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  1. Arefin
    Arefin 12 months ago .Reply

    Hi JJ, could you please post a video review of this card on the youtube as i'm planning to buy one. Also the benchmark. Thanks.

  2. JJ
    JJ 1 year ago .Reply

    The Turbo is more entry solution than STRIX. Expect cost to be slightly below or the same.

  3. danlim549
    danlim549 1 year ago .Reply

    But someday, I may need to reapply thermal paste after I cleaned the GPU including heatsink.

  4. Yigit Uysal (@yigitu

    If it contains a glowing inscription on the side ("ASUS" or "TURBO") , I probably won't regret buying it. Hopefully it will cost as similas as the Strix version of ASUS.

  5. tarnax
    tarnax 1 year ago .Reply

    Guestimating this to be from 200-240mm, around the size of EVGA and PNY blower cooler. Seems to be a much better design than those 2 though.

  6. danlim549
    danlim549 1 year ago .Reply

    Ok. Hopefully, it's easier to overclock without compromising temperature result.

  7. JJ
    JJ 1 year ago .Reply

    It is a non reference design it is based on the GTX 970 mini which features superior capacitors and fully molded inductors and our SAP mosfets. So overall it features an improved design compared to the reference. For hclock speeds and superior thermal performance we already offer the GTX 970 STRIX.

  8. danlim549Danny
    danlim549Danny 1 year ago .Reply

    It would've been nice if ASUS Turbo GTX 970 was in non-reference design. In other words, extra cooling solution for dual fan blades support, better VRMs, and more power phase, especially overclocking for better performance.

  9. […] called the Asus Turbo GTX 970, or others calls it Asus GTX 970 Turbo in White, via the company’s PCDIY site. The graphics card was revealed after the company has revealed the ROG Matrix GTX 980 Gold Edition […]

  10. […] on the same short PCB as the GTX 970 DirectCU II Mini graphics card launched earlier, the new Asus GTX 970 TurboAsus GTX 970 Turbo features a full size blower-style cooler with red/white color scheme. In addition to a blower-style […]

  11. […] qu’elle est présentée sur le site d’ASUS PCDIY, qui vise ceux qui aiment mettre les mains dans le cambouis, il semblerait que cette gamme Turbo […]

  12. […] teased the GPU on its PCDIY page and promised further information to come […]

  13. […] PCB and we can see two DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. ASUS teased this card on their PCDIY page, saying more information would be coming […]

  14. […] teased the GPU on its PCDIY page, promising more information to come […]

  15. xByakko
    xByakko 1 year ago .Reply

    oh this looks amazing. too bad it wouldnt make too much sense when put together with the sabranco performance wise since there arent many benefits for blower designs in a case where it can hold an atx motherboard… would so buy this is its a gpu with a shroud similar to the DCII or even the matrix platinum.

  16. Mike
    Mike 1 year ago .Reply

    That's pretty sexy.

  17. nationwide.george@gm

    I was looking at buying the Strix 970 4GB GDDR5. I'll have to wait and see the specs on this new card. Looks really cool. I wonder if it have any lights or leds on the top of it?

  18. Pelle
    Pelle 1 year ago .Reply

    You may put a mirror on the bottom of the chassis

    Hi hi

  19. Ross Lloyd
    Ross Lloyd 1 year ago .Reply

    It looks really nice, but the thing I have always wondered is, with a fan shroud that looks so good, why do I have to mount it upside down so I can't see it? 😀 If its got a beautiful backplate that makes it a bit better, but given that promo shots of new cards always show the sexy fan shrouds, isn't it about time some changes were made to PCI slots or GPU configurations so we can actually see the coolers, without either laying on the floor to admire them or mounting our PC's up on stilts?

    Card looks awesome though, will be interested to see if there is a 980.

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