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ROG Front Base The Ultimate 5.25 Bay Accessory – CES 2014

ASUS and ROG have long had a history of innovative accessories focused on monitoring, performance tuning and advanced hardware based control functionality. ROG has especially focused on the development of a number of accessories extending the functionality and features of a motherboard outside of the chassis and into the hands of enthusiasts. Whether it be the original LCD Poster or the OC Key or the OC Panel introduced with ROG Z87 motherboards, innovation for these types of accessories has shown to be a staple of ASUS motherboards . Based on the feedback of enthusiasts the ROG team has been busy designing and developing a new motherboard accessory that squarely puts the focus on PC enthusiasts and PC gamers. While the OC Panel currently offers a great balance of features and functionality that complement both enthusiasts and overclockers. The Front Base takes on the feedback of the community and looks to one up the OC Panel in a number of ways.

So what separates the Front Base from the OC Panel? First and foremost the Front Base was designed to be used exclusively in a 5.25 bay along with being targeted at PC enthusiasts and PC gamers. The OC panel was designed and developed for overclockers, tweakers & tuners as well as PC enthuiasts. The OC Panel from a from standpoint was designed to be used in a hand held fashion or via integrated kickstand. One great aspect though of the OC Panel was its ability to adapt to the needs and ants of the PC enthusiast by support mounting into a 5.25 with different functionality via the use of a5.25 bay adapter. With all this mind there were a number of improvements the ROG team wanted to integrate and implement for the Front Base. First was to implement a more immersive and detailed display, allowing not only a visual upgrade to the front of your chassis but improve the usability and readability of the screen. In this respect the Front Base considerably improves upon the OC Panel in that it offers a 4 inch LCD display. The display offers a clean but stylized view of information relevant to enthusiasts such as CPU temperature, fan speeds and CPU frequency and more. It is able to provide this information by directly interfacing with the motherboard via a direct hardware based connection. In this way the Front Base is the same as the OC Panel in offering hardware base monitoring along with hardware based adjustment ability.

Below you can see a picture of the Front Base installed in a chassis along with a detailed diagram of the Front Base display and its connectivity along with detailing of some of the features and functionality offered on the Front Base.

Front Base Installed  Front Base Complete Call Out Detailing

This direct hardware control implementation allows for extensive fan control functionality at your finger tips. Whether it be adjusting the CPU fan speed or chassis fan speed the Front Base can take advantage of the advanced per header fan control offered on ASUS ROG series motherboards. Outside of offering a great deal of monitoring and fan control functionality the Front Base eliminates an issue that has plagued PC gamers for a very long time. What might that be…. front audio connection quality and front audio connection interference. Taking a step back from the Front Base these issues were part of the rational behind the design, development and implementation of the isolated “red line” audio design that is part of SupremeFX audio on ROG motherboards. While considerably improving the quality and performance of integrated audio there was still another “kink in the chain” impacting the audio experience. The remaining culprit?  The front audio cable within the chassis, this cable can be of varying quality and generally offers no shielding. At the end of the audio output chain this cable can impact the overall sound quality experience considerably. Many gamers have experienced the “interference” that can be picked up on this cable. This type of interference can also reduce the db performance and stereo imaging as stereo signals are also generally mixed into a single cable. Overall it is apparent that to ensure a great front headphone experience you need not only a good sound design but good connection quality free of interference and the associated humming or line noise that can impact your listening experience.

In this respect the Front Base resolves the issue by including a front HP ( headphone ) output along with front microphone input. These connections are fed by a thick high quality shielded front audio cable that also improves signal performance by separating left and rights channel to their own cables. This not only improves overall signal performance but helps to create superior stereo imaging. By bypassing the internal chassis front audio cable users can ensure a superior headphone experience whether it be in music , movies or games. In internal analysis the Front Base high quality connection even increased db output performance compared to integrated front audio cables. Toping it all off the Front Base also allows for quick adjustment to your volume via the adjustment / selection knob. For users of discrete sound cards like our Xonar series fear not the AAFP front headphone connection on Xonar and other discrete sound card is fully compatible with the Front Base as well.

Below you can see some photos of the front HP / headphone output n and the front microphone input. In addition you can see a comparison of the Front Base AAFP cable compared to a normal cable found in a chassis.

Front Base Internal Shot Front Base Compairison of High Quality AAFP Cable to Normal AAFP Cable High Quality FAPH 1 Front Display 2   

In addition to the previously mention functionality the Front Base also will offer quick EQ profiles.


Front Base Display 2  Front Base EQ Modes   

Continuing on with features and functionality the Front Base offers up one touch overclocking. With the touch of the OC button, gamers can increase clock speeds and overall system performance. Enthusiast overclockers can even customize their overclock and link it to the button by saving a profile in the UEFI. Additionally gamers looking for a easy way to exit out a game now have a handy escape button that does just that. Depressing the escape button minimizes your active game window and leaves back at your desktop. Rounding out the feature list is a nice addition in USB quick charging. The Front Base offers users an easy to access front USB 2.0 port that has its own power line enabling users to quickly and easy power or charge their smartphones, tablets or other usb powered devices. This charging can occur whether the system is in sleep or hibernation or even powered off.

Below is a example of the two stage one touch overclocking offered by the Front Base. You can also reference how easy it is to install and connect the Front Base.

One Touch OC Stages installation-step-1 installation-step-2

That wraps up a quick preview and rundown on the upcoming Front Base. Stay tuned to ASUS PCDIY for more information as its release date approaches.



1. What motherboards does the Front Base support?

The Front Base is compatible with all ROG series motherboard featuring an internal OC Panel header. These motherboards currently are all ASUS Z87 ROG Series motherboards. MAXIMUS VI EXTREME, MAXIMUS VI FORMULA, MAXIMUS VI HERO, MAXIMUS VI GENE AND MAXIMUS VI IMPACT. In addtion it is also supported on the newly released X79 ROG flagship motherboard the RAMPAGE IV BLACK EDITION

2. Can I use the front audio connection with a sound card as opposed to integrated motherboard audio?

Yes the front audio header a universal standard and is present on many discrete sound cards such as the Xonar sound cards.

3. The cable looks short this is not ideal for cable routing?

We are aware of the wait and need to have a longer cable for optimal cable routing. We are currently evaluating and verifying how extended lengths will impact the performance of the higher quality cable. As long as performance is not impact the cable will be extended in the final production version.


364 Responses to "ROG Front Base The Ultimate 5.25 Bay Accessory – CES 2014"

  1. esmarmol
    esmarmol 8 months ago .Reply

    Hello JJ… hope you can help on this…

    Do you know if anyone found a solution for the real bad noise found on the ROG front base? I am running windows 10 and when playing FFXIV there is a real loud static noise coming from my headphones. It's so bad… that I have been playing without sound for the past two days.

    For a unit that talks about high quality sound… it is very disappointing.

  2. Arturia アートリア / MICROBRUTE マイクロブルートアナログシンセサイザー(MICRO BRUTE…


  3. JJ
    JJ 1 year ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. I will need to look at this and then follow up with needed with our team internally. If an update or more information is supplied. I will post it on the site. Thanks for being part of #TEAMROG

  4. lostwarri0r
    lostwarri0r 1 year ago .Reply

    Hello JJ,

    Is very difficult to personalize de LV1 and LV2 OC on maximus Hero VII. look this post:

  5. DH109
    DH109 1 year ago .Reply

    Where can we buy this?

  6. sdmf74
    sdmf74 1 year ago .Reply

    JJ can you please send me ASUS ROG Connect Plus V1.00.28 driver??? or tell me where I can download it by itself. For some reason when I install the new ROG Front Base Driver V1.01.12 (With ASUS ROG Connect Plus V1.00.28) it doesnt install ROG connect plus.

    Yes I am still having the same issue I was hoping the new driver would fix it.


  7. sdmf74
    sdmf74 1 year ago .Reply

    I think it is a bigger problem. Many M7F owners are experiencing a loud thump or pop when they power down their PC. Hopefully the audio section will be powered independently with next generation of products as you stated. As far as the FRONT BASE goes there are alot of variables. I realize some have reported they have no audio interference with their FB but mine is severe, especially when moving my mouse.

    JJ please keep us updated on this dual differential cable design? I am hoping this is something that will resolve my FB issues in the near future so I can game with my new headphones. Thanx!

  8. alexander
    alexander 1 year ago .Reply

    Do it still not work on the formula v JJ

  9. Strider
    Strider 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, Maximus VI Hero and ROG Front Base user here. I'm also experiencing some sort of interference on the front audio jack when headphones are plugged in. I was playing Thief yesterday and I couldn't hear it behind the menu theme song, but as soon as the game starts it gets very noticeable and distracting on the background of Garrett's speech. Otherwise, the sound quality is good imo. Besides that, on the desktop it seems to pick mouse activity. I guess this isn't normal behavior, right?

  10. sdmfjlf74
    sdmfjlf74 2 years ago .Reply

    NOPE no go. It worked again for about a full day after reinstalling the proper driver. IDK what is goin on but at this point I am done with it, I'm tappin out I will just sit back & wait for a driver update.

    Currently running Version 1.00.79 & Version 1.01.06

  11. sdmf74
    sdmf74 2 years ago .Reply

    Ok I realize you were referring to Version 1.00.79 of AISUITEII so I went ahead redownloaded that ver. of dual intelligent processors 5 & all seems good again,hopefully it stays that way this time. THANX! for looking into it not sure why it didnt work initially.

    I will keep workin on the H.P. issue but I dont think its interference as I tried moving cables around & still had the same noise but I will try again. That audio cable is supposed to be shielded well though so I dont think its interference. Thanx again!

    ps Hopefully someone can consolodate the four listings into one for the MVIIF drivers since they're not all kept up to date.

  12. sdmf74
    sdmf74 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry I spoke tooo soon. As soon as I updated aisuiteIII which updated dual intelligent processors 5 my cpu1 readout beagan working in windows temporarily. I went out & when I came back it was froze again, rebooted and same deal still froze. Im confused as soon as I begin to log out or in it works but as soon as the driver loads it freezes.

    What do you mean by software 9? I dont know what that is. I was referring to a few driver updates which are scattered throughout the 4 listings for the MAXIMUS 7 FORMULA motherboard (not sure why there is 4 diff. sets of drivers for the same mobo & all are not kept updated.) But yes there is no new updates for ROG FRONT BASE drivers & I DO have a v40 front base & driver Version 1.01.06. I keep everything up to date including UEFI. tHANX, hopefully you will find a fix.

    My Klipsch pro-media 2.1 sounds great aside from a loud pop when I reboot. The loud screechy noise and interference comes through my headphones which are plugged into front base.

  13. sdmf74
    sdmf74 2 years ago .Reply

    Thought I should report that the issue with my front base has been resolved in case anyone else has the same problems. JJ you said you were working on an update but I never heard back from you so I dont know if it was done on my behalf (probably not) but it doesnt matter cause its fixed. THANX! Upgrading to the new AISUITE III ver.1.00.83

    released on 11/21/14 fixed it, specifically the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 ver 1.01.94 driver.

    Note: Does not pertain to the Noise interference issue, Unfortunately that still exists even though I am using Asus' "SUPER" high-end audio cable.

  14. JAY
    JAY 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ Im still having issues with MVIIF & ROG FRONT BASE driver, Did you have time to look into this & Were you able to reproduce the issues? Thanx! ~J

  15. sdmfjl
    sdmfjl 2 years ago .Reply

    Thats unfortunate stogie, I would have asked what ram are you using but it seems you found the culprit. I normally wouldnt say this but if you are within 30 days try to def. exchange that cpu from the retailer, or buy intels perf. tuning plan & replace it. I know there are no guarantees with cpu's but Thats terrible. My 4790k is @ 4800mhz (46x cache)1.32v & using g skill 16gb 2400mhz ram fully stable.

    Thanx JJ for the detailed explanation! It seems I was pretty much spot on about the header func. on the MVIIF. I love the ability to select DC/PWM on the headers but the caveat being linked headers, It really makes setup tough even with 12pwm fans & 1 dc fan. The dc fan is my rear exhaust but having the 3B header located right next to 3A renders 3B unusable unless I run fan cable across the motherboard. That only leaves 2 banks available aside from the cpu/cpu opt which is my pump & cpu block led. Im using 4 gentle typhoons on one rad and 6 nb eloops on the other so each rad has to be on a seperate header bank. Then I have a bottom intake & a top intake, It makes setup tricky.

    It would be ideal to have the dc/pwm option on every header & also have all independent headers, but from your response it seems that is impossible to do on the Z97 c.s.

    I would recommend to everyone with a MVIIF to buy all identical fans for their build.

    JJ thanx for looking into the ROG FB issue, if you would like I can make a short vid. Cpu 1 is the only readout thats frozen. chasis 1 & chasis 2 work fine. When I reboot pc cpu 1 begins to work until the os finishes loading then it freezes. If I uninstall the ROG FB driver cpu 1 works in the os so it seems we need an updated driver. I wonder if others are having similar issues.

  16. Stogie
    Stogie 2 years ago .Reply

    I don't understand why they did it that way. At least on my M6F I could have some control over every fan with the exception of the OPT_CPU. I wish they could release a UEFI update that would change it back.

    Between buying a M7F for more fan control over my M6F and buying a i7 4790k that wont allow any ram speeds over 1333 it has been a very stressful month. I can live with the fan control changes but the cpu that locks at 1.28v when I set up my ram then crashes my system is giving me an ulcer.. Trying to work a warranty with Intel is a nightmare. They say " Your cpu is rated for 1.5v, running it at 1.28v is just fine" Totally ignoring the facts!

    Thanks for everything you do Mr. JJ, I love my M6F, M7F, Matrix 780Ti, ROG RaidR and ROG Front Base. Republic Of Gamers keeps me very happy and If it wasn't for you JJ, I probably would've ended up buying inferior hardware..I mean that, Thanks dude!

  17. Frans
    Frans 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ

    Can the front base panel and oc panel be connected together on a rampage v exstreme board.


  18. Barath Sudharsh R
    Barath Sudharsh R 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Will you be releasing any Driver for Maximus Hero VII. The CPU Frequency always seems to show Zero. Fan Speed & Temp seems to work. Initially I thought the cable was loose. But I have to re-install the Drivers for it to work. After a few days the issue seems to re-occur again. Im using Windows 8.1 64-Bit OS. Any help would be appreciated as I have to constantly re-install the drivers every few days for CPU Frequency to show something.

  19. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Please contact our customer service dept. They will assist you in getting you out a longer cable which we produced.

  20. sdmfjl
    sdmfjl 2 years ago .Reply

    Will you guys be releasing a front base driver for the maximus 7 formula?

    I tried using it with the z97 driver Version 1.01.06 but when using this driver my cpu1 rpm reading on the front base is in a frozen state. This is my most important header to monitor.

    I am now using the front base without a driver and the cpu1 rpm reading works flawlessly however I now have no edit functionality or the ability to make any adjustments.

    I am using the most up to date audio driver and AI SIUTE III driver for my board. Also have the most up to date motherboard bios and ver 40 firmware on frontbase.

  21. sdmfjl
    sdmfjl 2 years ago .Reply

    I am getting some major feedback NOISE through my Sennheiser g4me zero headphones while gaming using front base on my maximus 7 formula! Anyone have this issue? I tried many different settings in the supremefx HD audio manager but nothing gets rid of the noise.

    This audio cable is supposed to be high end but it seems the shielding is subpar unfortunately.

    JJ do you have any suggestions?

  22. Jake
    Jake 2 years ago .Reply

    How do I go about getting a longer audio cable for the front base? I have a 900D and the one included isn't long enough.

  23. David Wynne
    David Wynne 2 years ago .Reply

    ok I have found tools in the bios so now what do I do ? I have no clue what I am doing or where to look or even if I am in the right place . Just saying you have to set it up is no help at all. There is not one word in the manual to explane this so can you please help

  24. David Wynne
    David Wynne 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ please answer my question I have been waiting now for a month

    Hi JJ can you please answer our question asked by Strider How can one assign a custom OC profile created in the UEFI to the Level Up button in the Front Base and replace the preset profiles?

  25. Cliff Lee
    Cliff Lee 2 years ago .Reply

    will this front base and oc panel work with the x99e-ws board by any chance?

  26. Bromigo
    Bromigo 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ, I have a great idea for the Front Base. Maybe Asus ROG could release 1ft LED strips in white and red that could be plugged into my M7F, maybe through a fan header or something..Then be able to control the LEDs through the Front Base. Since there isn't extra buttons on the FB maybe an update that could turn the cpu lvl up button into a lighting mode..

    I'm having a hard time getting good lighting with easy control in my case. I don't like molex style leds cause I can't just shut them off. I bought the NZXT Hue but the strip of LEDs is way to long and the colors aren't very good. I ended up getting rid of the NZXT strip and replaced it with a few 30cm Bitfenix strips. I'm able to plug them in to the NZXT controller that's in a front bay. I can dim them and even shut them off but the LED color's aren't consistent from strip to strip. Just poor quality and I've grown out of the look of the NZXT Hue controller. It would be nice to get more functionality out of the front base.

  27. David Wynne
    David Wynne 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ can you please answer our question asked by Strider How can one assign a custom OC profile created in the UEFI to the Level Up button in the Front Base and replace the preset profiles?

  28. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes I have been pretty busy. I am back in the office though and lots of changes and content coming.

  29. David Wynne
    David Wynne 2 years ago .Reply

    looks like JJ is busy showing off all there new x99 stuff

  30. Strider
    Strider 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    How can one assign a custom OC profile created in the UEFI to the Level Up button in the Front Base and replace the preset profiles?



  31. Barath Sudharsh R

    Hi JJ,

    Is this compatible to CM K380 Tower. Also let me know if this is available in India.

  32. NavyChief (@NavyChie

    The old AAFP cable was 24″ long and the new version is 32″ long.

  33. Indy
    Indy 2 years ago .Reply

    Guys…I talked to ASUS estore last Wednesday and my call got transferred to Product support and back to estore couple of times! Finally, one of the estore representatives was able to find the ROG AAFP cable in their system and noted my contact info. And, I finally received the cable today and it is ~32 inches long. Once, I reach home, will measure the length of original cable and report how much longer it is from original cable.

    So, folks be patient and you should receive your cable!

  34. Henk
    Henk 2 years ago .Reply

    wil the rog front bay fit on a asus z87-plus board can you send me a mail

  35. DM3
    DM3 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    I've contacted Asus Holland again and they still say they cannot help me get a longer cable.

    They suggested asking the store i bought the Front Base from to see if their distributor maybe could maybe get one.That failed aswell.This all feels like a bad game of tennis to me.No point in asking Asus UK because they will just bounce it back to Asus Holland. Do you think a 9pin AC97 & HD Audio Extension Cable from BitFenix might do a good job?

  36. Eric
    Eric 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ,

    I have a question about the front base, which is how do I hook up fans to be controlled by the base. do I just hook them up to my motherboard or is there a way to hook them to the base itself and how many fans can I control with the base? if you could let me know it would be a big help. thanks and have a good day.

  37. DM3
    DM3 2 years ago .Reply

    The closest support team for my country in Europe is Asus Holland.First time i asked them they said they could not help me because they normally only specialise in netbooks,notebooks and tablets.i've now asked them to contact Taiwan HQ to see if they can get the cable that way.If this fails again i'm going to try Asus UK next.

  38. DM3
    DM3 2 years ago .Reply

    Any news yet on when the longer cable will be available for Europe? So far been talking to the support service from ASUS North US and Asus Holland with no luck.Asus North US wants to ship the cable to me for 150$ wich is a bit crazy if you ask me.

  39. Stogie
    Stogie 2 years ago .Reply

    Anybody wondering the cables that come with the Front base are around 24 1/2" long. Asus sent me a longer audio cable and that was around 8" longer then the original. I asked for both and only got one, anybody get both?

  40. Indy
    Indy 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    I contacted Asus estore at 510-791-3705 today and the customer representative told me that she is not aware of any cables available for this product, which can be provided to the customer. I will be sending an email as well @ and will appreciate your advice on which specific person I should contact in your service team.

    Thank you.

  41. Indy
    Indy 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi Vince,

    I need to order the cable as well, as I have a full size case. Do you know the contact info of ASUS customer service? Thanks for your help! Btw…did you receive your cable?

    ROBERT PARLOV 2 years ago .Reply

    how long is the cables I bought my ROG FRONT BASE Should have it by Thursday this week how long are those cables are they long enough to reach in a full tower and if not how do I get an extension cable or another cable also still waiting for email answers for all the emails I sent to

  43. Robert Parlov
    Robert Parlov 2 years ago .Reply

    can you please answer the emails I sent if you get a chance

  44. Indy
    Indy 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello! I just bought Maximus VII Hero MB, will this accessory be compatible with it? Also, I am using Cooler Master Storm Stryker full ATX tower and will I need a extra long cable? Here is a link to my build: . Thanks!

  45. Robert Parlov
    Robert Parlov 2 years ago .Reply

    is there a date on the front bay yet

  46. Vince
    Vince 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, How long should it take to get the extra long cable after talking to Customer Service.. I got my "service case number" NA3696679 on the 16th (2 weeks ago) and the rep I spoke to (Kelsey G) said…

    "Kelsey G. Fri, 5/16/2014 12:56:30 pm

    Okay, I will send out the request for you to be shipped the cable. Is there anything further you would like me to assist you with today?"

    But as of yet i have nothing in the mail…??

  47. Alexandre
    Alexandre 2 years ago .Reply

    I installed mine, it looks really good, I have 2 suggestions:

    1) There should be an option to turn the Front Base on/off automatically as you turn the PC on/off

    2) There should be an option to turn off the Front Base and leave just the clock on, that would be nice with when the PC is turned off.

  48. Joe Ancona
    Joe Ancona 2 years ago .Reply

    Finally received mine and it's now installed: I didn't need a longer cable with this particular open air case, which was nice!

    However, the overall instruction for usage is a bit lacking, and I wondered if you could make a new Front Base video JJ?

    1) why doesn't the temp gauge move? the temperature is shown correctly, but all the bars are lit up all of the time

    2) can you adjust the hi-temp warning indicator threshold anywhere?

    3) what does 'M' and 'L' stand for anyways?

    4) is there supposed to be a integrated Front Base module utility within AI Suite III? I'm not seeing anything? All drivers and firmware are current for both the M6F and the FB

    5) some of my fan's % duty cycle and RPM are showing correctly on the ROG FB, and others are not; even though they all show correctly in AI Suite III

    6) where can you actually set the CPU UP level 1 and level 2 presets?

    7) shouldn't there be some kind of UEFI settings integration for the ROG FB, even if there isn't in AI Suite III?

    8) the audio presets are nice, but don't compare to the EQ settings I made for my particular headphones; how come there are no user preset positions? If you accidentally select a new audio mode, it wipes out your custom EQ settings and you have to reload them through the audio interface

    9) it would be nice to have the option for the ROG Front Base display to turn on/off along with the main PC power. Right now the display stays on after the computer is off, and if you want it dark, you have to hit the screen off button…it's a nice feature for sure, and even continues to report CPU temp, but I hate to have it lit up 24/7 when I only run the PC for a couple hours a day…

  49. DavTrade
    DavTrade 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ – There are 2 set CPU overclock frequencies (for the i4770K LV1 4200GHz and LV2 4400GHz) are they programmable in any way to different frequencies?

  50. NavyChief
    NavyChief 2 years ago .Reply

    I received the longer cable this afternoon. It took 3 days to arrive. The old cable was 24" long and the new version is 32" long.

  51. Vince
    Vince 2 years ago .Reply

    God, It was a nightmare with the first person I got to talk to.. he wanted me to pay for the cable and just gave me a link to the e-store, then he bailed out and left me.. The second person i got to was much better. I asked " do you know what a ROG Front Base is" they responded " YES, you need the longer cable"? from there all went well, i gave him my case # which i got from filling out a form online and he said he will forward the request to ship me a new cable.

  52. Brett Jefferson
    Brett Jefferson 2 years ago .Reply

    Good afternoon. I'm wondering where I can purchase this Front Base from? I've recently installed the RIVEBE and then stumbled upon this golden nugget and it's a MUST HAVE. Thanks for your time. Oh, I too have the Cosmos II but will eventually change out to a Corsair 900D.

  53. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ

    thank you very much for answering so fast.

    I have the latest bios for maximus vi formula (1402) I also have the latest driver and firmware for the ROG base. In the upper right corner after post not shown me the model of the motherboard, and boot codes do not appear only ASUS

    Should extend a rma?

    Many thanks again

  54. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes you can uninstall the drivers and utility but you will need the driver which includes ROG Connect Plus for it function correctly.

  55. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Our customer service team has been made aware of the new cable and has synced with our customer loyalty supervisor and our front base product manager. We have additionally sent out a notice to our supports depts to be aware of calls coming in. If you are outside the US though this is being handled on a region by region basis. We had delays in getting our internal teams updated bu local teams have been brought up to speed. You should be able to reach an internal contact to assist in this process. Thank you for your patience and your support.

  56. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Our customer service team has been made aware of the new cable and has synced with our customer loyalty supervisor and our front base product manager. We have additionally sent out a notice to our supports depts to be aware of calls coming in. If you are outside the US though this is being handled on a region by region basis. We had delays in getting our internal teams updated bu local teams have been brought up to speed. You should be able to reach an internal contact to assist in this process.

  57. Fran
    Fran 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, JJ

    I need help

    I have this Rog front base with maximus vi fromula, but the boot code and motherboard model not shown only Asus in the upper right corner. happens?

    Many thanks

  58. Jake Steinberg
    Jake Steinberg 2 years ago .Reply

    So in order to make this effective i would need to plug all fans into the motherboard? I currently use Corsair Link which allows the fan cables to be routed behind the motherboard. Is this possible with Front Base?If not, Why not just use the AI Suite Software instead?

  59. coltonagee
    coltonagee 2 years ago .Reply

    anyone else having some issue with this product. Everything works for me concerning the display and CPU speed fans and so on, except for one thing. I cant find the main menu for this product. When first installing it popped up but now i cant go to it to adjust the speakers and such. One time while changing the option for audio, the sound was really low and sounded like it was coming through a tunnel. I have a speaker system so this was really weird, i messed around with it for a little bit and its now fixed but i would like to know if there is a issue so that i can return the product. If anyone can tell me how to solve and find the main menu i would appreciate it. Also, the left hand side of the display seems to be larger and stick out of the drive bay a little, while the right side is flush with the bay. Anyone else notice this?

  60. carlos
    carlos 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ thanks for previoes replys i got the thing running after reinstall of the drivers , i also wanted to ask , iam asking here becouse cant see any other place to get a fast reply, iam thinking on buying the asus Raid R for my asus maximus formula VI but i want to no if plugin it to last pciE port will my 1º primary port change from 16X to 8X ? also i have a DCii 780ti


  61. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    It is an awesome unit! Best of luck with it and your buiild.

  62. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We are looking into options currently but at this time it is only compatible with our Z87 and Z97 ROG series motherboards ( as well as RAMPAGE IV BLACK EDITION ). Stay tuned.

  63. NavyChief
    NavyChief 2 years ago .Reply

    Contacted ASUS for the longer AAFP cables (as mentioned by JJ) and was shuffled from Customer Service, Technical Support, and the e-Store. All had no idea about this and could not help at all. How exactly do we go about getting these longer cables?

  64. carlos
    carlos 2 years ago .Reply

    just bought this for my maximus formula IV Z87 and it does not work , i have a 4770K and 4.4 it does not show the CPU speed keeps flashing the motherboard codes and usb does not show the audio profiles its a mess , any help please


  65. DavTrade
    DavTrade 2 years ago .Reply

    FYI (If you don't have one yet) – My unit had no audio so I returned it to Newegg for replacement, since it was out of stock they automatically give credit. I ordered it from Amazon, and they discounted it $19.01 because it was out of stock (which only shows up in the cart), so it will cost me $60.98 with a little delay.

  66. NavyChief
    NavyChief 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, Have a question on connecting 14 PWM 4-pin SP120 fans, two 3-pin AF120, and one 3-pin AF140 fan on a Rampage IV Black Edition in 900D.

    Eight SP120 are on top 4×120 radiator in push-pull. Four SP120 on lower left 4×120 radiator and two SP120 on lower right area. The two AF120 are front intake and the AF140 is rear exhaust.

    I read that only four Corsair PWM fans may be connected with a splitter. Any more than that and the PWM signal is degraded too much.

    Looking at connecting 4 of the top SP120 to CPU_FAN with splitter, the 4 other top SP120 to CPU_OPT with splitter. This would enable all the top radiator fans to be controlled via the CPU fan headers without overloading them.

    The bottom 4 radiator SP120 would be connected to CHA_FAN1 with a splitter.

    The two bottom right SP120 would be connected to CHA_FAN2 with a splitter.

    The front two AF120 would be connected to CHA_FAN3 with a splitter.

    The AF140 would be connected to OPT_FAN1, but would not be adjustable by the front base.

    Does the above sound right?

  67. NavyChief
    NavyChief 2 years ago .Reply

    Just ordered one at Newegg this morning. They are back in stock.

  68. Kurosaki
    Kurosaki 2 years ago .Reply

    hello JJ,

    is there any possibilities ROG front base can be used with crosshair v formula z later? maybe asus will come out with some kind of conversion kit that can make the crosshair mobo compatible with this?

  69. michael
    michael 2 years ago .Reply

    I'm beginning to think that Amazon is not going to have this available from Asus. Since their isn't an option at the $80 price point. It's been almost 3 weeks and Amazon still hasn't posted one for $80. So… is this just a Newegg exclusive JJ?

  70. OhItsThat
    OhItsThat 2 years ago .Reply

    I would start with making sure you have the latest BOIS "1402 I think" and AI Suite 3 utility.

  71. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply


    I recived my front base last week and it looks great…. The only thing is that I can not get it to post anything on the actual screen including the time…? All it says is USB in the top right corner of the base panel and has no readings what so ever.. Not even the time!!? I called asus support and they had no idea! It installed correctly on my gene vi… Do you have any sugestions? I'm dieing to see some readings! It all seems good just no readings do I need a specific bios or enable it in the bios or somthing? If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!!!!???

  72. Mr.nOOb
    Mr.nOOb 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ. Any idea when you will have word on a Canadian distributor? I contacted and they will not ship to Canada. They state that I have to order from, which does not currently have a listing for it.

  73. Zaurian
    Zaurian 2 years ago .Reply

    Just got the front base, and it's great – but the RPM reading for 3 pin fans in Advanced Q control mode doesn't work. I can control their speeds, and software reads the RPMs correctly, but the ROG FB shows 0 RPM for my CPU fan and always shows max RPM for the other 3 pin fans :(

  74. OhItsThat
    OhItsThat 2 years ago .Reply

    I received an email from ASUS regarding longer cables for the front base. According to this guy I need to contact retailer I got the Front Base from! HuH?

  75. Kenny
    Kenny 2 years ago .Reply

    I ordered one on Newegg a few nights ago, waiting on my unit to arrive as we speak. Hopefully I will be able to get it installed in the next week or so. Will be used with my Z87 Gene board.

  76. jack
    jack 2 years ago .Reply


    What number do I call?

  77. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Please contact our customer service dept. We will be working with users who need a longer cable as we have developed one but it was produced after the initial production. It is not yet in inventory but will be shortly. This is something we are already aware of prior to release but had to further test and evaluate prior to producing the longer cable for some chassis as well as users who wanted more routing flexibility..

  78. OhItsThat
    OhItsThat 2 years ago .Reply

    Just got my Front Base, are the cables only supposed to be 2ft? I feel like the community made it clear we needed longer cables cause we care about cable management. I have a 750D and they hardly make it to the mobo, and thats direct to the mobo. I don't want to but I have to return it!

  79. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    Got mine today and install in a Corsair Air 540. I don't mind it being sideways at all. The device is very shallow so it would not connect to the auto locking mechanism in the bays. So I had to make it work which took all of 15 minutes. It is built with very high quality.

    The ROG cable is good length. The audio cable is too short.

    I plugged in the bay turned on the rig, installed no software and it gave me what I wanted. Easy monitor of my system, with a clean look.

    Oh btw the firmware update software on the asus site dose not work, as it includes the updated but no firmware JJ.

  80. Jack
    Jack 2 years ago .Reply


    I just received my front base from neweeg, I love the build quality, and it adds the final touch to my rog build. But I'm disappointed in the size of the Audio cable. I have a danger den double wide case and the cable barley reaches and is unusable for me. Are you going to be coming out with a longer version in the future.

  81. michael
    michael 2 years ago .Reply

    When is this thing going to be available on Amazon?? What's taking so long for it to post on their website??

  82. DavTrade
    DavTrade 2 years ago .Reply

    OhitsThat there in stock at Newegg for $79.99 and within one or two day's at Amazon for the same price, and that 3rd party just lowered his price on Amazon I hope no one else buys it from him!

  83. William Morren
    William Morren 2 years ago .Reply

    any update so far, this cant be a hard question right?

  84. OhItsThat
    OhItsThat 2 years ago .Reply

    I just bought mine on Amazon $125.50

  85. DavTrade
    DavTrade 2 years ago .Reply

    Voo, looks like you got the only one on Ebay, I got one because of Newegg's Auto-notify.

  86. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback. We will collect feedback from the community as more users provide hands on experience with the Front Base and see what we may be able to tweak in a firmware release.

  87. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    My recommendation would be

    CPU and CPU OPT should be used for the CPU fans from the H80i. You will need to set the UEFI to advanced to ensure 3pin control support.

    The pump header cable ( for RPM detection ) I do not generally connection as it wastes a fan header. This is your call though. Outside of that the pump is power via SATA so you are good to go there.

    From there all chassis fans should ideally be connected to CHA headers not OPT headers ( as you cannot control OPT headers ) in the OS or via the OC Panel / Front Base. This is due to it being on a separate super I/O controller.

    The OPT headers should be used ideally for fans where you want them operating a fixed value generally this is usually good for front intake or bottom intake or exhaust.

    If you continue to have issues with detection or control you may want to consider an RMA and request an advanced RMA which allows you to receive the board first before shipping the defective board back.

    Best of luck and hope this helps.

  88. Voo
    Voo 2 years ago .Reply

    As of 8:47am PST, Newegg still shows it out of stock to me on their website. However I went to ebay and, lo and behold the Asus Rog Front Base is for sale there…BY Newegg…SMH. Makes no sense to me that it shows out of stock on the official NEWEGG website, yet I was able to buy it from Newegg on ebay…whatever, at least it's bought now and one saga ends. Now where is my Asus Swift monitor?? 😉

  89. Jack
    Jack 2 years ago .Reply


    Just to let everyone know. That newegg has it in stock. I just ordered mine I few minutes ago. Get them while you.

  90. DavTrade
    DavTrade 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ could you please give us the final length of the high quality headphone cable?

  91. Vince
    Vince 2 years ago .Reply

    Monday the 14th and Newegg still says

    "OUT OF STOCK"… anyone have any further UpDates. ??

  92. Terry
    Terry 2 years ago .Reply

    Any word of the dial gets in the way of closing the slider on the cosmos 2?

  93. Ed O
    Ed O 2 years ago .Reply

    Unit arrived at my home yesterday from newegg. The build quality seems very nice. I'm looking forward to hooking it up later tonight.

  94. GoosNL
    GoosNL 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, when i push the selection knob it show EDIT. then i select the fan i like to chance. Push again en change the fan speed. now i have to push again to leave. but it leave's the EDIT mode, then if i want to change an onther fan, i have to repeate the procedure.

    Olso when i select a fan (not in edit mode) and then go to edit i will end up with "cpu 1"and not the fan i just selected.

    I hope that this can be changed/updated.


    ps can the time be in 24h notation?

  95. OhItsThat
    OhItsThat 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ, thanks for the reply on You Tube. So this is how I have my fans hooked up in my rig. I have M6F with an H80i, on the H80i I have 1 SP120 3pin fan on the front and on the rear I have 1 SP120 4pin fan. The front facing 3pin SP is plugged into CPU_FAN and the rear 4pin SP into CPU_OPT. I also have the CPU_FAN on Advanced in the UEFI

    I was told somewhere along the way to plug the H80i fans directly into the mobo instead of into the pump of the H80i

    I have a bottom intake SP120 3pin fan plugged into OPT_FAN1, I originally had it plugged into CHA_FAN1 but after the case swap it stopped showing up in Fan Exp. It was running at top speed with no way to slow it down.. I also have 4 AF140 Fans plugged into a front bay fan controller.

    In Fan Exp I have to set the CPU_FAN to RPM Mode so both fans on the H80i will spin. If in Smart Mode the rear SP 4pin fan(CPU_OPT) on the H80i will stop spinning after I run Fan Tuning. I just don't think its safe to have 1 fan spinning on the H80i.

    In the UEFI I have OPT_FAN1 (Bottom Intake) set to Profile Mode/Performance.

    So what do you think I should do? I'm ready to buy the ROG Front Base right now but I'm worried about my fans working correctly when plugged into the mobo. Thanks for your time JJ..

  96. Burn
    Burn 2 years ago .Reply

    Maaaaaaaan i want one but i live in germany D:

  97. nkill
    nkill 2 years ago .Reply

    There's JJ bringing joy to the world once more!

  98. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    I have confirmed with our product manager. Newegg is still in the process of updating their internal systems but should it go online and active ( currently the page is active but the inventory has not been set to live / available ). This shoudl occur by end of week. For AMAZON we expect this to occur by mid to late next week. Keep in mind for AMAZON this will be for sold and shipped by AMAZON as opposed to 3rd party etailers selling through AMAZON.

  99. nkill
    nkill 2 years ago .Reply

    Its ok colton, you will always be in our hearts. I didn't get one either!!

  100. Ed O
    Ed O 2 years ago .Reply

    I happen to check newegg before going to bed around 2am est last night and they had both listed, one for $79 from newegg with no photos up yet and the $158 one from the market seller that had all the photos.

    I purchased it and woke up earlier today with a Tracking number in my email so it's on the way. I wonder how many newegg got into stock that sold out so fast. Did they move a dozen or did they move 200 in that few hours??

    Looking forward installing it.

  101. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    really they are already gone? holy shiz im glad i was up that early then and got mine! I'm sorry guys, i posted as soon as i knew to hopefully prevent this.

  102. Voo
    Voo 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah, I missed it too. Some idiot probably bought them all to gouge consumers.

  103. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Please call our estore. We will be working to get some additional audio cables that are longer. For the OC Cable header though the current length is the only option.

  104. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Should be up shortly. We are confirming with Newegg and Amazon on time to have their product pages updated.

  105. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes as of right now only some third party etailers are selling through Amazon but you should have official Amazon sold and ship option shortly. We are working with them on confirmation of ETA to have it up on their product page.

  106. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    I am hoping to do this soon once I get an MP sample. Hopefully in the next day or two. Will update then.

  107. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    We have already shipped to both Newegg and Amazon. We will provide an update shortly. We are working to confirm with them on ETA of having it up. The current AMAZON link is an option but it is through another reseller selling through Amazon.

  108. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This is a third party reseller selling through AMAZON. We have supplied product to Newegg and Amazon directly. Expect to see those up very soon. We are currently confirming with them on ETA for posting.

  109. Dan P
    Dan P 2 years ago .Reply

    OMG I missed it. They are out of stock!!!!!!

  110. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    Well everyone its finally on newegg and for the right price we were told, $80! It came online at about 1:30 AM and i happen to check then and saw it listed. Even due to bad information given, the price is as discussed with ASUS reps so i was happy to purchase the item. My ROG front base is now on its way! I wanted to give everyone here the update so that you could all go purchase and finally relieve yourselves of the long anticipated wait and anger lol. Here is the link

    Also don't worry about the one listed from the "first from Asia" seller listed at $160, I actually called and spoke with a manager from newegg and had it removed due to the person obviously trying to take advantage of loyal ASUS customers. Once showing him the information from Asus reps concerning the price difference he was glad to intercept and take the item down.

    All in all i hope everyone can be happy the wait is finally over and forget the discrepancy in information relayed about the item and dates. Have fun and make sure to post your reviews about the front base once installed, I know i will!!!

  111. Paul
    Paul 2 years ago .Reply

    It is now on Newegg for $79.99 + $4.99 shipping.

  112. omarras
    omarras 2 years ago .Reply

    Here is the link for the item on Newegg. $79.99

  113. Tim Crews
    Tim Crews 2 years ago .Reply

    I would say the best course is to just wait until it does release here in the states…I would never pay 150 bucks for this panel…people just trying to sucker others out of their money…Im just gonna wait Asus will eventually release it…really would like to know hold up…Im hoping for a special for a limited time purchase for 50 bucks that would be cool lol just wait it is the best way really.

  114. Brandon
    Brandon 2 years ago .Reply

    I actually don't see it on newegg anymore, i did this morning. So maybe it was taken down. It is however still on amazon. I did see that someone from the rog forums bought it. If they're saying the MSRP is $80 then wait for Newegg and Amazon to post the product from their warehouse. Not third-party sellers. I don't see what the big deal about the price is. Obviously third-party sellers are going to try and double it if they can get it out their before the big retailers. Be patient.

  115. Liancarlos
    Liancarlos 2 years ago .Reply

    That is exactly the same case I talked about yesterday. Either newegg or Amazon can control who ppl post in their marketplaces, that is a free zone where you post your articles. Notice that neither Amazon Prime/, nor has published their articles. Those are just speculation from 3rd party guys trying to making money out desperation of some buyers.

    The interesting part is how is possible that this guys (individual persons) are in possession of items that Asus has not officially launched yet. Are you being stolen Asus? Are your official distributors/auth seller selling this product outside of the scope of your contract?

    Definitely Asus needs to make an official statement about this. I'm huge fan of JJ, I'm always following his interviews in the YouTube community, and he has always said that Asus listens its community (fans), well even though we are sure this is not 100% Asus's fault, it can't be hidden that inaccurate information has been presented to us and 3rd party, individual seller has been trying to take advantage of the love and trust some of have in Asus brand. Again, some kind of official statement from Asus is needed

  116. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    apparently the item is from some guy "neofeel" so maybe that is the reason for the price but Idk. Why would newegg let him charge that? Im disappointing but we will see, if the price actually is that, you can bet i wont be buying it.

  117. Voo
    Voo 2 years ago .Reply

    Guys keep in mind the Newegg and Amazon ads are from an international seller. If you wait for the official North American release the price point will most likely be at the $80 that has been discussed. These sellers are just taking advantage of the impatient. Unless you are one of those "I have to have it first guys" then just be patient and wait for the official lower price point. I have very little patience for these things, but no way I am dropping $160 for it now when it should be out cheaper soon. I highly doubt anyone here is "lying".

  118. Dan P
    Dan P 2 years ago .Reply

    Agreed, pretty discouraging. I can't find it on Newegg. I was thinking about ordering the rampage black MOB and it comes with a digital display overclocking system. I wish it had the option of not getting that and getting this for a different price point. I think I will wait for awhile at this point because there are alot of options for fan controllers. Thanks for all the info guys.

  119. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    ok so wtf? newegg now has it and its the same price $160!!! WTF happen to $80 dollars? If it was $100, ok whatever, but this is ridiculous. So basically everything we were told was wrong, be out last week wrong, be around $80 wrong, forget this. After being told multiple times wrong information, iv'e now lost all interest in this product and i wont be buying it. Congrats Asus…

  120. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    Lol i totally feel your pain Jacob, my phone is amazing at changing words to other words with no correlation what so ever haha. Also nkill, we def could do that, console goes DOWWN! I was hardcore console until i built my first computer this year lol

  121. Nkill
    Nkill 2 years ago .Reply

    We could always start making fun of others? Maybe a console vs pc war, like everywhere else? I don't think that will work here :-).

  122. DaKon
    DaKon 2 years ago .Reply

    Getting a little bit less interested in this device and the swift monitor as the dates keep falling further and further back.

  123. Tj
    Tj 2 years ago .Reply

    What are the two dates they gave you?

  124. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    haha yeh thats exactly what i was discussing with some of my friends when we looked at the price. We were think there is no way and if anyone was stupid enough to buy it from them i feel bad for those people. I hope he does get sued though because thats just sad. I will still patiently wait for it on newegg but it still sucks that its taking so long. I would like to know something concrete because im getting two different dates from different ASUS reps.

  125. X79ROG1
    X79ROG1 2 years ago .Reply

    Yeah i guess Asus NA equals The Canadian part of NA, that is where the seller is located that has it on amazon

  126. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    i just checked and dang, thats way more expensive that what we were told, its double….

  127. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    holy shit its a miracle, its on amazon!!! I'm disappointed in newegg to be frank.

    link it?

  128. Dan P
    Dan P 2 years ago .Reply

    Well I still don't see it on Newegg. I found it on Amazon but at a higher price point than this thread has stated. Do we know when it is going up on Newegg or other large distributors?

  129. omarras
    omarras 2 years ago .Reply

    Well ASUS North America told me they shipped to Newegg two weeks ago. I tlaked to New Egg last night. they never heard of it…can I buy one from overseas? will it works the same as the ones sold in North America? Sick of waiting.

  130. ed
    ed 2 years ago .Reply

    Been checking newegg couple times a day all week.. I want!

  131. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    nope nothing yet…

  132. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply

    Nope nothing yet…..?

  133. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    I think maybe we have been lied to?? I've been doing the same everyday since I confirmed it with ASUS NA. JJ said it had been shipped but that i contacted ASUS NA and they said it hadn't and was in their warehouse READY to be shipped. Newegg sucks and trying to help with ETA or preorders. Idk what going on but my enthusiasm and will to buy this product is slowly slipping away. Give us some HARD details and facts….

  134. Brandon
    Brandon 2 years ago .Reply

    When will this be available? Asus said that newegg has received shipment days ago and yet it still hasnt been posted on their site to buy.

  135. Nick
    Nick 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ are we gonna see this tomorrow for sale finally lol??!!

  136. Jomsdk
    Jomsdk 2 years ago .Reply

    Have a corsair 900D and Asus ROG Formula 6 and the cable for the sound isnt long enough, i need to know where i can get one thats longer or when you will release one or should i just go ahead and buy an extender and live with it?

  137. Frank j
    Frank j 2 years ago .Reply

    Still no links to purchase? Credit card in hand ready to order now…..

  138. kah
    kah 2 years ago .Reply

    Little confused, will this work on a crosshair v formula z ROG mobo?

  139. PhoenixMilitia Gamin
    PhoenixMilitia Gamin 2 years ago .Reply

    Will it be available on Amazon?

  140. ken
    ken 2 years ago .Reply

    How about make it compatible with all ROG motherboards. Period. If you need 2 versions, one for internal OC panel header and one without, so be it. Why should the rest of us who spent hard earned money for a ROG board be left in the dark. Yes I am being hard on you JJ and I am pushing you and ASUS to consider the rest of us ROG users. Why wasnt it thought of to make this same controller for the other ROG boards. Tunnelvision or moneyvision?

  141. alex
    alex 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, I've been running into some issues with fan xpert as it seems to be no longer available. I have a maximus vi formula board and i'm running windows 7 and it seems that fan xperts no longer supported on the asus drivers page in the AI suite bundle. I've been thinking of just getting this front base to solve the problem but I'd like to know how many fans it supports?

  142. Dan P
    Dan P 2 years ago .Reply

    I have been watching newegg and still do not see it available. Can anyone link this if its now available?

  143. Nick ruggiero
    Nick ruggiero 2 years ago .Reply

    Do the fans still connect to the mobo? Also the rampage iv black takes only 4 pin fans?

  144. Burn
    Burn 2 years ago .Reply

    If you can buy it, will it ship internationally? If yes AWESOME 😀 if no nah i'll have to wait D:

    However if one of you would be so nice and send me a link where i can buy it i would be very grateful.

  145. Dillno Kile
    Dillno Kile 2 years ago .Reply

    Will the sound feature connect to a ASUS STX sound card?

  146. george
    george 2 years ago .Reply

    What about micro center

  147. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes it should be online at Newegg.

  148. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply

    I have a asus maximus vi gene with a oc panel with no ROG_EXT Cable.. I really need one and I've looked all over and asus was not much help! Is there anyway you could point me in the right direction to get the accesories for the Asus O.C panel that has been out for a bit? If there is anything you could do to help or point me in the right direction I would be unbelievably greatfull! Anything you could think of would really help me!! Thanks alot!!


  149. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    Where next week could we find it, newegg?

  150. Liancarlos
    Liancarlos 2 years ago .Reply

    What are the hardware's capabilities to handle case fans?

  151. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply

    Does anyone know where I can purchase or get the wire for the OC panel that is already out? I think it's the ROG_EXT CABLE…. Rog extension cable to connect to my maximus vi gene??

  152. Cody
    Cody 2 years ago .Reply

    Is this item by any chance compatible with my rampage 3 extreme???

  153. Anthony
    Anthony 2 years ago .Reply

    I would like to preorder my self!! In U.S!!! Can't wait!! Any other updates on release dates or any preorder info please let us know J.J. We are all anxiously awaiting its arrival!! Keep us all informed the best you can thanks alot!!

  154. jack
    jack 2 years ago .Reply

    Will the front base show temps from a water cooling temp sensor. I have the rampage iv black edition and it has a temp sensor input on the motherboard.

  155. David Morrish
    David Morrish 2 years ago .Reply

    I am very disappointed that this is not available for the crosshair v

    motherboard, it looks like we are being forgotten about.

  156. Sean
    Sean 2 years ago .Reply

    So are we looking at May? If you want to send me one now, I will be happy to test it out…

  157. AJ
    AJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Sounds good. Were you able to see if the cosmos 2 front slider can fully close ?

    Many Thanks

  158. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    you lucky sob lol!!! Dang, i wish the US came out that soon but their still doing testing and improving the length of the audio cable while trying not to hinder the performance. Maybe post some pics and a review since you will get it early? Have fun with it while we in the US are still waiting lol!

  159. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    Makes sense, hopefully testing goes well and is speedily completed. Is the longer length of the audio cord the reason why the MSRP went up from $70 to $80? Thanks for the updates, keep us all up to speed!

  160. Burn
    Burn 2 years ago .Reply

    Does it come to the Europe ?

  161. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    It will be soon we want to lengthen the audio cable and test it to ensure we kept the same performance. Stay tuned for more information. Current projected MSRP is $80.

  162. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Release will be coming shortly. We now have a projected MSRP of $80. Stay tuned for more information very soon.

  163. Alexandre Santos
    Alexandre Santos 2 years ago .Reply

    Where in the Netherlands can we pre-order this?

  164. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This may be true but for the US we just received our initial sales samples. Our release time frame will be soon but we need to finish some last internal test before releasing it to our sales channels.

  165. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    That is interesting the pin out is different but it is something I can discuss with our ROG team if there may be an adapter than could be used ( for the OC Panel header ) as the Front Audio connection would be fully compatible whether it be with a sound card or the onboard audio.

  166. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    For the UK sorry I cannot confirm but I can communicate in the US the MSRP is currently set for a projected $80.

  167. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    There is no pass through as it defeats the point of having the front base which has an improved cable and internal design for superior quality connection for the microphone and headphone. Have new videos going up this week. Thanks for the view and support.

  168. colton
    colton 2 years ago .Reply

    lol this is taking forever to come out, I'm sure the anticipation makes it seem longer

  169. nkill
    nkill 2 years ago .Reply

    I think its funny how JJ is trying there best not to start a riot. Will you be releasing it in north America first?

  170. Griffenxz
    Griffenxz 2 years ago .Reply

    I understand from your response it only works for the ROG z87 & x79 board that support ROG headers , but it seem that the Rampage 3 extreme also has similar header. The Rampage 3 Extreme supported the OC Station and I was hoping that if the Rampage 3 extreme any way Can utilize this header for the Front base?

  171. Ahsanul
    Ahsanul 2 years ago .Reply

    any info yet -_-

  172. Alexandre Santos
    Alexandre Santos 2 years ago .Reply

    I am really looking forward to this, I check everyday if Amazon has it up for pre-order. Just got a Formula VI board, and looking to finish my build with the Front Panel.

  173. chronocabal
    chronocabal 2 years ago .Reply

    Looks like your comments are in high demand, JJ! :)

    I too would love a definate price and release date, for the UK when you know, please!

  174. Burn
    Burn 2 years ago .Reply

    Now a Price ??

    Or Somthing like a release date ?

    like 15th – 30th march or so ??

  175. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    I had a question about this panel, looks very nice but I was curious does the panel's PCB have a pass thru for the audio, example my case has front headphone and mic already so if I used this would those ports become dead or does the board have a pass thru where I can have them all functional, I already have a dead firewire which I don't mind cause I don't use it but I'd prefer if I didn't have more dead connections

    Thanks in advance for any info JJ, love your videos, been waiting on the next ones

  176. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Not yet more information will be released very soon.

  177. Burn
    Burn 2 years ago .Reply

    Now More infos ?

  178. nkill
    nkill 2 years ago .Reply

    Its been a week :-)

  179. Burn
    Burn 2 years ago .Reply

    So Last month of q. 1 is here do you know more informations or can you say me a price or just a price region like 100$~120$ (or so)?

  180. joseph
    joseph 2 years ago .Reply

    so wait I just spent all this cash on the ROG Crosshair V formula Z board and I cant use this that is bs dude!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Josh K
    Josh K 2 years ago .Reply

    I already own the OC panel that came with the Extreme motherboard. I actualy wanted to use both, one on the 5.25 front bay (Asus Front Base) while also integrating the original OC panel on my desk in the kickstand position. I know both devices use the same motherboard header (only one available). Would asus have such a athing as a Y splitter or other solutions to use both at the same time?

  182. William Morren
    William Morren 2 years ago .Reply

    What are the dimensions of 'the selection knob'? Will it fit in a 'Fractal Define XL R2' case with the door closed?

  183. Ahsanul
    Ahsanul 2 years ago .Reply

    What is the height of the control nob. Because some enclosures with a cover over the 5.25 bay may not close. Please let me know.

  184. ken hoffman
    ken hoffman 2 years ago .Reply

    OK, so I went through all the front panels that Newegg and Tigerdirect sell. I have to say that, after reading the reviews of the units that are only somewhat close to the ROG front base, we need ASUS to build a reliable universal front base; PLEASE. There are far to many negative reviews on the LCD display units for me to even feel comfortable about thinking of getting one. Someone has to make a reliable, high quality unit. Come on ASUS, I know you guys can do it…

  185. Adam Jensen
    Adam Jensen 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ awesome looking OC bay. just a quick question. I have the coolermaster cosmos 2, but the dial on the oc panel looks like it sticks out? Can you please tell me if i can fully close the slider all the way up?

  186. Rene Barahona
    Rene Barahona 2 years ago .Reply

    One of your affiliates has been quoted as saying that this thing would cost 60 ERO / 80 USD. That can't be right, can it? That seems excessive considering what you get and how redundant some of the "features" are – more usb and audio connectors.

    Perhaps you would consider making a more economical SKU that did not feature what most (if not all) modern cases already give you for free.

  187. Dog
    Dog 2 years ago .Reply

    Same here! 990fx with 8350. I guess I have to upgrade to the Formula motherboard to use this

  188. ken
    ken 2 years ago .Reply

    Ok JJ, since you all screwed the AMD guys , what is the closest thing to this front panel that I can use on a ROG Crosshair V formula Z board.

  189. musicman
    musicman 2 years ago .Reply

    Another great product from Asus and ROG. To bad there is no support for RIVE or CHVFZ. The two best selling boards i know of and i own both. Would there be an adapter in the making to support these boards or to imitate the oc panel header ? Thanks JJ

  190. Enrico Meijer (Bifib

    Is it coming to the Netherlands too? i want to have it, i can't wait!

  191. George
    George 2 years ago .Reply

    I currently have the Maximus V Formula will it work with my board? Also do you have a rough price that you think it will sell around for?

  192. andrew
    andrew 2 years ago .Reply

    Does this only support rog motherboards or is it just the over clocking features which is supported by them? Could I use it with my sabertooth Z87?

  193. Paul
    Paul 2 years ago .Reply

    it would be amazing to see an itx case based on this as the front, and enough space for an H80.

  194. Daryl Perez
    Daryl Perez 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, will this work with TUF motherboards? Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 for example. Thanks.

  195. Micah
    Micah 2 years ago .Reply

    What computer case is the Front Base modeling inside of?

  196. Fio
    Fio 2 years ago .Reply

    Looks awesome when will it be available for purchased

  197. james
    james 2 years ago .Reply

    damn, no amd love…990fx with a sweet 8350. i love AMD

  198. VTC
    VTC 2 years ago .Reply

    What online retailers in the US will be selling this, maybe for pre-order?

  199. StaticFX
    StaticFX 2 years ago .Reply

    Its very cool – You should have a giveaway at launch! ten lucky people get one? :) – maybe the giveaway could include a ROG motherboard and some other awesome ASUS goodies! :)

  200. makaveli
    makaveli 2 years ago .Reply

    USB 2.0 port. Seriously? (facepalm)

  201. KeithZ
    KeithZ 2 years ago .Reply

    Ohh, one last thing…..I believe you're going for a military theme with the name, and at least for the U.S. military, the correct term would be FOB (Forward Operating Base).

  202. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    You are correct it is a Cosmos.

  203. Ahsanul
    Ahsanul 2 years ago .Reply

    What kind of case is that. It looks like a Cosmos. Please let me know which exact case as I want to use that case with the front base! thanks

  204. Dave Hackett
    Dave Hackett 2 years ago .Reply

    No AMD love? Judging by the boards listed, no way to get this to work with ROG Crosshair V formula is there?

  205. KeithZ
    KeithZ 2 years ago .Reply

    I hope this is released fairly quickly! I'm in the process of acquiring parts for a Maximus VI Formula-based build, and would love to incorporate this before i fire up my new computer for the first time :)

    1-month countdown timer, KGO….

  206. Jacob A Amos
    Jacob A Amos 2 years ago .Reply

    you guys should make it where the display can be displayed in vertical 5.25 bay's like in the corsair air 540 case

  207. Liancarlos
    Liancarlos 2 years ago .Reply

    This is a product that I will definitely look into once it's available in the market.

    Do you have a ballpark idea when when will be in the market, and how much would cost?

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