How important is motherboard color & aesthetics to your build

Poll – Motherboard aesthetics & color

All of us on here love building PCs but one thing that varies for a lot of builders is their preference when it comes to color of the components or how important aesthetics ( “looks” )  are in regards to the look of your build. Some of us love to have a focused theme or color in…

ASUS NVMe UEFI support poll

ASUS NVMe support poll – Voice your opinion

NVMe is quickly becoming the buzzword around the storage water cooler. Enthusiasts are excited and interested in building and upgrading their systems with latest generation drives like the Intel 750 series. As of now officially only the Z97 chipset and X99 chipset offer support for NVMe. Internal testing has shown success though ( not validated…

PCDIY Clothing & Apparel Featured Image Removed V number

Coming soon PCDIY t-shirts & apparel!

Hello everyone I am very excited to announce something I been working on for sometime. I have been a PCDIY enthusiast before I ever really knew what that meant. Since the chance to first get my hands on a P2B motherboard or 3DFX graphics card the “build bug” bite me and infected me with an…

Offical ASUS Poll – AMD FX mATX Motherboard

I am continuing to get feedback from users regarding the “want” of a mATX 900 series motherboard that offers rich features and functionality and solid overclocking. While there are some high performance quality mATX solutions currently available for AMD they are focused on the FM2+ platform and A series chipset. Users looking for Am3+ support…

What Resolution Do You Play Games At - Feature Image

What Resolution Do You Play Games At?

Whether you are a FPS Gamer, MOBA, RTS,  MMO, RPG or any of the other possibilities out there, as a PC gamer there is one item that drives much of the upgrading focus we have .What part of your build is a defining factor to your gaming experience  that many times does not get thought about enough?