PB287Q 4K For The Masses – CES 2014

One of the most exciting new components of 2013 was the introduction of 4K monitors. These ultra high resolution monitors ushered in an era of fidelity, detail, and sharpness never seen before outside of multi monitor setups. It really offers another level of immersion that draws you in and knocks you out. The main criticism…


ASUS GTX 780 Ti DirectCU II Preview

Another week and another preview, it has been busy as of late… actually it is always buys here at the PCDIY labs. Flashback to approximately 1 month ago,  NVIDIA launched a 28nm beast  based on the GK110 called the GTX 780 Ti. Since its debut, I have been inundated from inquiries from social media and…

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ASUS R9 290X DirectCU II Preview

I have been getting  a lot of questions from the PCDIY community on if or when ASUS would be releasing a non reference version of the R9 290X. I am very excited to report that the wait is almost over. To further this update I have what you are really interested in photos! So with…

What Resolution Do You Play Games At - Feature Image

What Resolution Do You Play Games At?

Whether you are a FPS Gamer, MOBA, RTS,  MMO, RPG or any of the other possibilities out there, as a PC gamer there is one item that drives much of the upgrading focus we have .What part of your build is a defining factor to your gaming experience  that many times does not get thought about enough?

ASUS PCDIY YouTube Channel is live! Check it out

With a great deal of excitement I am happy to communicate the launch of our ASUS PCDIY YouTube channel. You can expect content that mirrors the diverse,  useful and detailed information that is going to be developed here on the website. In addition I will be working hard to align video content when possible with…


Gaming Impressions from a PC Perspective – Call of Duty Ghosts

Gaming Impressions from a PC Perspective is a series of ongoing articles looking at hands on experience of playing the latest and greatest games on your PC. Whether you are wondering about image quality, temperatures, memory utilization or other items this series of articles should give you some insight on playing these games on the…