ROG 2015 IFA Product Showcase

New ROG Products Showcase at IFA 2015

Today ASUS and it’s ROG division unleashed a slew of new products for gamers and enthusiasts. Ranging from new graphics cards, notebooks, monitors peripherals and of course motherboards. Lets take a closer look at a few of these.

Z170 Build recommendations

Building a PC can be difficult there can be a multitude of components with varied configurations. This is one of the great aspects of PCDIY, the diversity in components and how you can configure them to define the look, feel, performance and functionality of your PC. At the same time the expanse of hardware can…

Build a PC – $799 Z170 Gaming Build 6600K & GTX 950

Many PCDIY enthusiasts are looking to build a new PC with the recent release of Intel’s Z170 chipset and latest generation Skylake CPUs. For many though they may be building for the first time and have a modest budget. For these users we have carefully configured a great system featuring the latest generation of components…



Hello PCDIY readers! I am very excited about this post. I have been working with Kevin Keating, the VP for CASELABS. For those of you not in the know CASELABS is an innovative and truly high-end chassis manufacturer. I  recently reached out to CASELABS to discuss support on an upcoming build project while at the same time…



With the recent launch of Intel’s Z170 chipset there are many users looking to build a new system. Equally there are always users looking to upgrade a pre-existing system. One of the most common upgrades that directly affects the experience of PC gamers is the graphics card. Today users looking to build a new system…

MG278Q Front Display

MG278Q FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The ASUS display team has been busy designing and developing even more MG series monitors. The MG279Q was recently released to a huge degree of interest and positive response from gamers, display enthusiasts and technical media. The latest MG series monitor offers up a similar set of features and functionality along with superior response time…

Build a PC checklist featured image

Build a PC checklist

There has been a trend in looking at efficiency across a wide range of industries as of late with impressive analytics to show that preparation and checklists can help to ensure superior consistency, accuracy and minimize miscues and mistakes. Here at PCDIY we are also interested in figuring out ways to provide DIYers with the information…

ASUS Z170 Series Motherboards - All You Need To Know Featured Image

All things ASUS Z170 Skylake Platform – Overviews, Build Guides, Overclocking & More

Today is a big day, the day that a new platform launches meaning we have new motherboards based on a new chipset specifically Z170 along with a new range of CPUs. As always ASUS has been busy designing and developing the best range of motherboards for gamers, enthusiasts and content creation professionals and passionate DIYers….


ASUS PCDIY & PCPartPicker special live cast & live build – Q&A, Giveaways, & More!

I am excited to announce an upcoming live stream where PCDIY will meet up with PCPartPicker to bring you information, insights, guides and much surrounding Intel’s next generation chipset and processors. I will be heading out with motherboards, graphics cards and more to meet up the PCPartPicker team to work on some exciting content that…