ASUS DisplayWidget simplifies monitor tweaking—with an automated twist

ASUS constantly strives to help users fine-tune their hardware. But it’s not enough to just provide access to extensive configuration options—making adjustments needs to be as easy as possible. That’s why we developed DisplayWidget, a new software utility that lets you take command of select Adaptive-Sync monitors from the Windows desktop. You can tweak the display…

ASUS Z170 Series Motherboards - All You Need To Know Featured Image

All things ASUS Z170 Skylake Platform – Overviews, Build Guides, Overclocking & More

Today is a big day, the day that a new platform launches meaning we have new motherboards based on a new chipset specifically Z170 along with a new range of CPUs. As always ASUS has been busy designing and developing the best range of motherboards for gamers, enthusiasts and content creation professionals and passionate DIYers….

Futuremark - 3D Mark

Futuremark updates 3D Mark & PC Mark 8

Futuremark has recently updated their latest benchmark suites. No major improvements, the focus of the patches was predominately to resolve bugs. One bug though that is resolved that we have personally experienced as of late was issues running Adobe After Effects testing so it is nice to see this issue resolved. Beyond that check out…