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Q&A with IceModz

PCDIY is excited to bring you another Q&A in our ongoing series of interviews with a wide range of PCDIY enthusiasts, HOF builders, modders, partner vendors and more. This time around I am chatting it up with the founder and owner also well as the man with the magic hands when it comes to custom cables, Mundi….



Hello PCDIY readers! I am very excited about this post. I have been working with Kevin Keating, the VP for CASELABS. For those of you not in the know CASELABS is an innovative and truly high-end chassis manufacturer. I  recently reached out to CASELABS to discuss support on an upcoming build project while at the same time…


ASUS PCDIY & PCPartPicker special live cast & live build – Q&A, Giveaways, & More!

I am excited to announce an upcoming live stream where PCDIY will meet up with PCPartPicker to bring you information, insights, guides and much surrounding Intel’s next generation chipset and processors. I will be heading out with motherboards, graphics cards and more to meet up the PCPartPicker team to work on some exciting content that…

Livestream Q&A with Srgnt Ballistic

I will be taking part in a livecast / livestream Google Hangout with SrgntBallastic aka Brian Rowe today around 3:30 PST today. Feel free to stop by and check it out. We will be discussing a wide range of topics and as always new products will be discussed along with answering questions from the PCDIY community.  …

NCIX Giveaway system

NCIX – Q&A and ASUS Anniversary Giveway

Most PCDIY readers are aware of the wide range of components ASUS produces. What many may not be aware of is ASUS has a special system integrator program that directly integrates the utilization of those components for those that do not DIY. This program is called Powered By ASUS and is comprised of industry leading system…