Tested – ARES III Review water cooled R9 295X2

Here in the PCDIY labs we have the opportunity everyday to get hands on time with some of the absolute best hardware that exists. Every so often though you get to have hands on time with some truly special, something beyond the norm when it comes to a premium product with great features, functions and…

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Antec Announces New EDGE Line of Power Supplies

Here in the PCDIY labs we have long been users of Antec products an industry leader and veteran. They have had a reputation of quality designs and solid performance and long history to help feel confident with the support and reliability of their products. PSUs are absolutely one of the most critical components in any…

DisplayPort 1.3

 VESA Releases DisplayPort 1.3 Standard – Monitor Enthusiasts Rejoice

Great news for you monitor enthusiasts! For users who are interested in high irresolution, faster refresh rates as well as superior color depth and much more the new DisplayPort standard has your covered. The VESA today formally announced the new 1.3 standard which brings a huge amount of specification improvement. Just about every aspects as has…

Hot Off The Press Featured Images

Hot Off The Press – New UEFI – BIOS Updates – Firmware – Sept 2014

As any enthusiast knows hardware only takes you so far. When considering what affects your experience with component products whether it be a motherboard, graphics card or a router, firmware makes a big difference. Firmware affects almost all aspects of a product whether it be performance, compatibility / interoprability, reliability as well as general functionality and…

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Kingston release new HyperX DDR3 Savage memory

Our friends over at Kingston have been busy. With the recent launches of both Z97 and X99 chipset and corresponding motherboards there has been a lot of design and development on new memory modules. Kingston is now announcing a new line DDR3 memory which look to match up perfectly with our range of DDR3 enabled motherboards….