6700K 4.6GHz DDR4 3000 MHz Z170-DELUXE Aida64 Stress Test Stable 24 Hours

ASUS Z170 Overclock Stability Tests

Here at PCDIY we spend a lot of time testing. The type of tests vary from general stability & functionality to interoperability & compatibility to overclocking and much more. For many enthusiasts the most consistent questions relate to overclocking. These questions tend to be, how will a motherboard act when it comes to overclocking? Will it be stable?…

ASUS Z170 Series Motherboards - All You Need To Know Featured Image

All things ASUS Z170 Skylake Platform – Overviews, Build Guides, Overclocking & More

Today is a big day, the day that a new platform launches meaning we have new motherboards based on a new chipset specifically Z170 along with a new range of CPUs. As always ASUS has been busy designing and developing the best range of motherboards for gamers, enthusiasts and content creation professionals and passionate DIYers….


ASUS PCDIY & PCPartPicker special live cast & live build – Q&A, Giveaways, & More!

I am excited to announce an upcoming live stream where PCDIY will meet up with PCPartPicker to bring you information, insights, guides and much surrounding Intel’s next generation chipset and processors. I will be heading out with motherboards, graphics cards and more to meet up the PCPartPicker team to work on some exciting content that…