ROG’s G752 gaming laptop allows easy memory and storage upgrades

ROG’s G752 gaming laptop is an absolute beast right out of the box.  With Intel’s 6th Generation Core i7 processors alongside Maxwell-based Nvidia GeForce graphics, it has enough horsepower to play the latest games with all the details turned up.  On top of that, G-Sync technology links the frame rate of the GPU to the refresh rate…

6700K 4.6GHz DDR4 3000 MHz Z170-DELUXE Aida64 Stress Test Stable 24 Hours

ASUS Z170 Overclock Stability Tests

Here at PCDIY we spend a lot of time testing. The type of tests vary from general stability & functionality to interoperability & compatibility to overclocking and much more. For many enthusiasts the most consistent questions relate to overclocking. These questions tend to be, how will a motherboard act when it comes to overclocking? Will it be stable?…

ASUS Z170 Series Motherboards - All You Need To Know Featured Image

All things ASUS Z170 Skylake Platform – Overviews, Build Guides, Overclocking & More

Today is a big day, the day that a new platform launches meaning we have new motherboards based on a new chipset specifically Z170 along with a new range of CPUs. As always ASUS has been busy designing and developing the best range of motherboards for gamers, enthusiasts and content creation professionals and passionate DIYers….

HyperX Savage memory_HyperX_SAVAGE_DIMM_y_04_08_2014 20_08

Kingston release new HyperX DDR3 Savage memory

Our friends over at Kingston have been busy. With the recent launches of both Z97 and X99 chipset and corresponding motherboards there has been a lot of design and development on new memory modules. Kingston is now announcing a new line DDR3 memory which look to match up perfectly with our range of DDR3 enabled motherboards….

ASUS X99 Trifecta of Motherboards + CORSAIR DDR4

ASUS & CORSAIR Announce World’s Fastest DDR4 Memory Kit for X99

Here at PCDIY we are lucky to be able to have access to the absolute best components in the industry. With amazing partner support from companies like CORSAIR we can help to develop and enable some truly impressive product designs and levels of performance. During the course of our X99 motherboard development we worked closely…


Z97 4770K Overclocking Experience

If you clicked on this link and are reading this article, I would assume you are interested in overclocking? Great, because I will be writing specifically about the overclocking experience across a wide range of Z97 motherboards; from entry level solutions like the Z97-A, to high endboards like the Z97 Deluxe and Z97 WS. Altogether,…