RT-AC87U The Ultimate Router 4×4 MU-MIMO – CES 2014

For those of you out there interested in the fastest wireless router ASUS’ division is going to have you covered. Currently the go to router for ultra fast 802.11AC performance is the RT-AC68U. The RT-AC68U is a 3×3 router that offers real-wold throughput that is significantly faster than 10/100 wired ethernet while offering truly impressive concurrent performance and extensive range. For those of you that have been waiting for the throughput increase and latency reduction to be enough for great gaming, streaming and wireless backups or transfers the wait is over. Enter in the router to rule them all and take on the mantle of the best wireless router on the market.

The RT-AC87U is still under design and development but we are already aware of some of the new features of this new router. It features a next generation wave 2 802.11AC chipset. The AC87U is powered by Quantenna’s latest and highest performing 4×4 MU-MIMO chipset. in addition to being the first 4×4 802.11AC chipset it also supports advanced beam forming to further improve on range and connectivity with beam forming supported wireless adapters. While the hardware is important the firmware is equally important. The RT-AC87U will continue the trend of featuring tuned firmware and an optimized radio design that will allow the RT-AC87U to be the best WI-FI – wireless router ASUS has ever released. Users looking for robust concurrent connectivity whether it be WAN, LAN, WI-FI or USB or all them will realize the value in the performance and functionality afforded by the AC87U. Built from the ground up for users looking for the absolute best in range, throughput and overall performance especially concurrent performance will find that the AC87U checks off all the right boxes and enables a level of wireless performance that mirrors hard line connectivity. In addition users looking for NAS type functionality will enjoy improvements in performance to USB speeds as well.

Connected enthusiasts with a multitude of WI-FI devices looking to maintain fast but stable connectivity will truly appreciate the performance they can experience on the latest dual band and 802.11AC enabled smartphones, tablets, laptops, HDTV’s, consoles or PC’s. Networking enthusiasts that realize the needs of extensive whole home device connectivity can now keep all their devices connected seamlessly and easily and with confidence in the range and throughput created by the RT-AC87U. To top it off users will have a great deal of functionality, flexibility available via the intuitive controls offered by the ASUS WRT web based interface allowing for scheduling, prioritization, monitoring and much more.

In addition to offering outstanding performance the AC87U will introduce extensive new improvements to the ASUS WRT firmware. For users looking for new features and functionality from ASUS and its Ai Cloud software as well as ASUS WRT firmware stay tuned. Considerable time and effort has and continues to be put into the improvement and enhancement to the firmware’s functionality and feature set. Users who appreciate the application free nature of ASUS firmware will continue to be impressed at the ability to setup, log in, control and do much more via the simplicity of a web based interface.

Below you can check out some of the pictures of the prototype of the RT-AC87U. Stay tuned to PCDIY for more information on ASUS line of networking products.

WP_20140108_16_32_07_Pro WP_20140108_16_32_40_Pro WP_20140108_16_32_48_Pro WP_20140108_16_33_02_Pro WP_20140108_16_33_12_Pro WP_20140108_16_33_20_Pro


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  3. Dev
    Dev 1 year ago .Reply

    The 87U is available now

  4. Dev
    Dev 1 year ago .Reply

    1. Make sure you there are not duplicate forwards, make sure your ip devices and ports are unique, make sure your user assigned names are unique. sometimes Port Forwarding

    is so simple it is confusing. All your really doing is telling the router when someone types this IP address and Port number in it routes the traffic to what ever that IP and Port are connected to. Example: I have a NAS, it is on and on port 8080, So the Name of the forward I call NAS, the IP I use the port I use

    is 8080. Save that and then go to your browser and type, in my case and what ever the server name it is connected to. Mine happens to look like this:

    The /cgi-bin is the server name to the login screen on my NAS.and of course the IP and Port number are what that Server name on the NAS is pointing to.

    Hope this helps


  5. Dev
    Dev 1 year ago .Reply

    2 Years ago I began with the Netgear 6200, there was so much mamby pamby with specific v. Releases it was ridiculous. I started shopping and found the ASUS RT-AC66U and last year I bought that product. My network is composed of 300 Mbps Synchronous Upstream and Downstream service Through Verizon FiOS. This router is outgrown now, since the recent upgrade to higher bandwidth. However when I was only supplied 75 / 75 Mbps the 66U was a RockStar!!! I just ordered the ASUS 87U and can not wait to get it in and serving. I have also purchased a 3Com 16 Port Switch to replace my old 10/100/1000 Trend Net Dumpster Dive special, The biggest pluses that I give ASUS are:

    1. The Quadtenna design

    2. The USB 3.0 and Mini Server

    3. The Range on the wireless side traveling at 1750 Mbps

    4. The capability of supporting the USB 3.0 WiFi Cards that support


    5. Last but probably foremost, getting away from stock firmware and

    the use of the DD-WRT Firmware Customized by ASUS for a

    Feature Rich Operating System.

    6. With my rooftop USB 3.0 antenna I can pick up WiFi anywhere in my

    1/2 Acre Property. That being by the way the RaLink 3270

    Paddle Antenna. On eBay there like $26.00 Range 1.5 Miles.

    Now I did do some comparisons with the ASUS AC3200 Which is

    actually slower on the WiFi 2.4 Ghz side, That being 1300 Mbps.

    Otherwise for a business router that would be a good alternative.

    a Bit less expensive as well.

    My final thoughts, I have been using ASUS Motherboards for years

    and now Routers. They have not waivered one Iota in quality, if

    you have the bucks, Invest in the AC87U and be sure your using

    Cat-6 or Cat-6a Giga-E cables. PI Manufacturing has a wide

    selection at awesome prices, 100' molded 22 awg $30.00

    10' – 35' $4.00 – $12.00 if that.

    Lastely if your a Verizon FiOS customer and want to use your own

    router, I have the solution, to where you can eliminate their Craption

    Tec all together. You basically have them provision the Ethernet

    port on the ONT and leave the MoCA port on as well, This enables

    you to have TV service too, however if you have just Internet

    you can give them back their Craption-Tec router after having them

    enable the Ethernet port on the ONT, This is a Tariff feature, you

    must ask for. It is also FREE!! Most forums and customers claim

    you must use the ActionTec to bridge your own router in, well you

    do not. You can go directly from the Fibre to the Cat-6 and out to your


    Hope someone got some good advice out of this, sorry if I rambled a

    bit, Have a wonderful Day and Happy Networking.

    ps my email is hb2kc.support@gmail.com

    I am Dev

    DALLAS 1 year ago .Reply

    jj i have a question i just bought a 87u from bestbuy do i have to download all the firmware and put them in one at a time or can i just download the last one from 2-16-2015 and it will be all up to date?

  7. Zanfir Flaviu
    Zanfir Flaviu 1 year ago .Reply


    I got the RT87U but seems like the IPv6 its working for me and my ISP provider whas it.Can i pls help me with some setings?

  8. Shane
    Shane 1 year ago .Reply

    Well, this thread has W&T run it's course of usefulness, time to unsub. Good-bye.

    DALLAS 1 year ago .Reply

    you just log in go to the wan click it then theres a tab that says WAN – Virtual Server / Port Forwarding

    ENABLE PORTFORWARDING Service Name call it whatever ur forwarding then Port Range is the port number enter it then if its a static ip add the ip number then local port should be the same number as the port range number protocol tcp or udp or both then click on the add on the right of all that then go and do the next same way then after you have all that you wanna portforward then click on the apply button on the bottom thats it

  10. DALLAS
    DALLAS 1 year ago .Reply

    i got it with no problems

  11. CyberTri
    CyberTri 1 year ago .Reply

    Here is a question for Asus. Why are these high end routers made that don't allow more than one vLAN? I mean, even 3 vLANS would be fine. If I want to have 3 different networks on my router.

    192, 10, 172

    I can't because only one vlan exists. Or how about multiple subnets in a range?


    But if you hack the firmware and effect the IPtables you can do it. Really, Why isn't this a built in option?

  12. rodney
    rodney 1 year ago .Reply

    how do I forward ports on asus wrt rt87u router, their tech support can't do it. need real instruction

  13. dallas
    dallas 2 years ago .Reply

    jj and coupons for the asus rt87

  14. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    The firmware is currently under testing and validation. Once a formal release time frame is finalized and internal testing and validation is complete an update will be posted on the site as well in the primary overview article which details this information.

  15. MJ
    MJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Can anyone give some date when MU-MIMO in this router is planed to be released ?

    I wounder about buying this router but I do not want to buy it considering features it 'might have' in future.

  16. Hans
    Hans 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry …RT68 one but last sentence should read RT87 of course …

  17. Hans
    Hans 2 years ago .Reply

    Got this router this weekend, performance is ok but transfer of large files (over 2 Gb) via wifi to NAS breaks down and stops. Installed latest Asus fw (Merlin is older version, same problem btw) which supposedly fixed this issue but to no avail. Previous setup with AC-RT68U as router and the RT66 as media bridge worked flawlessly, could transfer files of 50 Gb without pain overnight. Now with the RT68 it's crappy. Any chance we see new fw soon from Asus to fix this?

  18. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Not directly we will be looking at producing a similar solution but smaller. Overall the EA-87 is pretty close in functionality but is more like a media bridge due to the integrated switch offering more ports.

  19. Sharky
    Sharky 2 years ago .Reply

    @JJ – if 2 RT-AC87U were used together, one being in Bridge mode/wifi extender, are there any restrictions on the Bridge in functionality? Ex: – If a USB drive is connected to the Bridge unit, and mainly accessed (DLNA) by users connected to that wifi point, will there be any increased traffic between the two AC87's?

  20. thesandman6969
    thesandman6969 2 years ago .Reply

    So I take it the EA-87 is the next iteration of the EA-N66?

  21. TheSandmaN
    TheSandmaN 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there going to be a PCE-AC87 or equivalent PCI-E adapter like the PCEAC68? Really want to get the most out of this router with my main gaming PC.

  22. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes the 87U has been released in the US and North America.

  23. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry I handle specifics for the US and North America. I would expect availability to occur very shortly. I would reach out to our social media channels in the UK.

  24. Kurosaki Reehaan
    Kurosaki Reehaan 2 years ago .Reply

    Hii. I just want to know if this has been released or not?

  25. Mathew Teague
    Mathew Teague 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ when will the AC87U be released for the UK as I can't wait for this =)

  26. ac
    ac 2 years ago .Reply

    Are you looking into this issue just reported in news? Apparently the Broadcom chipset used in many of the popular devices (most RT- included) may have this issue. I am not certain if this "1 second to hack into the router" trick is possible with the default WPS configuration or not though.


  27. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, my Buffalo whr-hp-g54 router is flashed with DD-WRT. I can do some amazing things with it like VLAN. However, this router is getting long in the tooth. Will the ASUS 87U have all the same features like DD-WRT, specifically BSSID support and VLAN?


  28. Jo
    Jo 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi All,

    Anyone here could give me the pre-order links. Would appreciate if could ship to Canada.

    Thank you!


  29. tradax
    tradax 2 years ago .Reply

    What is the power consumption idle, average when used and under maximum load? I Always find it strange that this isn't reviewed while it's a device that is always on.

  30. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Newegg Release Date: 08/26/2014. Price $279. Ouch!

  31. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply

    You can preorder on Newegg now FYI.

  32. Shark
    Shark 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I want to thank you for being patient during this entire release process. I have been following this site for many months and am very excited that it is finally for sale. I have a few questions:

    1) Do you have any recommendations as to how to set up this router for those of us who have MoCa modem routers from Verizon? Should I turn off the ActionTec completely and run 2 networks off the RT? I have a 50/50 connection with the ActionTec MI424WR Rev I with a not so complex environment (random G device, 2 AC devices, the rest N). From what I understand, I need to reassign an address to this router.

    2) Would you recommend two separate SSIDs for the 2.4GhZ for the G/Ns and 5GhZ just for the AC clients?

    3) Is it possible for me to have a VPN with this router? Would this alleviate any requirement to pay a separate service for VPN capability on my network?

    I apologize for the slightly noobish questions – I am very new at Wifi setups.

  33. anonymous
    anonymous 2 years ago .Reply

    How does this compare to

  34. Richard
    Richard 2 years ago .Reply

    Kristy, Quantenna hasn't enable the MU-MIMO yet. They are working on optimizing the 5 Ghz firmware with additional features by late August, in conjunction with the release of the EAC87U Bridge. This is per Gary Key, Asus Technical Marketing.

  35. kristy foster
    kristy foster 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, Using the 2044 firmware we are unable to get a media bridge speed higher then 1300Mbps between two 87R units (that's the same as the Netgear R7000 tests) as various distances (5 feet , 20ft 100ft etc) we have run an RF Spectrum Analyzier – on 2.4 & 5ghz and there is no other interference in the enviroment

    have you actually implemented the 4×4 MU-Mimo in the latest firmware or have you in the lab been able to get anything higher then 1300 in your tests bridging the units..? – we have seen cases where the R7000 Has connections of 875 whereas the 87R are up to 1170 probably because of the additional antenna…. is the 87R limited to 80mhz channels or will a firmware update allow 160mhz channels (or do we need to buy a future unit to do this)

    Ultimately our plan is to have 3 87R's media bridge to the main unit on the 5GHZ… a few legacy clients on the 2.4Ghz which we have limited to 20mhz channels – max 20 total connects on 5ghz

  36. Stephen J Margolin
    Stephen J Margolin 2 years ago .Reply

    CNET just published review of the RT-AC87U. Best Buy sells the RT-AC87R. What is the difference between the

    AC87U and the AC87R, if any?

  37. Dariusz
    Dariusz 2 years ago .Reply

    What about support for LTE modems or even sim card in this model? still not can be used? You are thinking the only one way to got internet is WAN? Too slow in this times especially in Poland, maybe in Japan or US … Sim card slot will be usefull or USB with modems support, isn't it?

  38. dannyO
    dannyO 2 years ago .Reply

    Why oh why did you put the USB 3.0 port in the FRONT????

  39. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    Can I get a quick reply JJ? Is the Cnet review accurate for 2.4Ghz? Or is the 87U firmware causing issues.

    It doesn't makes sense how an older model could be so much more powerful for 2.4ghz throughput.

  40. Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago .Reply

    It seems a very poor product release with the product not launched but is available to buy from some retailers for me i have been put off with this kind of marketing and will not be in the market to buy this product as it seems that Asus dont know which day of the week it is at the moment.

  41. Richard
    Richard 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks wolf26pack. JJ posted above that the product page was up, so I started looking for it but can't find it. FCC can't find it either, and apparently FCC regulations require the manual at least to be available online when the product was released in the US on July 20. Just kind of unusual for Asus to make this kind of mistake.

  42. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    Looks like a major review was released with excellent ratings from Cnet.


    But my question is about the 2.4ghz benchmark where it looks like the AC68U DOMINATES everythiing including the 87U.

    Is that for real or a typo? I have a bunch of 2.4….so range and speed of them is important to me.

  43. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Shane, that's not the way I understand any of this. I doubt Best Buy "broke" the rules (accidentally) & released earlier than agreed. I'm sure all of this had the tacit approval of all parties concerned. That said, I'm still not sure why Asus would release a router (87R) that is not ready for prime time. Obviously all the 87R users will need to update the new FW (87U) when released. This whole roll-out has been goofy from the get go.

  44. Dave T
    Dave T 2 years ago .Reply

    I bought the R last week. Easy home set up for noob….except for one laptop. Asus support was funny…the guy actual said I was the first call on the unit. And he couldn't help me….suggesting that the problem was purely a OS issue….and not the router since all other devices could connect. He didn't offer to trouble shoot.

    So after a few more hours and few reboots to default, I called an IT guy I know. In two minutes he solved the problem and have been off and flying ever since. Two friggin' minutes.

    Maybe an old tech trick I hadn't heard before but…..don't use the same name for your network.

  45. Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson 2 years ago .Reply

    I am not able to get DDNS to work after getting a replacement RMA router. I assumed it would expire after 30 days so that I could use the same domain with the replacement router. My customer is very angry now!

  46. stephene
    stephene 2 years ago .Reply

    Never mind. The hardware is already shown in asus website. Thanks for the reply.

  47. stephene
    stephene 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I am referring to this picture http://pcdiy.asus.com/2014/01/rt-ac87u-the-ultima… vs the one from best buy. I'll assume it is from best buy.

  48. Henry G
    Henry G 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ,My house is big in a way i would like to use 2 of these routers, one on each end of the house. both wired and used as access points. What would be the best config of both routers so my clients always pick the AP with the strongest signal

  49. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thank you for your feedback it is sincerely appreciated. Please consider though there are number of factors that affect the entire process of development, release and distribution. Additionally while it is not a limiting factoring in our goal to ensure a smooth product release please understand the expectation and engagement of the niche enthusiast community are different than that of the broad enthusiast and or general consumer. This is why the PCDIY site was started to allow for a place to provide an opportunity for engagement and detailing or updates in between official dates.

    With that noted there are many factors in the roll out and release of a product. We consider these carefully and attempt to ensure the best possible execution possible when considering multiple factors including our customers and the community.

    In regards to BestBuy launch this purely has to do with their internal roll out time frame and integration of products into there distribution system. It does not always align with the more flexible integration offered buy other distribution channels. This varies though and is a reality of a multi distribution and etailer / retailer system. There are a number of other factors that ultimately are part of the product distribution process. I will not detail those here but I ask you understand we are aware of our customers and their eagerness at having the most information and best availability.

    HANK BOHINICK 2 years ago .Reply

    Just bought a Asus RT-AC87R AT BEST BUY. 7/27/14 NO PROBLEM!

  51. wolf26pack
    wolf26pack 2 years ago .Reply


    I'm not here to get in a forum war with you, but from what I've read the average consumer and even the more informed consumer can and has gotten confused about the different model numbers, even though there's no difference.

    2nd to assume I've got no life and am hitting the refresh button every 5 mins is such a deluded statement. I'm an average consumer who wants to spend his hard earned cash on a Great Product. (Which this router is looking to be) I'm not a router enthusiast who plans to purchase the newest router every year like cell phones.

    Finally I know releasing products on a global scale isn't easy. And I'm not talking about having a global release, just in North America and having retailers and e-tailers releasing at the same time, all they had to do is set a release date where both sides had product availability, and don't tell me it's not possible as tons of other companies do it all the time.

    What i had wrote previously was just supposed to be constructive feedback on the way they have chosen to release this product. I'm sure the router will be great and I plan to buy one as soon as they're available online.

  52. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    USB 3.0 speeds compared to Netgear AC3200.

    Anyone have them please post!

  53. cryptochrome (@crypt

    Some people here need to get a life. Seriously. All the complaining about not enough info and too much hype. One even said this "would cause angst in customers". Don't be ridiculous.

    Releasing a new product on a global scale takes times. If you can't wait, go some place else and buy what is available today. But do us all a favor and stop sitting in front of this blog like a child, pressing Refresh every 5 minutes and complain about things that no one can change. Grow up, get a life.

  54. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Like Wolf26pack, I am beginning to lose interest as well. Too much Hype and not enough real info. Sorry Asus.

  55. Tom Farley
    Tom Farley 2 years ago .Reply

    Well that's really lame. I thought this blog was the "in the know" blog. Apparently not. Looks like SNB knows more about Asus than this ASUS blog does. JJ, what happened?

  56. cryptochrome (@crypt

    JJ, the press release says the AC87 will only be available in north america. Any word on whether the rest of the world will be able to enjoy this router as well?

  57. Richard
    Richard 2 years ago .Reply

    You won't get true MU-MIMO till the newer NIC's come out. Current NIC chipsets can't do it.

  58. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Great question CyberTri, I am wondering the same thing. I would like to use the 87U/R as a pseudo NAS using a USB 3.0 WD external drive. Also wondering if you can assign up to six different SSIDs like the 68U. Also Also wondering if the 87U will support BSSID (vice SSID). DD-WRT does, so I hope ASUS-WRT will.

  59. Duality
    Duality 2 years ago .Reply

    I have just bought the ac68U a few days ago – I'm tempted to return it and wait for the ac87u to come out (officially). Is there actually a timeline to the release (other than a few bestbuy versions appearing?). I don't want to be waiting for a few months before the new version comes out! (and I know the ac68u will drop in price a lot once this is released so i'll loose money either way). I live in the UK and can't buy the bestbuy one :(. But looking at the price of it in conversion its £10 more than what i paid for the ac68u!!! which makes me wonder if its worth me returning this one now. Is there any idea regarding the retail price for this unit?

  60. stephene
    stephene 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, what should be the real hardware for AC-87U router? Is it from this site's picture or the one from best buy http://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-extreme-wireless…?

  61. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    Great thread here!! So informative.

    I would have bought an ASUS AC68U but I need very fast external drive access. The Netgear 1900 had about double the Asus speed, and the new Netgear AC3200 doubles the previous USB access speed.

    But it isn't true MU-MIMO and truthfully, I can't stand Netgears GUI.

    JJ. Do you know if Asus has handled the USB 3.0 external access speed side of the equation? Right now Netgear dominates in that area.

  62. Leon
    Leon 2 years ago .Reply

    Will it have any PoE ports?

  63. Ninjawithagun
    Ninjawithagun 2 years ago .Reply


    I just purchased the Asus AC87U router from Best Buy and then navigated over to the Asus website only to be shocked that there no support page has been set up yet for this router. Any word on when Asus plans to provide online support for the AC87U?

  64. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Shane, got it. Thanks.

  65. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Yes Shane, I did read the thread. It doesn't answer the question. If the device has already been delivered (but not on shelves yet) to retailers warehouses, then what is ASUS waiting on? It's not like ASUS is going to ask all the retailers to return the units. I was under the impression this unit was still being tweaked (according to JJ). If so, why on earth is it already on the street (in warehouses)? And if it's on the street, it must be ready for release. Sooooooo, what are we waiting on?

    If I'm going to purchase one, I want to make sure it's worth it. Not trying to be difficult, just trying to figure out what's going on with the 87U.

  66. Vaszago
    Vaszago 2 years ago .Reply

    I hope the AC87 supports LTE usb modem to 150 mbit or more. Would a weak performance from Asus if not. Bask prefer a Dovado router. The can do that

  67. Ryan
    Ryan 2 years ago .Reply

    It's available at best buy http://m.bestbuy.com/m/e/product/detail.jsp?skuId

  68. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there a difference between the 87U and the 87R? On SNB members are reporting (with pictures) that the 87R is already on sale. Many SNB members say the official release for 87U is 20 July (today) yet there is no news from Asus. I'm confused. JJ, throw us a bone will ya?

  69. James
    James 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ is the RT-AC87R the same as the RT-AC87U.

    It is the RT-AC87R that is available now at Best Buy.


  70. Shane
    Shane 2 years ago .Reply

    "Meaning I would have a extremely mature and robust N based router for n clients and then a AC router for AC based clients."

    Good point, forgot to mention that!

    "That being noted there are a number of technologies that are part of the 87U that offer improved performance and throughput for N based clients. This is without introducing MU MIMO."

    Hmm, don't recall reading about that, thanks for sharing!

  71. Don Ring
    Don Ring 2 years ago .Reply

    My local Best Buy had several of these routers on the shelf. Looks like they are selling them early. I have heard that the "official" release date is July 20th.

  72. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, if you guys are still focusing on finalizing performance tuning, interoprability testing and overall validation, how then will you be able to spin up production of this model to make it available to the masses in Q3? I cant see how this unit will be available for another six months unless you guys have thousands of these things already made just waiting to be programmed with firmware.

  73. Don Ring
    Don Ring 2 years ago .Reply

    Release is imminent?? http://forums.smallnetbuilder.com/showthread.php?…

  74. Jim Adams
    Jim Adams 2 years ago .Reply

    Netgear also has an AC-3200 router. Are you worried about a possible name confusion among customers?

  75. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    I understand that Multi Hz antennas are an improvement for seperating slow and fast device connections in the 2.4 and 5Ghz range (the AC3200 devices).

    1. Even if the MU-MIMO AC2300 Asus is "faster", doesn't it still have to use a receiver that accept MU-MIMO speeds?

    2. If I only have 2.4 and 5ghz N devices (10-15), should I go with the Asus AC3200 for better antenna separation, or would the AC2300 still give me better range and throughput than AC3200?

    I hope that wasn't confusing.

  76. Nicce
    Nicce 2 years ago .Reply

    One thing that would be good to have is a DMZ that is truly isolated from the rest of the network. Some VLAN support in general would be good to have.

  77. cryptochrome (@crypt

    I am going to move to a new house mid August. I will need completely new Wifi gear (2-3 routers, 2 of them in bridge mode).

    Does it make sense to wait for the 87U? Will I be able to get my hand on it by that time (can wait about 4 more weeks)?

  78. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ Stated

    "This is another unit we have coming but is based on a different chipset with a different design"

    In regards to the AC3200 Asus device in my link above. I can not understand how this model AC2300 type could be faster than the above AC3200 Asus device. Especially with Netgear releasing their newest AC3200. I don't see this device ever releasing now.

    I would like to see smallnetbuilder benchmark the Netgear R8000 against the ASUS Router RT-AC3200 at some point.

  79. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply


    agreed. However, I'm sure you can understand everyone's excitement waiting for this unit to be released. Do not rush it, make it right, but please let us know a release date as soon as you can. Lastly, any idea of the price range for the 87U? I don't mind spending $220-$230, but anything beyond that will make me reevaluate if I really need the 87U. Thanks.

  80. Nicce
    Nicce 2 years ago .Reply

    IPv6 is the next step and an a global IP for each device.

  81. KUSH
    KUSH 2 years ago .Reply

    I'm wondering what the delay is. Linksys/belkin dropped their big boy already and netgear just released the R8000. Sorry but the wait is too long for the features being offered. This thing is going to be dated by the time it's released.

  82. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, soon is a relative term. How soon? Days, weeks, months? Please, give us a target. Thanks

  83. CyberTri
    CyberTri 2 years ago .Reply

    Wait…I am lost Is this cancelled in place of the new AC3200?


  84. Cliff
    Cliff 2 years ago .Reply

    @ JJ. The design between the RT-3200 and the 87U seem drastically different. Are there any hints as to which one will be faster for running as an openVPN client? That is my key deciding factor.

  85. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Sorry, forgot to add, I would like to set up a WD 4TB USB 3.0 hard drive as a backup/NAS. Can the 87U do all that?


  86. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I have four laptops with a mix of G and N clients. One X-Box 360 and a Wii, two wireless Blue-Rays, a wireless smart Tv, three iphones, and two ipads that often connect to Netflix. Is the 87U the right wireless router for me?


  87. David heard
    David heard 2 years ago .Reply

    Bud I know ur pain I'm at the same point have n66u at the min want a upgrade to dno wot to do lol

  88. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Can't hold on much longer. 68U now on sale (4th of July) at Amazon for $180. Do I buy, or do I wait for the 87U. Decisions decisions.

  89. Jo
    Jo 2 years ago .Reply

    July 3, 2014 Q3 already.. come on ASUS…

  90. David
    David 2 years ago .Reply


    I have been looking for a router that will do at least 50 port forwards can't understand memory gets bigger and cheaper and more and more equipment in the home is accessible via the web yet manufactures seem to limit port forwards to 10-20 would be interested in your thoughts

  91. Ryner
    Ryner 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, i have a stupid question will my current laptop support MU-MIMO?

  92. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply

    Aaaaargh. It's the 1st of July and the 87U is not released yet. Cant hold on much longer, must buy a router soon. I sure hope this thing lives up to the hype.

  93. Frank Stoltz
    Frank Stoltz 2 years ago .Reply

    What has happened with the Asus router 87u is what in marketing is called "remaining one step ahead of your competitors" by means of announcing imaginary new products that will only become real at the time of their release date. It is essential to the success of a business niche (the router class in this case) that would make customers want to buy from you (Asus in this case) rather than the other guys, even when the other guys have released their real products already. Once the customer has bought the latest product in the mentioned niche, then it is highly unlikely they will invest again in something similar, which is why and when these marketing techniques are out in place by companies, in a an attempt to keep customers loyal. Customers should just always buy the latest technology without waiting, which will stop companies using these techniques and instead just working hard to deliver a release dates that could beat competition. If this new router Asus 87u is delivering new technology ahead of its time, then it can be said Asus is beating the competition, however is it really the case?

  94. Daniel
    Daniel 2 years ago .Reply

    Has it been confirmed yet that this model will be wall mountable like my RT-N66u which i am looking to upgrade with this model – ONLY if its wall mountable and preferably with the same mounting screw positions to make life easier

  95. Jo
    Jo 2 years ago .Reply

    Been soooo loonnnnggg waiting for this one..

  96. Pavel Parhomenko
    Pavel Parhomenko 2 years ago .Reply

    Well … a month or two?

  97. Pavel Parhomenko
    Pavel Parhomenko 2 years ago .Reply

    Ну… Месяц-два?

  98. Bud
    Bud 2 years ago .Reply


    I'm danger close in buying a new router. I was going to purchase the 68U but I'm concerned about the USB 3.0 performance. From what I've read, this problem is fixed with the 87U. I know you cant give us an exact date, but will it be this year when you release the 87U. Can you narrow it down to a specific quarter? Will the price be the same, or close as the 68U? Thanks.

  99. Pavel Parhomenko
    Pavel Parhomenko 2 years ago .Reply

    when release date?

  100. PD
    PD 2 years ago .Reply

    I currently have Netgear R7000 (stock firmware has lots of issues fixed only in WRT options) and was looking forward to Linksys WRT1900AC but again put off by hardware/firmware issues and lack of WRT options. I push the advanced features very hard having to conduct quite a few sessions that require steady sustained high bandwidth (Ethical Hacking) and have some serious OpenVPN requirements. If Asus can deliver the ability to push configuration parameters to client computers connecting over different VPNs then I'm buying the first RT-AC87U on the shelf. If not, I'll pass. I have multiple VPNs that connect incoming clients to different parts of my internal network and each needs different ip configuration parameters pushed to the clients. I specifically need to push different name resolution servers (DNS) or push /etc/hosts file updates to the clients only during the VPN session and have them reuse their previous configuration parameters after the VPN session is disconnected. I do this all the time on my enterprise systems but have found the VPN implementations on even high end consumer routers leaving the users to resort to hacks and trickery or manually making the clients reconfigure their computers after VPN session establishment and hopefully remember to reset them back after VPN is disconnected which of course never happens leading to increased technical support costs and time issues. So like I said, the first proper VPN server implementation in high-end consumer wifi router has my next vote with my wallet.

  101. John
    John 2 years ago .Reply

    Please Release it :) We Have been waiting for soooooo long

  102. Niclas
    Niclas 2 years ago .Reply

    I think that one of the man questions are clients. Is Asus going to release a MU-MIMO dongle, too?

  103. kristy foster
    kristy foster 2 years ago .Reply

    RT-AC3200 vs RT-AC87U – Don't Be Confused

    the case for buying the AC87U

    if your talking about max performance in the home. The 87U will provide a 1700Mbps 5GHZ 802.11AC 4×4 Bridge between the two routers… and if you can get your clients laptops with build in 802.11AC (like the Intel AC7260 card) connected on the 5Ghz you will get 866mbps 2×2 Max connection (until someone releases a 3×3 internal card or USB device then 1300Mbps)

    in this case if you have 2-3 older 802.11N or G devices connect them to the 2.4ghz radio with a 40mhz channel if no other networks are nearby (or a 20mhz wil give better throughput if it's there are lots of other wireless networks around)… my understanding this will NOT slow down your 5Ghz 1300 bridge or 866mbps clients

    (if you attempted to connect your 802.11N 5ghz to the existing 802.11AC 5ghz it would slow down your overall network

    So why buy the AC-3200

    the Speed of this Router is Slower… limited to 1300Mbps 3X3… (you cannot bond for a single 2600Mbps connection) it's "Tri-Band" meaning in the case above your bridge would be limited to 1300Mbps not 1700mbps but the big advantage is that a slower client would not slow down the rest of your network

    so you have all your 802.11AC 5Ghz clients connect to Radio #1 – your 802.11N 5GHZ would connect to Radio #2 and your older 2.4ghz would connect to Radio #3 – so for an office or "mix mode" office this would be a better router..

    to make this more confusing some companies like Cisco are introducing 802.11AC routers with 4 physical antennas but still 1300Mbps – the forth antenna is basically used for better reception – but consumers see 4 antennas and think it's faster.

    basically what you want is an 802.11AC routers with the largest channel size like 160mhz vs 80mhz and the greatest # of streams.. take a look at the visual chart below it explains things in more detail – so you want to buy a router with 8 Streams on the 160mhz channel for 6.92Gbps throughput – but this doesn't exist yet.


  104. Dijkstra88
    Dijkstra88 2 years ago .Reply

    @JJ Asus just announced the Asus RT-AC3200 router. Is this a competitor for the 87U or is that router aimed at a higher price range? Nice specs from the AC3200 model :). Looking forward to it.

  105. For JJ
    For JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ PLZ ask them to hurry up lol . i want a new router and have been waiting for so long . :(

    Why don't you guys make your own PCI Express like intel 7260 for laptops ?

  106. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Dimension specifications will be disclosed once we are closer to the actual release of the router.

  107. kristy foster
    kristy foster 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ will the 87U have any type of detection for channel interference from other neighbors AP devices & ability to automatically change channels? similar to Cisco ClearAir Technology? – also any 3×3 (or 4×4) USB Wireless adapters available… seems like everything is all 2×2 866mbps so the only way too take advantage is buying two routers & put one in bridging mode.

  108. Jim Adams
    Jim Adams 2 years ago .Reply

    Is the physical size the same as last years RT-AC68U ?

  109. Frederic
    Frederic 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there any indication for a release date? I might upgrade to AC68U, but maybe it's better to hold out.

  110. Bob
    Bob 2 years ago .Reply

    Nothing to see here…move along people

  111. PacoBell
    PacoBell 2 years ago .Reply

    I think RAW was referring specifically to eSATAp (as in "powered") ports. They're combination USB 3.0 and eSATA ports.

  112. Steve
    Steve 2 years ago .Reply

    I have roommates and I would love if I could give each of them their own SSID where I could limit their monthly download capacity (taking into consideration time of day), and maximum upload and download speeds.

  113. shpankey (@shpankey)

    JJ, we really need a fast CPU and fast (and more) RAM to get the performance from OpenVPN we all desire. Linksys has an impressive unit right now, 1.2 Ghz dual core with a ton of ram. You really need to pound the crap out of that. Push for a 2.0 ghz quad core CPU. Please! VPN kills our throughput b/c of slow cpu's. I'm on an Asus AC66u and if I use a PC to handle the vpn I get 120 mbit throughput, and around 10 if I use my router b/c of the crap CPU. Please don't skimp on this, you really need to deliver on the CPU in particular, and just matching the WRT1900 Linksys won't due.

  114. Paul
    Paul 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi, I see comments about OpenVPN Client… Will the unit support OpenVPN Server mode as well… I use dd-wrt for this functionality with my current router. BTW I've added more devices to my network and my current router is starting to have reliability issues from that…need to reboot it weekly now… Hope the new router comes out soon.

  115. Shane
    Shane 2 years ago .Reply

    Two excellent posts sir, apparently not all folks in the internetz are idiots.

    Please also share your ideas on major competitors sites/blogs (belkin/linksys, netgear etc, I can point you to the best places).

    Ultimately it's better for all of us when there's vicious competition, & there's little between the major players.



    Please allow this post, no partisan censoring please!

  116. ac
    ac 2 years ago .Reply

    Another idea, but not sure if this is possible to implement at all?

    Lets suppose you have neighbours you know well and they all want reliable and low latency internet.

    Each neighbour agree to get different ISP. Now each also get a router than connects to each others wifi box.

    Then depending on which web site you connect to, the traffic gets routed from either your or through you neighbours router (through wifi), based on the latency.

    I am not entirely sure how to setup this kind of network while maintaining the same IP though when each ISP assigns IPs from DHCP that are in different subnet.

    This way if any one ISP connection fails or has stupid routing (EU->US->EU when fastest was EU->EU, I've seen these a lot), you'll have the router pick the one that works or with lower latency or better bandwidth (it should be able to try both connections and pick the best path depending on whether its a file transfer or something needing low latency like opening web site).

  117. ac
    ac 2 years ago .Reply

    What wifi chip or soc will this have? I did some research which suggests that of the past vendors, Intel and Ralink are said to have good range. I believe Asus has been using Ralink and Broadcom in the past in the RT- units.

    Also as this is a PCDIY blog I'd like to put forth an idea for a "home data hoarder motherboard" with 2 Intel southbridges (more than 12 Intel sata ports preferably) and 10 GBe NIC. I'm still running 775 and looking to upgrade to broadwell and main criteria are amount of high quality SATA ports along with some legacy compat like atleast 1 PCI slot. I'm not spending a dime on NAS or SAS as the first one is slow and not native and SAS stuff is overpriced if you don't need or want all that raid stuff.

    10 years ago I had my first motherboard with 1 GBe LAN. Given that consumer HDD's have for ~5 years now done nearly 200 MB/s with SSD's now at 700 MB/s, there's clear demand to LAN ports to support this speed.

  118. corey
    corey 2 years ago .Reply

    personally i cant wait till this router is debuted cause im sick of my DGL-4500 that was supposed to the best router till they discontinued it a couple of months later i hope the same fate doesnt happen to this router cause my current router reboots every 2 hours or so

  119. Cliff
    Cliff 2 years ago .Reply

    My n66u is 80% perfect.

    The CPU and ram is limiting my OpenVPN client connection from 20 mbps to 7 mbps. So I am waiting for a higher frequency CPU router essentially. If it is fast enough, then I won't need selective VPN routing for my own personal use. Next thing is that with my N66U, DDNS (ASUSCOMM.COM) works fine, until I start my openvpn connection.

    I assume this is normal, as my WAN IP changed. There should be a way to send your new OpenVPN wan IP to asuscomm.com for DDNS every 10 minutes or so. Not just the IP the router gets from the ISP.

    Currently, I need to choose between my home security cameras, or having Netflix USA working.

    Last, and biggest issue, the AC87U is non existent. All I know is that supposedly, it is still in design stage. That could mean 6 months to 2 years before it is released..

  120. Paul Dijkstra
    Paul Dijkstra 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, are reading your comments here. Really looking forward to the new 87U model. Now I'm using the 68U. I hope that the new 87U has a more powerful cpu (1.2 duocore) and faster ram speed. Hopefully it will be released soon 😉

  121. DJ Nyce (@djnyce)

    please hurry. i need to get rid of this shitty netgear asap!

  122. Vaszago
    Vaszago 2 years ago .Reply

    A few weeks ago there was talk of a new GUI for the AC models. With many new features. Is there already news about it. Or a relaese date.

  123. hlavva
    hlavva 2 years ago .Reply

    Are you thinking about wallmounting?

  124. Al
    Al 2 years ago .Reply

    When is the launch date ?

  125. Fox
    Fox 2 years ago .Reply

    What is estimated time frame on this. Looking for something soon! There is a lot of months left in this year. So some time this year is awfully vague!

  126. ac
    ac 2 years ago .Reply

    I noticed this answer:

    JJ: "No sure what your question is asking? eSATA cannot be used for any other device outside of storage. For USB 3.0 we have no had issues with it degrading USB 3.0 performance if anything for higher performing 802.11AC solutions it is one of the only options to enabling ultra high speed external wireless adapters."

    I believe the original commenter was referring to numerous NewEgg reviews of another Asus RT-device which point out that if USB3 device is connected, the 2.4 Ghz signal becomes very weak, supposedly due to interference from the USB3 signaling leaking into the RF range. It's not sure if this is cable specific issue, so perhaps Asus should print a note in the manual if some cheap cables have problems (I've read USB3 cables come in wild variety of quality)

  127. ac
    ac 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi. will this be possible to power using standard PoE (802.3af / 802.3at)? I want to install the router at location optimal for reception and it would be ideal if no additional power cables were needed.

  128. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    ASUS has long had support for wall mount on the majority of its routers and we have definitely heard feedback on keeping this functionality. Rest assured we are working with our team on performance oriented models to try to ensure the tooling and design offers this great benefit. Thanks for the feedback!

  129. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for the feedback it is always appreciated.

  130. Daniel L.
    Daniel L. 2 years ago .Reply

    I wish someone one day will really explain how multiple antennas work… in this case 4. So many geeks/techies want to know the real deal, if one is assigned to a specific band, if orientation really matter and such, otherwise we will think that it's only for marketing purpose. Like mine is bigger than yours, you know…

  131. Joshua Bergus
    Joshua Bergus 2 years ago .Reply

    I vote for AUTOMATIC selective routing as well. However it would be desirable to have it working in a way that could really makes things easier. If I am streaming content in the UK and then decide to select a channel that only streams to geographic zones within the USA, then I would like the router to switch to the pre-configured VPN to route that specific stream. So all becomes a seamless experience due to well planned design and control inside the router and not having to manually re-route each stream.

  132. Wyatt
    Wyatt 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ please stop killing wall mounting for routers or come up with a bracket, not everyone wants to have it on a desk

  133. Sanchu Varkey
    Sanchu Varkey 2 years ago .Reply

    I am voting for selective routing because i use vpn for watching services like Hulu and this is not possible with my current set up.


  134. warfab
    warfab 2 years ago .Reply

    I agree selective VPN routing is needed. Please implement it for your OpenVPN client

  135. Adrian Kershaw
    Adrian Kershaw 2 years ago .Reply

    +1 again for selective routing. I know this is possible at the moment, but is too difficult and time consuming to understand and implement for most novice users.

  136. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    All comments await moderation it is our default to ensure there is no spamming as well as ensuring thread consistency.

  137. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This unit is still under design and development. Once we are prepared to release more information on the final specifications, features and functions as well as availability PCDIY will release this information. Stay tuned.

  138. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    This unit is still under design and development. Based on our track record of superior firmware tuning and antenna optimization I would still say our RT-68U is a great unit. If you really want an outstanding next generation unit I like the 87U as always good things are worth the wait. Stay tuned for more information.

  139. cliff
    cliff 2 years ago .Reply

    I agree with Sky1111. Many people have smart tvs or set top boxes for hulu, netflix, pandora, and use vpns t bypass geolocation restrictions. Others also download questionable content, but do so from a dedicated system. So a selective vpn option would be great. More and more, this will become a much bigger selling point than wireless speeds.

  140. RAW
    RAW 2 years ago .Reply

    A few queries:

    1) Is it time for USB 31. with c-cable?

    2) Could a router work with VOIP providers so I don't need a separate VOIP device on my local network for my land-line. I realize that most modern people don't have a land-line. I still use VOIP with old-fashioned UNIDEN handsets.

    3) Will the recently announced Ready Mode Technology from Intel mean that I can just leave my (still-to-be-purchased, next) computer on all the time, with better response than a USB hard drive on my router?

  141. Shane
    Shane 2 years ago .Reply

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation!?

  142. Shane
    Shane 2 years ago .Reply

    So is this available, when can it be expected in Australia?

    I look forward to comparing it to the WRT1900AC.


  143. Ad
    Ad 2 years ago .Reply


    I 100% agree with Sky1111 suggestions selective VPN routing would be a great feature.

    Parental Control feature enhancement would be great too.. ex: blocking Sites

    Thank you!

  144. idprism
    idprism 2 years ago .Reply

    relevant article on wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_Setu

    so, i hope that WPS is not present. if removing it is not possible (which is silly given the security risk it represents), can we be guaranteed that WPS fields will not be in the wireless packets when it is "turned off", and that it will not be required for bridging?

  145. Sky1111
    Sky1111 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, I have software feature request for the upcoming version of ASUS WRT: selective VPN routing

    Background: current ASUS firmware already supports OpenVPN Client. VPN usually impacts the Internet speed, so in many cases it is practical to restrict VPN to specific IPs/MAC addresses on the local network, instead of putting the whole network on the VPN.

    Proof of demand: multiple threads on ASUS/Merlin firmware forum: http://forums.smallnetbuilder.com/forumdisplay.ph

    More and more people started using VPN services, and such feature will be very helpful.

  146. Ad
    Ad 2 years ago .Reply

    Same here I'm waiting for this unit and maybe thinking to buy Linksys that will be out on April 10th.

  147. corey
    corey 2 years ago .Reply

    can you give us a hint whether it will be released Q3 or Q4 of this year

  148. Sanchu Varkey
    Sanchu Varkey 2 years ago .Reply

    i agree with @Sky1111. For the fastest router we must have the best cpu as well.

  149. Joshua Bergus
    Joshua Bergus 2 years ago .Reply

    Sky1111, I know the answer to your question:

    "Currently no the product is still under design and development. Currently all we can communicate is a release this year."

    This is the issue when companies decide to show off a product that actually is still under their R&D department. It generates a lot of anxiety and wears out customer's patience. It reminds me a bit what Apple does, which is why I can't relate to a company like that.

  150. Sky1111
    Sky1111 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, your competition is out with significantly faster SOC – I am talking about Linksys 1900. It has dual core 1.2 GHz CPU (which I am guessing will be faster than 1GHz BCM4709 on AC87U), plus it has eSATA+USB ports.

    How ASUS is going to jump over this gap? AC87 is coming to market at least 6 months after linksys, and it will not be the top dog from the day one. Given how many issues AC68U owners have, I do not expect AC87 to be perfect and performance optimized form the day one.

    So too late to change CPU/PCB, and you can squeeze only that much from software. So is there a game plan to reclaim the performance crown or you guys going to win the race by just claiming "the world' fastest router"? :)

    P.S. I may sound harsh, but I do care and I do want ASUS to offer something no one else cannot touch for at least 6 months… just using Quantenna chip is not enough…

  151. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Currently no the product is still under design and development. Currently all we can communicate is a release this year.

  152. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    At this time we will no additional details on hardware topology are available. As always stay tuned for more information. Rest assured though our focus is to provide outstanding performance in all respects including WAN throughput which we have shown consistently to lead competitors in whether it be optimized Turbo NAT ( that are software ) as well as Hardware NAT based solutions.

  153. Andre
    Andre 2 years ago .Reply

    Cunt you saying something about the probable release date?

  154. Chris
    Chris 2 years ago .Reply


    Has the throughput specifications been released yet?

    I am not referring to the WiFi throughput, but rather WAN throughput.

    My current router has hardware based NAT with a throughput of around 800Mbps. As internet connection speeds are getting faster, this will one day be exceeded.

    I intend on purchasing this router when it is released, mostly for the 802.11AC Wave 2 features, but a high WAN throughput is going to be required future proofing wise, so I am hoping it is going to be at least equal to my current router?

    If not, do ASUS have any 802.11AC Wave 2 Wireless Access Points available/in the pipeline that I could connect to my Gigabit wired network instead?


  155. Tanner
    Tanner 2 years ago .Reply

    Are you done makeing the ASUS RT-AC87U router yet?

  156. John
    John 2 years ago .Reply

    Mr. JJ,

    Will it release in 2014 or 2015?

  157. divcorp
    divcorp 2 years ago .Reply

    I would also liek to advise that my current high-end set up uses a shelf, which this router will not be able to use if it stands up. I would very much appreaciate the ability to lay this router flat It is kind of unfeasible to develop a router that only stands up and beign wall mountable is NOT an option for me. I use highly specialized security systems and the routers need to be the fastest in the industry. The compartments we place them in are not tall enough. It is very important to implement this or I will simply have to wait for another solution.

  158. ferry
    ferry 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I have chosen the AC66U, but support of DFS is not available till now.

  159. boydmichelle@yahoo.c


  160. lolaberwoots
    lolaberwoots 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Thanks for your previous answer regarding support for 4G mobile phone tethering. In countries different than USA, unlimited 3/4G or LTE data plans for flat rates are an affordable reality since a few years (Sweden, Norway, England, etc) and due to business plan models telecommunication companies offer this type of service instead of cable or fibre in many rural places. A router handling this is truly needed. Regarding the hardware design being one of the most advanced, I'd like to point out that when there are multiple users exhausting all routers connections, working on high-speed AC transfer rates, would be very useful to have the router accepting more than one line-in (dual ethernet, dual usb or dual sim card) with load balancing and fall-back capability. Please also have in mind that at this speed, the presence of USB 3.0 is vital, and would love to see the current USB 2.0 dropped in favour of a faster USB 3.0, so we can at least two of them.

  161. Sky1111
    Sky1111 2 years ago .Reply

    Performance of RT-AC87U CPU – concern for OpenVPN client users.

    Hi JJ, I am long term ASUS fan – and I went thru RT-N16, RT-N56U and currently on RT-AC56U. I was very disappointed with CPU on AC68 – the same as on AC56 and it is only 800MHz, while your competition chose 1Ghz version of the same CPU…

    Will AC87U have better/faster CPU? CPU speed makes a huge difference on OpenVPN client throughput, and even internal network transfers.

    Can you please put faster CPU and faster RAM on RT-AC87? (keeping fingers crossed)

  162. Sean Estes
    Sean Estes 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Appreciate the constant feedback, I'd also like to put my name in the hat for being able to not only have a stand but make it wall mountable as well. I'd like to buy 2 of them. One of them would be put in my Hallway and another downstairs, so having the option of it being wall mounted is really preferable. I've heard good things about ASUS and am looking forward to this New Router.

  163. Sanchu Varkey
    Sanchu Varkey 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Is it possible to connect a USB MODEM/Dongle as an input to this router and share the internet ? Does this new router (87U) support this ?

  164. KW
    KW 2 years ago .Reply

    May I ask when will it be released?

  165. Jerry
    Jerry 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    I am using RT-AC68U now. I find sometimes the CPU's temperature is around 85-87ºC. Is it normal? thanks!

  166. lolaberwoots
    lolaberwoots 2 years ago .Reply

    Good afternoon JJ,

    We live in a rural place where internet is only achievable via unlimited 3G/4G data on our mobile phones, which we tether via USB to our computers or broadcast using the usual router capabilities embedded in our phones (hotspot). Will this new Asus router allow us to tether our mobile phones to it and therefore broadcast a strong signal through the Asus router. We know the USB connection in the Asus routers allow for a broadband dongle to feed data into it, however does the firmware support mobile phones too? This is actually extremely useful to many people in areas where there is simply no wired or fibre internet and people can't afford having a mobile dongle besides paying already for unlimited data on their phones. I'd like to believe Asus is contemplating this support if they have not implemented it already and they do empathise with the many users who require such a functionality along with the latest goodness of wireless ac. My gratitude for the extraordinary products you are actively developing and releasing on and on, and for your down-to-earth and no-nonsense approach to technology. It is particularly remarkable the way Assus team explain and present products in their podcasts, instructional videos and instructional PDFs with a clear mind, synthetic approach and austere attitude. Thanks, Lola Berwoots, UK.

  167. Jack Shen
    Jack Shen 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, could I request you guys to look into having your new routers to be able to lie on the table and stand up (like how you designed your AC66U) At this point, I love everything about your lineup of routers but dislike the fact that they are so huge while standing up. Thanks for your time

  168. Ken
    Ken 2 years ago .Reply

    Will this router support GRE,IPSec tunnels or anything besides L2TP? Also, will real routing protocols be available etc:OSPF,v2,v3?

  169. Sanchu Varkey
    Sanchu Varkey 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ,

    Is it possible to connect a USB MODEM as an input to this router and share the internet ? Does this new router (87U) support this ?

  170. Llyod Haynes
    Llyod Haynes 2 years ago .Reply

    My Lemonheads are sour, does that improve the speed of the router or distance? If not, I guess I'll switch back to Hot Tamales :(

  171. Robert L. Whittingto
    Robert L. Whittingto 2 years ago .Reply

    sweet! Really appreciate your efforts in pushing useful and practical technology advances to the masses. Thank you!

    Why not have a really great consumer contest / giveaway as part of the advertising campaign for this new product???

  172. idprism
    idprism 2 years ago .Reply

    i have recently been concerned at the security hole that is caused by having wps available. wps allows amateur hackers to gain access to networks very easily. i have noticed that some available bridge configurations on other devices require wps to be active. can i be sure that wps will not be required for bridging and will either be completely off (not included in packets) when turned off or not even included as an option on the 87u?

  173. JJ
    JJ 2 years ago .Reply

    Thanks for your feedback. Active coolers are complicate in multiple respects we generally prefer passive heatsink solutions but as always run care thermal assessment to ensure reliability. Your experience sounds out of the norm. You may want to consider RMAing your router as the need to have a active cooler for it to operate correctly is not normal.

  174. Pablo
    Pablo 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ! Awesome product. I would like to test different parameters (I'm a wireless researcher), how flexible will be this new model? I know hacking it maybe doesn't good, but it's for the sake of testing new schemae. This question is related to the flexibility, which wireless driver will it support? Any open source driver? Thanks a lot for your time.

  175. Cliff
    Cliff 2 years ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, I am wondering if the possibility for a built-in VPN client will ever be included in the firmware. The processors are getting fast enough for OpenVPN, but as long as I get my american netflix in Canada, I would be happy. (PPTP, L2TP, etc) Are there any plans for this without having to go to custom firmware?

  176. Sean
    Sean 2 years ago .Reply

    Hey JJ

    Will you be releasing a USB-Dongle that can support these speeds as well or a mPCIE card for your Maximus boards as currently there are no USB/mPCIE options that can even cater for your AC68U

  177. RAW
    RAW 2 years ago .Reply

    Would an eSATAp connector provide similar speed to USB 3.0, but without the degradation in wireless capability that seems to come with USB 3.0? If so, I would use such a connector instead of USB 3.0 for a LAN hard drive. Does the USB 3.0 have to be in use to degrade the wireless, or does it just have to exist?

  178. Mike
    Mike 2 years ago .Reply

    Please have them add an active cooler into it. My AC66 gets so hot it feels like I can cook an egg on it. I use a notebook cooler on it 24/7 and it keeps the temperature down.

  179. Sanchu Varkey
    Sanchu Varkey 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ,

    Why the high end routers does not have a build in modem for ADSL and VDSl connections ? Any particular reason for that

  180. Tom
    Tom 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, Thanks for the response. Can you please talk about what's the antenna gains (dbi) for this model and the AC68?

  181. malik
    malik 2 years ago .Reply

    Hello JJ

    I am in the market also as some have stated. I am looking at the RT-68U and debating if I should hold over. If this is still in development could you implement a feature for two pubilc IP DHCP set-ups with individual bandwidth management? I currently have to run two routers to manage this. So all that would be needed wouuld be for the RT-87 to take in the cable from the modem and split up the two IPs coming through and set up individual private DHCP networks with them.

  182. Peter
    Peter 2 years ago .Reply

    What is the target release date ?


  183. ac@ac.ca
    ac@ac.ca 2 years ago .Reply

    Are you still designing?

    Looking for a device that can do:

    1) 4 or more 1 GBit LAN

    atleast 1x LAN port can be used as DEFAULT *WAN*

    2) WAN can FAIL-OVER to WLAN connection (and use WLAN as sole WAN if wired-L/WAN port not connected)

    purpose: if wired modem goes out, I want immediate redundant connection (eg. from public accesspoint or backup agreed with eg. neighbour)

    3) 3x External coax antenna port, shipped with high gain antennas. The antennas should be possible to unscrew and add a cable to them move to a better location without moving the device – antenna location and positioning is everything when it comes to speed in my experience, so they should not be fixed to device.

    4) Work selectably as bridge (no nat/firewall), repeater (add nat), AP.

    5) Have fail-over from wired to wireless WAN work also in non-NAT'd bridge mode. In this scenario it is acceptable if the wired modem fails, the DHCP changes over to the another bridged network, resulting in need for clients to re-acquire IP from DHCP.

    I run my home network in Bridge, no-NAT only using wireless repeater, and want redundancy and higher performance.

  184. WY
    WY 2 years ago .Reply

    Is there a option to wall mountable, I missed it on rt-ac68u.

  185. Sal
    Sal 2 years ago .Reply

    80 or 160 MHZ? on all channels? or some?

  186. idprism
    idprism 2 years ago .Reply

    when the 66u was pre-release i asked about 4×4 and was told there were no plans. im really happy to see 4×4 finally coming. i am actually in the market right now, so its a shame i have to either purchase another product or grind my teeth while i wait for this 4×4. seeing as the spec for ac supports 8 streams, i thought 4×4 would have made it to the 1st gen devices (but i was wrong). thanks again for making something capable of more fully using the ac spec.

  187. dANNY
    dANNY 2 years ago .Reply


  188. ronnie
    ronnie 2 years ago .Reply

    hi i would like to see wall mounting options maybe hardware to also mount this to the wall is this possible JJ? Im a big fan of asus routers, i currently own the AC68U my desk space is limited that is where the wall option would come in handy.

  189. Tom
    Tom 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I've heard that the USB 3.0 port can affect the wireless signal in the AC68U model. Does future AC68U or AC87U provide a shield for the USB port.

  190. Evan Terrell
    Evan Terrell 2 years ago .Reply

    JJ, I'm in the market to replace my Time Capsule with a new router – and this is the one I'd get. PLEASE tell me it's coming soon! 😀

  191. John
    John 2 years ago .Reply

    80MHz or 160MHz ?

  192. ronnie
    ronnie 2 years ago .Reply

    hi nice when will it be available i was gonna buy the ASUS RT-AC68U I MIGHT JUST WAIT THOUGH…

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