a specific release date. Stay tuned for more information soon.

  324. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    In my personal opinion yes it is improvement compared to previous TN ( with a noticeable improvement in color accuracy and saturation ). IPS is still clearly ahead in black level reproduction as well as overall color accuracy but it is a solid panel in regards to performance. This is just intial impressions though. More hands on feedback and impressions will need to wait until we have a near MP or MP product ( mass production ). Stay tuned!

  325. B
    B 2 years ago .Reply

    If u can delay u can incorporate gloss??

  326. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We are continuing to collect feedback on considerations for "Glossy" monitors. At this time though we are still in the information collection stage. As such our focus on is on continuing with the production of the panel and overall implementation already defined.

  327. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Timeline is still currently mid to late Q2. At this time cannot provide a more concrete time frame. As previously noted we are in the last stages of design and development and want to ensure when we bring this monitor out it is as good as it can be. Stay tuned for more information.

  328. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Time frame is still targeted at mid to late Q2. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to the release.

  329. Now Please
    Now Please 2 years ago .Reply

    I WANT THIS NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  330. Nick
    Nick 2 years ago .Reply

    Im patiently waiting this release…we finally got the front base and i have picked up 3 titan blacks and i want to 3 pg278q monitor setup i may have to pickup the vg248qe in the meantime. Any chance this monitor will release by may?

  331. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    I would also prefer glossy.

  332. Chris W.
    Chris W. 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah, this will be my choice, Matt is fine with me (it will not reflect any light in the room) which is what a pro gamer is looking for. Will it possible to provide approximate launch date ?

  333. Edmond
    Edmond 2 years ago .Reply

    Hardcore fps player here… im totally fine with matte. Or the semi matte.

    As long as it is not gloss – seeing your reflection and every light-source in the room when playing is a no-go.

  334. Link J.
    Link J. 2 years ago .Reply

    Just don't make it too glossy. Screen refection glare of my face, ceiling fan, or window = no bueno!

  335. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    "Thanks for your feedback. We are collecting feedback from all our users including those that appreciate matte displays. As of now our focus will be most likely trying to tune the current AG Polarizer to slightly less aggressive to have a closer to gloss appearance but while trying to maintain benefits of the matte / more aggressive AG Polarizer." Will this impact the targeted release at all?

  336. B
    B 2 years ago .Reply

    I wore I wait the less I want it for 800 bucks I can by two sexy glossy monitors 1440p plsips…..I'll buy the first Glossy 1440p4k gsync monitor I'm not a fanboy not putting that ugly thing on my desk next to my sexy glossy monitors….u want my money go glossy

  337. JOHN
    JOHN 2 years ago .Reply

    When will this be released? It already April.

  338. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey all!

    First time poster here and I would also agree that a glossy screen would be first day purshase for me.

    I have the Vg278H but I really hate the grainy sandpaper look so please make it glossy as thats what I think most people want.

    If not I will not buy this monitor, cant stand the grainy sand look.

  339. Andrew Henschen (@Da

    I'm really excited for the monitor, please tell me it will be arriving within two months. :)

  340. Matthew
    Matthew 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, how does the TN panel look to everyone at ASUS? Is it comparable to a higher-end IPS? I don't care at all about viewing angles, but I'm intrigued that the TN is bumped from 6 to 8-bit. Is the difference noticeable?

  341. sten
    sten 2 years ago .Reply

    Why no 2 Versions of this Monitor? Glossy and Non Glossy.

  342. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    The AG polirazer on the VG series and the BenQ XL series is way too aggressive. Gloss would be too specific to satisfy most consumers, and full AG polarizer would crush the monitor contrast ratio, colors and black depth. So let’s meet halfway: semi-gloss, or whatever they call it now.

  343. Derick
    Derick 2 years ago .Reply

    I just want it, like yesterday

  344. Jason
    Jason 2 years ago .Reply

    Crysto, what monitor are you using now?

  345. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    I prefer it with the AG Polarizer.

  346. david
    david 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry first time on here guys JJ can you quash any rumours of a late release date or is it true we could be looking at May or June?


  347. Crysto
    Crysto 2 years ago .Reply

    First time poster here, just came to agree with what seems to be the vast majority of comments – this will be a definite purchase of mine if offered as a glossy panel, if not I will stick with my 1440p@120hz gloss IPS screen until someone delivers. Also, I would have to disagree with those saying they would pay a price premium for a gloss version.

  348. garen
    garen 2 years ago .Reply

    I already waited enough for this one i think. Was expecting it in early april but im starting to have my doubts now since people are talking about delays and Q3. Going to see when XL2720G Benq is going to be out. asus or benq dont know, i guess its whoever can cough up their product first.

  349. paulweisjr
    paulweisjr 2 years ago .Reply

    I am reading that this has been delayed to Q3 due to stability issues attempting to run 1440p@144hz. Please tell me this isn't true.

  350. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    You say this:

    "It will be in line with what we have implemented on previous VG series monitors."

    And yet you have said this:

    "Overall we have taken into consideration some users who are bothered by the AG polarizer and feel we have a balance that does not reduce clarity or add hatching but overall provides the benefits of AG while maintaining clarity."

    And this:

    "In the end we are tyring to find a good balance for the current implementation of the AG Polarizer "

    Your contradicting yourself here.

    So which one is it?

    How can your engineers be hard at work tweaking the AG to "satisfactory" levels only to come to the conclusion that they "will be in line with what we have implemented on previous VG series monitors"? That doesn't making any sense, and is, quite frankly, unacceptable.

    I know, from the personal experience of owning VG series monitors with AG, and that it's implementation is poor at best. I am in the majority of that opinion.

  351. Stephen
    Stephen 2 years ago .Reply

    Well since my next build with have 3 video cards I will be taking 5 of these when I'm ready.

    I think 5 of them turned portrait will work just great for gaming as well as my cad work and my cnc software work.

    Looking forward

  352. @dahui0401
    @dahui0401 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, I had heard a rumor that this monitor may have possibly been delayed. Is that true? If so, it impacts my decision to upgrade components in my rig. Thanks!

  353. YYasin
    YYasin 2 years ago .Reply

    HEY, I have i7 4770k with AMDs 2x 290x crossfire. Playing currently only battlefield 4. Will the monitor be a waste of money since im using amd video cards? Really like the specs of the SWIFT and want to buy one in the Netherlands. But dont want to be disappointed.

  354. Alan LFC Dawson (@Al

    Thanks JJ, Will just sit tight and wait for a UK release date and most of all price!.

  355. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This is diffucult to say and varies per region and distribution. I cannot comment on what global roll out may be but overall it should align fairly close to roll out in the US.

  356. Alan LFC Dawson (@Al

    Currently using an old Acer 24" @1080p 60hz. Been looking at the Asus VG278HE for a while now so torn between that and this new PG278Q . Running an i7 4770k @ 4.3ghz and a 780Ti (getting another in the next few months to go Sli ) 2x780Ti's must be enough for a single PG278Q? Also I'm a FPS mainly gamer so response time over picture quality is a must!

  357. Tyler
    Tyler 2 years ago .Reply

    Do you think two 770s would handle this or would you recommend two 780s?

  358. Tyler
    Tyler 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I'm curious if this set up would be possible? Can you surround this pg278q with two pb278qs? Having the center monitor being the pg? Would g sync still work on the pg? The periphal monitors quality is not as important to me as the center one.

  359. Fanboy89
    Fanboy89 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello is the screen going to be available in the same time in every region (im from finland) around mid Q2 or is america going to be the first priority?

  360. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, If you guys are planning to to release this Monitor around the same time as the Matrix, have you guys considered offering preorders for this monitor through Newegg with the next month of so?

  361. Fat Jerry the unslim
    Fat Jerry the unslim 2 years ago .Reply

    What I dont understand is why not make a glossy panel and then sell an attachable ag filter for those who want that. Then both camps are satisfied and its so simple even a caveman can implement it!

    Thanks for your wotk JJ and I appreciate Asus for this gamer display…but sadly I am gonna pass on it as I have seen asus other AG offerings on other displays and did not like them.

  362. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We currently do not have any plans to release a quad CPU motherboard ( for the E7 V2 CPU ). As for SWIFT current release time frame is still targeted for early Q2 release. Lastly for the AC87U it is still under design and development. Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.

  363. Benjamin
    Benjamin 2 years ago .Reply

    Will the swift have a pass through for the display port, or will you need three separate graphics cards to run three of these monitors together? I have seen display port hubs out there that only support 5760 x1080 resolution, which if I'm correct they wont support these monitors. I would love to have three of these bad boys on my desk, and I just wanted to plan ahead accordingly.

  364. l8oss
    l8oss 2 years ago .Reply

    dont understand why people hate TN panels so much if you can afford this monitor you can afford a second 4k ips screen im sure

  365. Brian
    Brian 2 years ago .Reply

    Ugg please tell me that they are going full glossy on the ROG SWIFT. TN + AG is a no go for me. I just returned my Samsung U28D590 because the AG coating made that 4k panel look like it needed 4xAA at all times!

  366. Jacob Amos
    Jacob Amos 2 years ago .Reply

    I have some questions JJ since there isn't a release date for this awesome monitor yet. What is the word on the street about Haswell E and the New X99.if you are not allowed to comment that's cool.I was just wondering i if you guys have been testing out the new cpu's or if you've even received them yet.and what kind of features for he New rampage extreme or formula board.oh and I'm still waiting on your next set of videos for your diy channel

  367. Arnout
    Arnout 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, will the 780Ti Matrix and the Swift be released together in Q2? Or will the Matrix be here sooner?

    Besides that, any input about the beginning or the end of Q2 for the swift?

    It lookes like the last ROG products from Asus have some delay releasing it to the customers.

  368. JJ-JR
    JJ-JR 2 years ago .Reply

    It would be really cool to get a behind the behind the scene look at this monitor being developed/manufactured. Lots of kick starter companies have been giving their backers email updates what whats happening every few weeks; a good example is the Pebble. Is there anyway people that are very interested in this product could get these kind of updates? I know a lot of these guys (including me) would LOVE to see something like that!

  369. George
    George 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ, I'm looking to get 3 of these monitors to setup surround view. I currently have 2 gtx 780ti's in sli. Would it be needed to get a 3rd gpu to game in 3 x 1440p with good to high settings in games while achieving good fps

  370. blakedj
    blakedj 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes i think but the Image is allways better on native Resolution. And on the Swift 1080p is not the native Resolution.

  371. George
    George 2 years ago .Reply

    Im interested in getting 3 of these monitors for surround view. I currently have 2 GTX 780ti's. Would it be recommended to get a 3rd card to run 1440p settings ? Thank you

  372. B
    B 2 years ago .Reply

    I want it I'm gonna end up spending my money b4 it drops :(

  373. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    3D Vision currently only supports 1080 resolution. As for the overall image quality. The SWIFT will offer better quality than our current VG series monitors.

  374. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    As of right now we do not have a hard target date just the currently projected Q2 time frame. It is in the last stages of design and development and our goal is to release the best monitor possible for its intended audience. Stay tuned for more information.

  375. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for feedback Joe. You are correct in that our end goal is to meet the majority of our users wants and needs. I agree that the majority of our users who do use the current PB, PA and VG series which are feature a AG Polarizer are ok with it. I do agree though and respect we have users who prefer another type of display ( Glossy ). In the end we are tyring to find a good balance for the current implementation of the AG Polarizer as well as continue to see feedback from the community and our users and users as a whole on whether it might make sense to release a line of panels that specifically glossy for those users. Again thanks for your feedback.

  376. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Waiting on a definitive answer from our display team.

  377. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Still waiting on a more definitive answer from our display team as there will be some of the firmware which may need to be tweaked.

  378. blakedj
    blakedj 2 years ago .Reply

    This Monitor can 3D but not in native Resolution. Then is the image Quality with 3D on vg278h(e) better then this?

  379. Roberto
    Roberto 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, is this monitor already being manufactured or is it still being developed?( I am getting 3 ).

  380. HF
    HF 2 years ago .Reply

    Asus Nordic said June but I hope JJ could update us as well

  381. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Still no release date by the way? I really need that monitor!

  382. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply


    First, it's not me, its Tyler. I already have a sli of titan. Im good for now.

    Second, Tyler said : "I know im going to buy one of them im just not sure which one." So i was giving him my opinion on 4k and g-sync etc.

    He did not said he would like to wait, he was not sure about what to buy bettwen the swift or a 4k monitor.

    Of corse waiting will give you something better, but you can always wait more and more so i don't get the point. So read what Tyler said, and read what i said, i think my advice are not so bad. This was only my opinion anyway…

    a sli of 570 is not enought for 4k, unless you want to game at 25-30 fps or having to turn down a lot of graphic option. 1440p gaming will be better with a sli of 570, but will not support g-sync.

  383. joe
    joe 2 years ago .Reply

    wow all these so called enthusiast think they know what every one wants. I for one don't want a glossy screen. i don't play games in a cave and don't want any chance of reflection or glare. You guys need to understand that their goals and opinions are not yours. I'm they did everything they could to come out with a product that the majority of their market would enjoy. If your not in their majority this time maybe they will get you on their next item.

  384. Angelina Jolie
    Angelina Jolie 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ thank you very much for all your feedback, you have been patiently awesome!

    I do not know if my latest motion picture will bomb at the box office, so I have been hedging my measily royalties with cryptocoin mining….I swear I think I am addicted to buying R9 290xs more than water wells in Afrika! Anyway I have been tempted to sell my hashing slug Titan GTXs and replace them with more R9 290xs….but I am hesitant because I do not know if ULMB works with AMD cards!

    I don't care much for G-sync, because lower than max refresh rates is not a concern of mine since I own a factory full of R9 290xs…..ULMB is all I care about. Does ULMB work with AMD R9 290s?????

  385. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    in response to Tyler,

    I think the same thing that JJ says, 4K is an amazing resolution but need a lot of graphic power. I would not go 4K with a sli of 570 myself. Look for benchmark at 4K and you will see. Even if you upgrade your video cards, i would wait for a g-sync 4k monitor if you really want 4k. In 4k, you will dip below refresh rate (60hz) often.

    The swift would be a better choice in my opinion for a sli of 570. Sadly i thing g-sync wont works for 570, but if you update your video cards now, i would still buy the swift as there is no 4K g-sync monitor for now anyway. Sorry for my poor english, i speak french.

  386. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    lololol too funny!


  387. La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo
    La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo 2 years ago .Reply

    We come from a place where we have full control over the ambient lighting of the rooms we use our computers in, we also come from a place where a completely unhindered pixel clarity and color reproduction on expensive, high quality displays are an absolute must. That's where we come from. I guess you come from a more lower lying barbarian culture.

  388. Stan
    Stan 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there any plans for the implementation of G-Sycn into the PQ321Q? That would be an ideal candidate since it's an IZGO monitor that can achieve very low latency and at a perfect size of 32inches for 4K. Even at the price of $3000, the G-Sync module should be a drop in the bucket when you get the G-Sycn benefit and the ability to run at 4k 60hz w/o MST.

  389. Stephen
    Stephen 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, got a question for you. Will the new ULMB feature be available for use with both AMD and nVidia cards?

  390. Tyler
    Tyler 2 years ago .Reply

    I am greatly anticipating this monitor and/or the PB287Q. I know im going to buy one of them im just not sure which one. I would consider myself an enthusiast but generally use my rig for MMOs. The main game im going to be playing in the future is ESO. I like the pb287q because of its higher resolution while still maintaining a 1ms response time. The downside being its only 60hz. Can anyone with a little more experience tell me the pros and cons of these two monitors and which one they would recommend for my needs? I believe I have enough system to push either of these monitors nicely. Though I may consider upgrading it as well in the near future. I have an i7-960@4ghz with SLI gtx570s.

  391. Barak Obama
    Barak Obama 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, JJ obviously G-Sync is not going to work on AMD gpus, but what about ULMB mode? Does ULMB mode work with AMD cards?

  392. graaf
    graaf 2 years ago .Reply

    please hurry with this amazing screen I can not wait WHEN can I order him

  393. faisal
    faisal 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    120hz, 1ms, 1440p great!!! but is it looks better then vg248q as its a 8bit panel. I'm sure you have seen it in action personally in CES.

    one more question, gtx 780 is good enough to run all game at max on this monitor or i should consider 780 ti for that?

    I'm from UAE and here gaming community is getting bigger day by day and as far as i know this monitor is getting famous here. I'll buy it on the day it will be available on amazon.

    Will it be available on amazon as same day as it will be at newegg?

  394. rax
    rax 2 years ago .Reply

    I am looking forward to buying this monitor as soon as it hits stores in Canada. I really liked the Asus VG236HE I had and nothing I bought after really came close to that. I would have preferred if this was semi-glossy or really glossy as it gives everything such an appealing look. Hope its here soon!

    Thanks for keeping us up to date JJ!

  395. Darkle
    Darkle 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ,

    Soo im not a big fan of 1440p since a 27 inch screen has almost the same pixel density as a 22 inch 1080p screen.

    Tell me why should i buy this instead of… lets say the upcoming BenQ xl2420g also how does your PWM technology compares to the flicker free experience in the BenQ monitors??

  396. waro245
    waro245 2 years ago .Reply

    Hej JJ, thanks for all the replys!

    Nvidia said in their forum, that they are working on compatibility between ULMB and G-Sync, so you can use both at the same time. Will Asus bring this feature on the ROG Swift, maybe with a firmware update? To know that is important for me, if not I will not buy but wait for the second generation of this monitor.

    Greetings from Germany

  397. Ben
    Ben 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, Can we still expect a Q1/EarlyQ2 release with the changes to the surface coating?

  398. Darkyoda11
    Darkyoda11 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ since it seems like the coating has been altered display will for this that result in a delayed launch for the Swift?

    Are we still looking at Late Q1 Early Q2? I will be buying one on day 1 regardless of the coating :D.

  399. Danny
    Danny 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, thanks for replying to my previous post, I have been browsing daily in anticipation waiting for the monitor, Are we somewhat closer to a pre order being available?, I'm like a kid in candy shop when it comes to Asus and it's products =), Looking to spend £2300 this month on Ekwb and mixture of asus/corsair to complete a rig all boiling down to this monitor

  400. Marcos
    Marcos 2 years ago .Reply

    Gegroet JJ.. Thanks for still replying..

    I asked about the gtx680 4gig..

    Here's an other question,.

    call me a noob but wil playing at a full hd res 1920×1080 on the 27 inch swift be beter then playing that res on say the Asus VG248QE..(without the g-sync kit).

    seeing that i wil probally not be able to put my game settings (say for BF4 or tombraider) on ultra on the swift .. I am now en it looks fine on my current older screen.. (samsung syncmaster 2494 HM) cant wait for a upgrade . just trying to find out if its worth waiting or not..

    Hope to hear from you again..

    Greetings from The Netherlands

  401. pw
    pw 2 years ago .Reply

    Would really appreciate a hybrid matte/gloss

  402. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The SWIFT does not support HD3D. As of now there is no 3D implementation that exceeds 1080P for PCs. This a possibility down the road but as of now there is not. Additionally I think it will be sometime prior to scaling to even higher resolutions as there will need to be the hardware to render games at those resolutions as well. This as you know can be challenging for system even now with 1080P and the highest IQ settings.

  403. Danny
    Danny 2 years ago .Reply

    I love rog for there build quality and performance whilst staying in a competitive price range, But for this item I can see being a wallet buster I hope it doesn't exceed the £500+ range

  404. Brandon
    Brandon 2 years ago .Reply

    You all recommended that we should have at least a 760 equivalent or higher. I have a Mars dual 760, would this be enough to run current games on high?

  405. Andrea Silvestri
    Andrea Silvestri 2 years ago .Reply

    is possible to add an hdmi 2.0 port?

    is possible to have a semi-glossy coating like the panasonic lcd?)

  406. xp3nd4bl3
    xp3nd4bl3 2 years ago .Reply

    That's great news!

  407. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    Can't wait! give me give me give me the monitor!!! Is sli working good with g-sync?

  408. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    I've read it before, but that's always good to hear that this new TN panel will be noticeable better than the previous ones. By the way, is there a chance that this monitor comes factory calibrated, like if you've had done it with an i1 Display Pro for example? I get why manufacturers don't set the profiles accurately in terms of brightness and colors because they have to pop up in stores, but I don't get it for monitors, especially enthusiasts targeted ones.

  409. Frank thats a terrib

    Ok, so 1440p 3d is a no go with Nvidia, could software be patched to eventually make native 1440p 3d work?

    Also,in addition to my GTX Titan Rig, I also have an R9 290x rig. Can AMDs HD3D / Tridef support native 1440p 3D on the ROG Swift????

  410. Andrea Silvestri
    Andrea Silvestri 2 years ago .Reply

    the maximum resolution in 3d vision mode is 2560×1440 o 1920×1080?

  411. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    I own a gloss laptop and a semi-gloss TV. Even with my lamp on the side, there's no reflection on the full gloss laptop. The real problem would be the direct sun light, but there's a cure for that : closing the curtains ^^ I think full matte for this monitor, considering the price, is out of the question. Full gloss would be great, but semi-gloss would be a perfect compromise. You still can release a full gloss version later for the hardcore :)

    I’ve seen full matte and glossy screens side by side and the loss in contrast and colors was too much.

    TN panels don’t have very good blacks and color accuracy to begin with, so putting a full AG coating, even reduced a little, would crush it.

  412. Dany
    Dany 2 years ago .Reply

    I need this monitor!!!! Can't wait!! I don't care it's a TN panel. Color reproduction, for gaming? who care? Only thing is the viewing angle but im gaming most of the time alone and sitting right in from of the screen so who care? 1440 120hz 1ms G-sync… this is what a care about!

  413. Andy
    Andy 2 years ago .Reply

    Not cool FW900, not cool! Keep it up an you'll find yourself soaking in cat pee regardless of what Asus comes out with…you know I don't play, have you already forgotten what happened to Mr. VG248QE when he refused to let me remove his AG coating >:0

    The lack of native 1440p 3D hits me right in the nether regions…dang Worlds First 1440p 3D could have been an amazing marketing hook for you guys…irregardless I see that you are willing to meet us halfway on the AG coating which is really awesome news!

  414. Shane Keulen
    Shane Keulen 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey did you guys ever get around to testing dp cord length limits. Someone mentioned they were going to look into it when I asked on youtube a while back.

  415. B
    B 2 years ago .Reply


    Intel just released the new e7 V2's do you guys have any plans to release a new WS motherboard with improved performance for it and also for the new year 2014 ?

    Also do you know when is this Monitor and the AC87U coming out, If you're not sure, in what Quarter of the year do you think we should expect them ?


    (You guys should have a part at the top of the page where you can post expect release dates, because many people ask about the release and you answer, but people don't read through all the comments to find the release date, just a thought/tip.)

  416. garen
    garen 2 years ago .Reply

    Can we get an estimate release date

  417. bb
    bb 2 years ago .Reply

    For the record: I hate glossy screens. lol. Where do you people come from that are all about the gloss? jk. but for real.

    Release date please. CAN NOT WAIT 😉

  418. Andy's FW900
    Andy's FW900 2 years ago .Reply

    Greetings, Andy is sleeping and I do not have much time, because I have overheard plenty of his nefarious plotting to replace me with this slanky ROG Swift Tart!

    I know that I am a bit heavy and eat too much power, but I make this junk in my trunk bump when it comes to colors and black levels, let me tell you! But Andy does not seem to be all up in that anymore because he's under the impression that this ROG Swift can supply native 1440p 3D, which if true would be a world first!

    JJ please reassure this old girl that native 1440p 3D on the ROG swift just ain't so and that its some gimmicky upscaled 1080p dipperdoodle trash otherwise Andy is going to lock be back in the closet! Do you know what's in the closet????? CAT PEEEEEEE!

  419. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    Anxiously awaiting a Newegg pre order to appear :)

  420. Dave
    Dave 2 years ago .Reply

    Ultimate gaming monitor would be glossy, when first glossy comes out I will buy, I cant go back to matte.

  421. Philip
    Philip 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, will gtx 770 be enough to be able to play bf4 on this monitor? Or what kind of card will i need to buy to be able to use this monitor fully.

  422. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    I know this is a 1440p 3D moniter but when u use 3D will it reduce its resolution to 1080p or will i get to play games im 3D at 1440p ???

  423. Marcos
    Marcos 2 years ago .Reply

    hallo JJ

    (or anyone else who knows,. )

    I have a qeustion.. i have a Asus GTX680 4gig .. wil i be able to have a great experience as you put it , or do i have to reduce settings and is it beter for me to wait until my next upgrade before bying a 27'swift .. ( i dont use 3d yet but want to so 120 is a must i think).. greetings again

  424. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The bezel is already very thin 6mm. Overall pretty much one of the thinnest bezels I have seen on a gaming focused monitor.

  425. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This is actually incorrect many titles are impact by the CPU especially as you scale resolution and also if you look past general FPS and evaluate frame times. You can see if difference not just from frequency but also in how many cores can impact a title. Of course this varies from game engine to game engine but finding a balance of a solid CPU to pair with the right good is still a valid concern. Especially as you scale to higher IQ and higher resolutions where the difference of the CPU and GPU combination can add a ever so critical improved frame latency or additional frames.

  426. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for your feedback. At this time though the SWIFT will be produced with the already communicated AG Polarizer.

  427. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned.

  428. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    No confirmed date at this time. Stay tuned for more information.

  429. FireLion
    FireLion 2 years ago .Reply

    Soooo… any news JJ? Can we have at least a release date of the release date? XD

  430. Channon
    Channon 2 years ago .Reply

    I've been trying to find info on the monitor for a few days now and so far this page is the best source. (the site has a malware warning) I'm looking to build a new computer very soon, and I will be upgrading my monitor. This monitor is on the top of my list, but I can't get any info on what kind of gpu I will be needing to run games at 1440p 120+fps on high to ultra settings. Is a 770 or 780 enough, or will I need to have a crazy SLI rig?

  431. Ahhhhnuuuld "th
    Ahhhhnuuuld "th 2 years ago .Reply

    Chalk me up as another manchild cyborg who is dissapointed with the whole Matte affair. I love glossy, it looks the best, helps colors pop, offers the best clarity for seeing the most definition and provides the priceless benefit of letting me see my reflection while applying makeup & lipstick!

    With that said I am sure the Swifts Matte finish will be subtle and not a deal breaker as some are panic speculating it to be. I will be buying on day 1 because I have faith, however, in the extremely unlikely event that Asus totally jumped the shark and the Matte coating is horrid like the infamous dell 3007wp IPS panels which looked like they came from a chain smokers yellow tinged den, it would be sent back for a refund.

  432. jw
    jw 2 years ago .Reply

    When will the pre-order begin?

  433. Adam
    Adam 2 years ago .Reply

    Wow, this monitor is going to be so awesome, I've been waiting for a monitor like this for years! Thank you Asus for developing this!

    Although i agree with some people that it shoulda been glossy. It usually helps out the TN-panels image quality pretty good. But I havn't seen one of the really grainy coatings for many years now so I have good faith that this is gonna be fine.

    I'll definitely get this on day1 (hopefully that day is soon) :)

  434. Kris
    Kris 2 years ago .Reply

    Another upset user here that this monitor is matte, JJ – If you guys produce or confirm another version with a gloss screen, I will gladly pre-order in advance.

    This is the year I go to 1440p…Currently own an ASUS VG248Q (de-matted)…And don't really want to deal with Crossover or Catleap.,but it's looking that's my only option.

  435. Marcos
    Marcos 2 years ago .Reply

    Gegroet JJ.

    I've been hunting online for any concrete releasedate and I get that it wil be Q1 or early Q2.. but can you tell me if that wil be the case for the Netherlands..

    and can you tell us how far ahead we normaly can preorder a new asus product.. more or les ..

    a date would be grate ..

    Greetings from a impatiant Dutchman

  436. Defected
    Defected 2 years ago .Reply

    Well from the looks of it. I have the money for one more item this year. I can't buy both. So I hope they release the same technology without all the bells and whistles. Honestly I could care less about USB and Speakers. Worried about 799.99 price tag. having a hard time justifying it. With 799.99 I could buy the new Intel line and in turn greatly increase my frame rates.

  437. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    Can you please make the bezel ultra thin as i want 3 of these, I had 3 Asus vg236h 3D moniters which were superb, I now own 3 Asus vg278he 144hz 3D moniters, If some1 can let me know as soon as these will be available for order that would be great thanks.

  438. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    3D is not a dead tech, u obviously have no idea how to set it up correctly, i am onto my 2nd set of triple asus 3D moniters an this new moniter will be my third set when it releases, 3D is amazing on the pc :)

  439. Bill
    Bill 2 years ago .Reply

    So where's the line I can put my email down on so I can preorder this sucker and have it on my doorstep as soon as possible!?

  440. anon_poster
    anon_poster 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Would asus ever come out with a 21:9 ratio version of this monitor? I can see it being a challenge due to the off angle viewing problems of the tn panels required for 120hz monitors. The extra field of view from the 21:9 ratio would definitely come in handy while gaming.

    About off angle viewing, you've mentioned that this monitor has a higher quality panel than your average tn monitor. Does this mean it's off angle viewing quality is better? I've had a 27" tn panel that would have a noticeable color shift if I moved my head slightly while viewing it.

  441. Matches_Malone
    Matches_Malone 2 years ago .Reply

    I've come to understand through sources at that have comfirmed this with Asus directly that this display is in fact (and unusually) an 8-bit TN panel and not 6-bit+FRC (dithering) as is typical of a TN panel.

    Here's what they confirmed in total:

    -8-bit color depth

    -2560×1440 resolution

    -up to 144hz refresh rate at native resolution

    -ULMB mode with G-sync enabled, it is unclear whether the 8-bit color depth is effected by ULMB or not, we will have to wait and see.

    It also has 3 usb 3.0 ports and a headphone jack. And of course one Displayport 1.2 input.

    Regardless of the fact this screen is a matte screen (or more specifically 'not glossy') this display is shaping up quite nicely.

    All of this makes the price of the monitor seem all the more understandable.

    8bit color depth, 1440p at 144hz without using MST begs the question: what kind of magic are you guys using to pump ALL THAT through a Displayport 1.2 input?


  442. Defected
    Defected 2 years ago .Reply

    As for my sound card using Virus ti costing 3500,00! Not cheap at all. and it is external. Also using a few analogue synths (Moog) connected USB 3.0 connections. After some reading at Gearbox main forums some stated BL2 is CPU bound, but how can other users produce 120 frames on GTX 550 ti duel cores?

    So I overclocked my CPU (i7 3770k) 4.5 with 5 – 7 frames increase. What annoys me is Metro last light runs perfect on my system and also pushes my GPUs up into 80% constantly giving me high frame rates majority of the time. I think open world games like BL2 use two main cores and in turn bottlenecks my GPU's.

    I don't mind 80 frames, but anything lower than 80 I can see it. 60 the visuals look slow with my monitor running 60hz + Vsync on. Running my monitor 75hz V-sync on there is some visual improvement. Once you peek 80hz + V-sync on you can see an amazing improvement. I find the sweet spot is 100hz. So the PG278Q running BL2 essentially 60hz G-Sync possibly still look slow without the stuttering. Only part of this monitor that sells for me is the ablity to run 100hz 85hz 120hz without visual stuttering at 2560x1400p. Personally I can't distinguish visual characteristics 85hz – 100hz – 120hz. Anything lower than 75hz will become visually apparent.

  443. Isac
    Isac 2 years ago .Reply

    Sure. Will i be able to buy it in Norway at day one? And what would the price be in NOK?

  444. Defected
    Defected 2 years ago .Reply

    Could my audio card have something to do with massive frame rate drops? I am talking 144 frames from scope to 44 frames looking across the fields and this is with physx set to low. Using Virus as my sound card along side GTX 780 ti sli.

    Could there be some kind of Driver conflicts? Having a hard time enjoying BL2 thanks to the God awful performance. I can only play this game for 20 minutes before my eyes stutter out of visual sanity.

    This is one thing that concerns me about G-Sync. Developers will find a new crutch to lean on, and in turn code will become worse.

  445. Defected
    Defected 2 years ago .Reply

    So borderlands2 will run smooth? Right now that BL2 is an absolute train wreak on performance. Running two GTX 780 ti super-clocked with frames 200 down to 46. Basically the game is unplayable. Truly is a stuttering nightmare come true.

  446. Rian
    Rian 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah I have the glasses and emitter and NEVER use them, but don't take my light boost or I will cut you

  447. Rian
    Rian 2 years ago .Reply

    I keep checking for a pre order but haven't found one yet. I agree this is a day one or before purchase if possible

  448. Isac
    Isac 2 years ago .Reply

    When is this monitor released? Atm im using a old ASUS 1440×900 VGA connected. I would like to upgrade as fast as possible 😀

  449. 300k2o
    300k2o 2 years ago .Reply

    When you say 120Hz+ refresh rate, does that include 144Hz like the 1080p counterpart(?) ?

  450. xinux
    xinux 2 years ago .Reply

    I would just like to say I feel the same way as a lot of others; very sad to see that it is matte. I'm going to cross my fingers and wait for a glossy g-sync in 1440p.

  451. The_Blue_Scholar
    The_Blue_Scholar 2 years ago .Reply

    I see you guys have been censoring and removing posts that have negative feedback concerning the matte screen.

  452. PC.Gamer
    PC.Gamer 2 years ago .Reply

    Just about jumped out of my seat and threw my wallet at the screen in glee that manufacturers are finally pulling their fingers out and delivering high DPI monitors with decent refresh rates, however I very quickly stowed my wallet away after learning that the SWIFT is shipping with a matte AG film. If a semi-gloss or gloss version were made available I would be very happy to pay a premium for such a model.

  453. Dimitris
    Dimitris 2 years ago .Reply

    Something similar but at 24 inch display JJ? And a more appealing price if possible…

  454. The_Blue_Scholar
    The_Blue_Scholar 2 years ago .Reply

    Simple question, does the display need to run in MST mode in order for it run in 2560×1440 at 120 hertz refresh rate?

  455. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The monitor comes with a AG Polarizer. it is not a glossy.

  456. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    240Hz is not currently possible with due to panel yield and other specification limitations.

  457. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes it supports 3D VISION. The MSRP is currently projected at $799.

  458. Kenton
    Kenton 2 years ago .Reply


    First timer on PCDIY here. I have been in the process of a major overhaul on my system these last few months and like most, have done an exorbitant amount of research. First, let me thank you for your outstanding videos on the comparison of the Rampage 4 black & Rampage 4 extreme, the Raidr, and the Hybrid Thermal Solution Water-cooling PC Demo. I believe that I have learned much from those videos. Not only about the products, but has expanded my general PC knowledge as well. It is directly because of those videos that I will purchase the “Raidr” and “koolance” systems, after I purchase the “Rampage IV Black edition”.

    Additionally, I am convinced that the “PG278Q ROG SWIFT” will be the best monitor to upgrade to as soon as it is for sale. I recently watched a video ( where “Nick” said that this will be available in April. Of course I would like to buy it as soon as possible. My question is: what vendor will have it available for sale in April? Thanks!

  459. wheelsup
    wheelsup 2 years ago .Reply

    I agree with Chris K. I'd happily part with $999 USD for this monitor as a glass/gloss/semi-gloss instead of matte.

  460. HyperMatrix
    HyperMatrix 2 years ago .Reply

    Not entirely correct. Each eye sees 1 frame at a time. So within a span of 1 second, each eye sees 60 images, one right after the other, meaning a total of 120 sequential frames a second so you get the smoothness you'd normally get from 2D at 120Hz.

  461. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    Here's also an example of how much ag film is truly compromising on a display –

  462. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    I read it in a recent article but I can't seem to find it. I know that you guys have released non-AG polarizer monitors in the past, did they receive poor sales and negative feedback from customers that made you guys feel like having the polarizer is necessary to satisfy everyone? Also at the current price-point of this monitor it isn't going to be within reach of that many people in comparison to your 200-300$ 1080p panels which are definitely accessible to a much wider market. I would gladly pay more than the current 799$ msrp for a non ag-coated model. This is a gaming oriented monitor, and people are going to be playing their games on it in low-light conditions in order to get the best experience anyways. My VG248QE is absolutely phenomal but i would say the thing that bothers me the most about it is that i can visibly see the grainy texture of the adhesive that is on the VG polarizer. I'm just saying many people are unhappy with the fact that this panel is TN, and if they knew it had a glass finish it would be that much more of compelling/ attractive purchase compared to a IPS/PLS1440p panel that doesnt have G-SYNC/ ~ 8ms response time/ 60hz.

  463. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    It is not currently possible with existing display technology / panels. There is a possibility of exceeding 144Hz refresh rates but the yield / consistently would be very poor and other factors get influenced in regards to the panels performance/

  464. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Depends on the operating mode for primary functionality it operates in Direct Control as opposed to PWM. For UMLB operation it is a suto PWM operation to control the backlight. More information on that mode will be release later on.

  465. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The ROG SWIFT monitor features a AG Polarizer. After having some hands on time with it is clear and sharp and overall do see users needing to be concern of sometimes some AG causing blurring or cross hatching or overall degrading elements of the picture.

    To be clear it is not a "glossy display".

  466. George
    George 2 years ago .Reply

    After approximately 11 years of using a CRT-monitor at home (for web/graphical design & ofcourse gaming), this year I finally decided to bite the bullet and go for a new monitor. Mostly because my CRT is beginning so show its age and the extra screen estate would be more then welcome.

    This monitor sounds like a sweet dream come true to my gamer heart: 27" 1440p, 1ms, Gsync, a nice design, 120Hz … if only it was using an IPS/PLS-panel or some sort so I could combine my 2 interests :'(

  467. The_Blue_Scholar
    The_Blue_Scholar 2 years ago .Reply


    Does this display run in MST mode with dual TCon's or has Nvidia found a way with their new G-Sync board to combine all 4-lanes of DP 1.2?

  468. Mikey
    Mikey 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there somewhere I can pre-order this?

  469. CoD511
    CoD511 2 years ago .Reply

    Echoing the PWM question here, also wondering what availability will be like outside of the US? In particular, Australia here.

  470. Chris K.
    Chris K. 2 years ago .Reply

    I honestly was not expecting to be upgrading from my VG248QE monitor anytime soon, and this all new WQHD ROG panel has completely changed my mind. When you guys say "No Limits" you really mean it. I would also like to add how awesome it was of you guys to give this monitor a glass finish and not the typical matte screen we see on the majority of monitors on the market today. Not only is the color reproduction comprable to an e-ips panel like JJ has said in multiple interviews but the fact that its glass is going to beat out a similiarly tuned TN panel that has a matte finish by landslide in terms of true to life colors. Again i would like to thank the ROG team that mustve put countless hours into making this thing as Perfect as a gaming monitor can get. I will be picking one up as soon as it launches :)

  471. RAYDEN
    RAYDEN 2 years ago .Reply

    Does the PG278Q have PWM?

  472. madara
    madara 2 years ago .Reply

    Why no making the same monitor with 240hz

  473. Ignignokt
    Ignignokt 2 years ago .Reply

    Will there be a glossy and/or anti-glare version. I think I am in the minority with my preference for glossy.

  474. Kronvict
    Kronvict 2 years ago .Reply

    Will there be a preorder option available via etailers like newegg? I don't wanna miss out on this monitor as soon as it's available to purchase.

  475. silentcid
    silentcid 2 years ago .Reply

    Why the TN and not one of your guys' VA monitors that had the refresh rate of 144?

  476. firas
    firas 2 years ago .Reply

    Is it a TN panel?

  477. Smaali Yesser
    Smaali Yesser 2 years ago .Reply

    Are this a 3d screen ??? and how money ???????

  478. Steve
    Steve 2 years ago .Reply

    I've been in the market for a new monitor for a while and I had yet to find a 27" 1440p 120Hz option that didn't require overclocking. I was on the verge of settling for one of the ones from Overlord. Enter Swift. A commercially available option that doesn't require an overclock, and comes neatly packaged from my favorite brand for gaming complete with lights and ROG logos, I'm sold. Sign me up for two please.

  479. nashathedog
    nashathedog 2 years ago .Reply

    And we have a winner…..

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